The Abuse Of Native Americans Essay
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Dec 2nd, 2019

The Abuse Of Native Americans Essay

The unspotted colonizers of the departed succored round the uninterruptedly “New World” into the United States of America, a dominating cosmos-populace ability that prides itself on vitality a unblemished, non-discrimatory and profuse rule. What has been crave bygone is how they made their proceeding, that is, the damnation, anguish, and ununblemished tenor of the leading persons of America, and how these populace are entertained to this day.

Early Colonization

The location of the Americas is epochd all the way tail to the 11th antiquity when the Vikings (the Norse) permanent in Greenfix and Newfoundland.

The contiguity they had delay the exported populace, the Inuits, was unpropitious, celebrity that could enjoy been captured as a indication of forewarning of the following contiguity among the congenitals and the European colonizers. These Norse colonies were not crave-lived and they stagnant disbanded in the 15th antiquity. [1]

In 1492, Columbus minded the haste to America in the indicate of the Spanish. Location and asking grew very vulgar and precedently-desire most of the iscondition in the Caribbean had been colonized.

[2] By 1494, the Spanish and Portuguese had made the covenant of Tordesillas which disassumed the New Cosmos-populace among themselves. The Portuguese took all of what is now present-day Brazil span the Spanish pushed in-advance delay conquering as largely as potential.

Spanish Conquistadors

Spanish conquistador, Hernan Cortes, had exhaustion the uninterruptedly very abilityful Aztec Rule in Mexico who had supposition him to be Quetzalcoatl, an Aztec god who had following to consume their rule. He slaughtered thousands and populace and burned some of the city. [3] Pizzaro, a assist cousin to Cortes, balancetook the Incas in Peru, to-boot massacring thousand and ransacking the gross rule. What is wonderful is the clean hardheartedness of these men in the indicate of Spain who had been welcomed delay public contention. [4] In an statement by Waman Poma, the Incan emperor, Atahualpa, sent gifts to the Spanish. Poma wrote,

“The presents consisted of hardy servants and devotional virgins. Some of the virgins were to-boot offered to the Spaniards’ horses, consequently, show them eat maize, the Peruvians took them for a skin of ethnical vitality. Until that span, horses were unmethodic to our populace and it seemed prudent to entertain them delay deference.” [5]

Continued Colonization

Colonization endured on, delay Spanish Florida, the English colonies of Virginia and New England, the French colonies of Acadia and Canada, the Swedish colony of New Sweden, and the Dutch New Netherland. By the 18th antiquity, Denmark-Norway tranquillityored their colonies in Greenfix and Russia took Alaska. [6]

It is completely patent that delay the aggression of so numerous foreigners, the Europeans, jar was stately. What wasn’t so easily seen was what the Europeans brought delay them-disease. Smallpox, typhus, influenza, diphtheria, and measles wiped 10 to 20 darling of the exported population. [7] Precedently these plagues, the congenitals had been used as servants and slaves but uninterruptedly they efforting departure out, Africans were brought to the Americas to obtain?} their assign.

White Overtaking and “Manifest Destiny”

As past and past Europeans came to the Americas, the past fix they wanted to refine and busy. By the 17th antiquity, for perfect one Congenital American, there were three unspotted Europeans. [8]

During the 1800’s, John L. O’Sullivan, the New York newspaper editor used the specificty “Manifest Destiny.” [9] He had created a badgeal for a crave-held creed that the unspotteds of America had the suittalented to dilate their dominion to the West, that it was their uninterruptedly and was vulgar by God in perfect way. Populace efforting making advertisements, paintings, and pictures to succor the dilution. [10]

What all this did was consoliepoch the effect of unspotted autocracy balance the Congenital Americas. None of this was a cheerful man for the Congenital Americans consequently now the unspotteds had smooth past a discuss in their minds to endure their dilution and to endure their efforts for “civilizing” them which meant making them subsist as Whites. This meant they must be Christian, must establish homes and usage peculiar cheerfuls, and instruct their outcome in a way that the deferential Unspotted Christians saw fit. [11]

Indian Dispersion Act and the Trail of Tears

What was one of the biggest steps captured to advance Congenital Americans so the Whites could enjoy all approximation to the fix was the Indian Dispersion Act of 1830, which was indicationed by President Andrew Jackson. [12] Though this act was reported to be conquering on the margin of the Congenital Americans, brotherhood and commagreement chiefs were made to handle a large reveal of influence to indication the entertainies that would advance them from their ancestral homes to the West. This was a very controversial act and numerous unspotted populace were divergent to it consequently of how ununblemished it was to the Congenital Americans.

There was definitely largeer peaceation of the Indian Dispersion Act though, especially by the South consequently they wanted approximation to fixs where opposed communitys were busying. [13] These communitys were denominated the “Five Civilized Tribes” which consisted of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Muscogee-Creek, Chickasaw, and the Seminole. [14]

The influence grew and foremosts finally gave in. Leading to indication a covenant to advance delay pledge of new fix and money was the Choctaws in Mississippi. The covenant the Choctaw foremost indicationed was denominated the covenant of Dancing Rabbit Creek and when interviewed by the Arkansas Gazette, he said the dispersion was a “trail of tears and exit.” Five years following the judicious dying of the Indian Dispersion Act, the Cherokee indicationed the Covenant of New Echota. [15]

The dispersion of the Cherokee, Muscogee-Creek, Seminole, and Choctaw was denominated the Trail of Tears. These communitys were advanced to Indian Dominion and accustomed pitfall, indisposition, and languishment during their travel. 4000 of the 15000 Cherokee that made the travel died on their way to the Indian Territory. [16]

Resistance, Victories and Defeats

Though numerous Indians cooperated delay the American synod, some fought tail and dressed opposing. Indian Wars broke out and they did win some, such as the Battle of Little Bighorn. The largeest ovation by the Congenital Americans was when Tecumseh, a Shawnee chief of a multi-tribal knot, similar delay the British and defeated the Unspotted Americans in Detroit St. Claire’s Defeat. [17]

Although they won sometimes, the Congenital Americans obsolete completely a few battles, such as the Creek War, the Sioux Uprising, the Sand Creek Massacre, and Wounded Knee. Times were very unpropitious and by 1872, the United States synod went by a management that meant the eradication of all Indians consistent they advanced to salvations so as to be past “civilized” and befollowing Christianized. [18] Paul Wellman describes completely accurately in his 1934 size the clean anguish and inadvertence of Congenital Americans during this span:

The Indian [was supposition] as close than ethnical and precious hardly of eradication. We did ramification down defenseclose men, and women and outcome at assigns affect Camp Grant, Sand Creek, and Wounded Knee. We did plea?e strychnine to red warriors. We did set gross villages of populace out uncolored to freeze in the hale calm of Montana winters. And we did circumscribe thousands in what amounted to tension camps. [19]


Once the federal synod had gotten most Congenital Americans onto salvations, they efforting the manner of “Americanizing” them. The federal synod was talented to entertain them closely as if the Indians were their wards consequently, in truth, they were. This was so consequently in 1871, the Indian Appropriation Act was passed which formal that the synod no craveer viewed the Indians’ fix as disassumed countries and their communities as disassumed communitys but that the fix would becrave to the synod and the Congenital Americans would befollowing wards of the United States synod. [20] This is what the Indian Appropriation Act said:

That herefollowing no Indian commagreement or commagreement delayin the dominion of the United States shall be acknowledged or methodic as an defiant community, community, or ability delay whom the United States may abbreviate by covenant: Provided, exalt, that noman herein contained shall be construed to aggravatethrow or hitheren the necessity of any covenant heretofore lawfully made and ratified delay any such Indian commagreement or community. [21]

Once this was performed, the synod passed past laws which constricted the Congenital Americans smooth exalt. These laws unfeeling them to present up their old way of vitality, such as melting from their oral assigns of inhabitation to past “Americanized” homes. They were to-boot made to fluctuate their manifestatlon and their indicates. Men were repeatedly made to cut their hair and gross communities were made to forfeit their old devotional usages in benefit of Christianity. [22]

Schools were created for the Congenital American outcome so as to get them used to their new subsists and to to-boot at-uninterruptedly “Americanize” the boy. They were unfeeling to pick-out “American” indicates and to hardly discourse English, forfeiting their congenital discourse. Doing this to the Congenital Americans was very wrongful to their tribal sameness and to-boot basically stripped them of all they had uninterruptedly disclosed in benefit of the wonderful “American” way. [23]

The General Allotment Act of 1887 (The Dawes Act)

The Dawes Act was dogmatical in 1887. What this did was it took uninterruptedly tribally-owned fix and fractioned it off to the Congenital Americans. Families current encircling 80 to 160 acres span individual adults current encircling 40 to 80 acres. The tranquillity of the fix that had not been dealted was publiced to railroad crop and settlers not of Congenital American depth. [24]

The Dawes Act was dogmatical so as to meliorebuke match the Indians into American commagreement which meant getting them to underneathstand how to farm and stagnant peaceation themselves.

Though it seemed affect this act had cheerful intentions, the biggest discuss it was dogmatical was unspoken, but the most influential at the span. The dividing of fix was to tear-asunderneath up the Congenital Americans purport of amelioration and agreement. Acrave delay this privative phase was the truth that the fix dealted to them was not equal for food off of. [25]

Though this was patent, in 1906 the Burk Act was passed which meant that all deal tees were reported adapted and captalented and could be taxed. If they were steadfast inadapted by the Secretary of the Interior the fix could be captured detached and leased by the federal synod. In completion, the Dawes Act was manipulated and effected in a way that privatively fictitious the Congenital Americans, robbing them of their fix and resources. [26]

The Indian Citizenship Act of 1924 (The Snyder Act)

Life was a bit easier for Congenital Americans if they had foothold as an American inhabitant. They could realize inhabitantship if a mother married a unspotted man, through soldierly work, if they had dealments, or through specific entertainies. [27] This was ununblemished consequently they had to go through specific and strange manneres to smooth be considered inhabitants of the county they subsistd in span any unspotted man had generous American inhabitantship the day they were born. Populace realized this truth and in 1924, the Indian Citizenship Act (to-boot denominated the Snyder Act) came concurrently. It was projected by Representative Homer P. Snyder of New York and was indicationed into method by President Calvin Coolidge on June 2. [28]

The biggest discuss though for this method was to, uninterruptedly frequently, meliorebuke match the Congenital Americans into American community. They had already proven themselves potential cheerful members of commagreement by vitality separebuke of the soldierly during Cosmos-populace War I. This act did not embrace inhabitants born precedently the method epoch but did embrace all Congenital Americans that were born following. [29]

Native Americans in WWII

Once Cosmos-populace War II broke out, the Congenital Americans assumed in impartial as they had during Cosmos-populace War I. This earned them past deference than they had had precedently. Consequently they had frequently had the conception of the mighty and investigate Indian warrior, non-Native Americans repeatedly denominated their Indian comrades “chief” which could enjoy been seen as a symbol of deference. [30] The advancement of the Congenital Americans to go to war was the largest lamina evasion gone the Indian Dispersion Act during the 1800’s. The war had a bulky impression on the Congenital Americans and their subsists tail home. Show the outmargin cosmos-populace fluctuate their perspective on vitality. Also, they were talented to ascertain well-paying effort consequently of the warspan work soonages consequently of the men detached at war. [31]

What to-boot brought assumed deference and boosted the reputations of the Congenital Americans was that the soldierly used Navajo edict talkers to reveal secluded counsel in the Pacific. This edict was never decoded by the Japanese. [32]

Further Racism and Discrimination

Though Congenital Americans had advanced exalt up in foothold balance span, it was not by largely, Congenital Americans were stagnant exceedingly discriminated frequentlyst and were not seen as equals in American community. Consequently of this, the American Indian Motion (AIM) was formed and was very largely free during the 1960’s and 1970’s. [33] They efforted to meliorebuke the attribute of Congenital American vitality and men and women chiefs became abilityful in doing so. One chief was a mother indicated Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. She put her own creeds and demands for eattribute precedently her own protection. Consequently of this she was repeatedly implicated in frames which led to her vitality in and out of jail.

One frame, though, led to her vitality in largely past earnest tribulation then her habitual soon jail judgment. She had been takeed in South Dakota for vitality an FBI killer. Two agents had been killed by members of AIM and consequently Aquash was a protuberant chief, it seemed affectly by the police for her to be somehow implicated and merited to be underneathneath jealousy. She was released on sponsor. Aquash was caught in Oregon and fled uninterruptedly frequently, fearing for her own vitality and protection. Sadly, she was peace heavy in 1976 on a Lakota ranch. She was not identifitalented by police so her hands were cut from her matter to perchance warrant her. [34]

The exit of Aquash made Congenital Americans smooth past known of their foothold in American commagreement consequently she had hardly clear up for her creeds, and she had been killed for it. Her populace following peace a bullet nook in the tail of her mind and peace it slight that the police had cut off her hands to “warrant the matter” which they saw as vitality uncalled-for and a indication that they may enjoy been protection up Aquash’s assassinate. [35]

Indian Reservations Today

Though the Indian Reservations were created so crave ago, the attribute of vitality has hardly fluctuated. It is exceedingly insufficient. So insufficient, in truth, that they are affectned to developing countries. [36] 60% of outcome are born out of espousals and Congenital Americans are the third foremost knot in the rule for teenage pregnancy. The suicide rebuke of Congenital American teenagers is three spans that of the tranquillity of America. [37]

Alcoholism is a big amount of salvations. Congenital Americans are immodest spans past affectly to die of alcoholism and 17 spans past affectly to die in an clothing involving alcohol. In union to this, they are twice as affectly to be implicated in an artranquillity of alcohol. [38]

One of the defeat salvations is the Pine Ridge Salvation in South Dakota. It is one of the pootranquillity in the community. The unemployment rebuke is 35% to 45% and wilderness is 30%. The mean infollowing for those food on this salvation is $6100 a year. [39]

Because of these horrible statistics, the salvations in the commagreement enjoy the suittalented to run casinos to convey in proceeds through attracted tourists. They were presentn this suittalented in the 1987 condition, California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians. In the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988, their suittalented was formally methodic. [40]


The Congenital Americans of the Americas enjoy been through so largely gone the location that began hundreds of years ago. The tenor of them has been unmerciful and inhumane in all respects. Luckily, some acts enjoy been captured to fix the amounts these populace countenance perfectday. Hopefully in the forthcoming, they conquer enjoy a meliorebuke vitality for themselves and conquer proof close racism and want. Delay the succor of the tranquillity of American community, this is 100% potential.

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