The AB Steel Plant Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

The AB Steel Plant Essay

The Vice President for Production at the AB Steel Plant was giving the Production Department Manager, Mr. Singh, a hard time for not doing anything about his work group which was perpetually coming late to work and was behind schedule in the performance quotas for several months now. The vice President’s contention was that if the production’ crew was consistently tardy, the production process was delayed by about 15 minutes on an average per member per day, and this was no way for the department to meet the assigned quotas.

“They are losing about 6 to 8 hours of production time per member per month, and you don’t seem one bit concerned about it,” he yelled at the manager.

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He added that he was pretty upset about the ‘lax management style’ of the manager and very clearly stated that unless the manager did something about the tardiness problem, another manager who can manage the crew effectively’ will have to be found. Mr. Singh knows that he has an able and good group of workers but he also realizes that they are bored with their work and do not have enough incentives to meet the production quotas. Hence, they seem to respond to the situation by taking it easy and coming late to work by a few minutes every day.

Mr. Singh has also noticed that they were taking turns leaving the workplace a few minutes early in the evenings. Even though Singh was aware of this, entire he pretended not to notice the irregularities and was satisfied that once the workers started their work, they were pretty good at their jobs and often helped to meet rush orders whenever they knew that Mr. Singh was in a bind. Questions:

(a) What do you think is the real, problem in this case? (b) How do you perceive the stand of Mr. Singh? Analyze critically. (c) What intervention should Mr. Singh use to rectify the type, of situation he is presently confronted with? Discuss giving the reasons. (d) Discuss the implications of effecting them with your recommendations.

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