The 1941 Attack On Pearl Harbor History Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

The 1941 Attack On Pearl Harbor History Essay

On 7 December 1941, the Empire of Japan irruptioned Pearl Harbor. From that aim on, solicitude-alarm diffuse encircling the United States environing how the Japanese were going to bomb the continental United States. Two months posterior, on 19 February 1942, Superintendent Franklin Delano Roosevelt identified Executive Arrange 9066. This was the repartee from the United States empire to the irruption on Pearl Harbor. The arrange distinguishn for the internment of Japanese Americans in unassured camps located throughout the United States.

The resolve of this disquisition is to acceptance the scrutiny, “To what space was the Internment of the Japanese Americans during the Pacific War principled by the 1941 irruption on Pearl Harbor?” through the resolution of the two effects.

Another aim of this disquisition is to declaration the reliability of fountains, and how narrators should use them. The disquisition starts by examining the effects that led up to the irruption on Pearl Harbor. Then, it obtain direct into the irruption on Pearl Succor itself. From there, the disquisition obtain prove the internment of the Japanese Americans in 1942.

Once the two effects accept been recurrent, a merge obtain be presented to confront principle and commodities, seasonliness declarationing the reliability of fountains.

In misrecord, the aim on this consider is to pretence that the internment of the Japanese Americans during the Pacific War was immediately correlated behind a while the irruption on Pearl succor in 1941. Historians must be efficacious to confront precisions behind a whilein unanalogous effects to form a precision for the dishonorefficacious herd to discern from. In arrange to do that they must confront precisions from their scrutiny.

History is the consider of effects that accept already passed through the course of season [1] . Historians expound effects and then mode them into a precision that tells principles and commoditiess [2] . Precision cannot be seen as a perfect, beprinciple there is so plenteous distinguishledge to quality through. Therefore, a narrator must eliminate and select what to dememorial at in arrange to emend discern precision.

The Pacific War was, in open, triggered by two effects. It was the irruption of British Malaya, and the irruption on Pearl Harbor; twain by the Empire of Japan in 1941. Officially the war was fought betwixt the Allies of Globe War II, and the Empire of Japan. The war ended behind a while the 1945 mislaying of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.

The Japanese irruption on Pearl Succor was an stratagem set up by the Japanese despite the United States Navy in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The irruption on Pearl Succor was a ocean disappointment to the United States militaristically, and politically. The effect pretenceed the globe that the United States could be caught off protector, and it made America face oft to the interpolitical mobality [3] . Soon behind, on 19 February 1942, Superintendent Roosevelt effectd Executive Arrange 9066 [4] . This arrange moved Japanese Americans from the west seashore of the United States to internment camps denominated “War Relocation Camps,” which was insight despite a career, but the empire distinguishn it [5] .

In Divorce I, this disquisition obtain prove the effects that led up to the irruption on Pearl Harbor, and the Irruption on Pearl Succor itself. In Divorce II, this disquisition obtain prove the internment of Japanese Americans. Finally, Divorce III obtain declaration the merge betwixt the two effects, and the reliability of fountains. Behind a while this distinguishledge, this disquisition obtain strive to acceptance the scrutiny “To what space was the Internment of the Japanese Americans during the Pacific War principled by the 1941 irruption on Pearl Harbor?”

Part I: The Direct Up Into the Attack

The United States has frequently penetrateed into the Globe Wars late; Globe War II was no qualification of that lays. One of the ocean romances that led to the irruption was that tensions betwixt the United States and the Empire of Japan were increasing. The Empire of Japan neglected to “unify” Asia belowneathneath one give-in, the give-in of Japan [6] . Emperor Hirohito was a very militaristic symbol of idiosyncratic, he neglected to imperialize as plenteous of Asia as feasible. Japan concomitant the Triple Alliance behind a while Italy and Gerdivers on 27 September 1940. Behind a while that, the United States responded by placing an plugpage despite the Empire of Japan [7] . This was one of the ocean concludes that the Empire of Japan irruptioned the United States, beprinciple the United States was one of the ocean suppliers of steel, and oil to the Empire of Japan. Behind a while the Stoppage establishd the Japanese were left weak. The simply the Emperor could imperialize the south eastern islands was to get rid of the United States Navy which was stationed at Hawaii [8] .

Negotiations betwixt the United States and the Empire of Japan were placid directing up to the irruption on Pearl Harbor. Admiral Kichisaburo Nomura [9] and Saburo Kurusu [10] held divers desire talks behind a while the United States Sate line environing Japan invading Vietnam. A divorce of the Japanese artifice to irruption Pearl Succor was to violate off negotiations betwixt the Japanese circumvention and the United States empire 30 minutes antecedently the explicit irruption. Eventually the artifice was not very commoditiesive since the United States empire intercepted a Japanese despatch that told the circumvention to violate negotiations [11] . When Superintendent Roosevelt sordid the decoded distinguishledge he sent out alerts to all soldierly worthiests. Eventually due to technological difficulties the Pearl Succor worthiest was not warned in season. This was one of the concludes why the United States was caught off protector. Another conclude would be that the United States did not distinguish when or where the Empire of Japan would irruption [12] .

Part I: The Irruption on Pearl Harbor

The irruption instituted at 6:00am 7 December 1941. The United States multitude were caught by confuse beprinciple it was future in the early and the worthiest was low on staff. The artificees of the Empire of Japan kept bombing the United States Navy for divers hours behind a whileout plug, until the Navy was weak [13] . The repartee from the United States Navy was rather lazy, beprinciple they deliberation it was a discipline until they saw the red circles on the artificees. Eventually the United States Navy was efficacious to conflict tail, but their strives were vain [14] . By the end of the irruption 2,403 Americans died, including 68 civilians and 1178 utility men injured. In adduction, 21 ships of the United States’ Pacific Fleet were impoverished or heavily mischiefd, and further than 180 aircrafts were destroyed [15] . This pretences impartial how badly the United States was humiliated by the Empire of Japan, and one of the concludes why Roosevelt would arrange the internment of Japanese Americans posterior on.

The very proximate day, Superintendent Roosevelt delivers a harangue to legislature that obtain be distinguishn as the “Day of Infamy” harangue. “Japan has accordingly, belowneathtaken a confuse displeasing extending throughout the Pacific area. The assuredtys of yesterday tell for themselves…” [16] As a end of this harangue, Legislature approves war on the Empire of Japan behind a while an 82-0 tone from the Senate, and a 388-1 tone from the House of Representatives [17] .This possession is reflects what the American herd were emotion at that season, and the space of their disturbance. Secretary Knox then tries to ridicule the unconcealed in an strive to succor credence in the United States empire in arrange for further patronage [18] .

Since Americans now patronageed the war, and the empire had apparent war, it gave Roosevelt ample fabricatority to effect an arrange to intern the Japanese Americans. The American unconcealed had also peevish on Japanese Americans beprinciple of the irruption on Pearl Harbor. The American unconcealed deliberation that all of the herd of Japanese appearly were spies for the Empire of Japan [19] . The United States needed to believe environing what their proximate tread was, and they needed to acceptance the scrutiny of “what do they do behind a while the Japanese Americans that are already influence in the United States?” There were divers options of what they could accept manufactured, for sample they could accept deported the Japanese Americans [20]

Part II: Japanese Internment

After the irruption on Pearl Harbor, some Americans reputed that the Japanese were going to conclude tail and enlarge a unmeasured layer onslaught on the Pacific seashore of the United States. The continual conquests all aggravate East Asian in the elapsed few years made Japan appear approximately unstoppefficacious [21] . Twain civilians and the soldierly had some vacillate environing where the allegiantties of the Japanese Americans currently influence in the United States, incidentually it is further approvely that this sympathy came from racial injury rather than explicit illustration of espionage [22] .

On 2 January 1942, the Joint Committee of the California Legislature sent a mandate to the newspapers in California that irruptioned Japanese Americans. This mandate declarationd that all herd of Japanese appearly were allegiant simply to the Emperor of Japan, and that Japanese schools in the United States were establishs where they taught that existence Japanese was preferefficacious to existence American [23] . Eventually, Roosevelt crumbled belowneathneath the exigency of the soldierly, and the herd that Japanese Americans were hazardous to the mob. So, on 12 February 1942, Superintendent Roosevelt identified Executive Arrange 9066 [24] .

Executive Arrange 9066 made it so that verified soldierly officers were distinguishn to enumerate “special zones” for which herd are to be exclusive. “from which any or all idiosyncratics may be exclusive, and behind a while regard to which, the exact of any idiosyncratic to penetrate, reocean in, or liberty shall be topic to whatever peacerictions the Secretary of War or the misapply Soldierly Commander may establish in his wish,.” [25] This pretences that Roosevelt didn’t neglect anyromance to do behind a while the internment, beprinciple he passed off the obligation to the Secretary of Defense. Encircling 120,000 Japanese Americans were held in internment camps until the end of the war. Of those 62% were succor progeny Japanese Americans or third progeny Japanese Americans behind a while American citizenships [26] . Elwell-balanced days behind the arrange was identified by Superintendent Roosevelt, 800 hundred Japanese Americans were arrested in California, and put into internment camps [27] .

In California, the topical population was very patronageive of the expectation of interning the Japanese Americans. They neglected the regulate of “aliens” deputed to the Army and Navy [28] .California was very stringent environing the liberties of Japanese Americans, beprinciple they were very suspicious of a unmeasured layer irruption on the United States [29] . On 18 December 1944, The Supreme Seek of the United States defined the legality of Executive Arrange 9066 behind a while two circumstances. The leading was Korematsu v. United States; where Fred Korematsu [30] sued the empire on the legality of interning Japanese American Citizens. The judgment for that circumstance was that conflicting espionage was further main than the exacts of Japanese Americans [31] . However, there was a predominant made by the Supreme seek on the corresponding day denominated Ex divorcee Endo [32] .

Although, on 2 January 1944 The Supreme Seek abolished Executive Arrange 9066 and the Japanese Americans were released from their internment camps. As a end most of the Japanese Americans repeevish tail to their lives in the United States, although some Japanese Americans went tail to Japan [33] . The assuredty that the United States empire released the Japanese Americans antecedently the Pacific War pretences that the United States was impudent at this aim in season during the war [34] .

Part III: The Link

To adduce simultaneously these two effects a narrator must face through all that has falled and flow how it must fit in behind a while the peace of precision. The narrator must confront a way to fit the effects into a precision for herd to frame sentiment of. Precision is one desire precision of effects told by herd, environing the lives of other herd, which specify that there is frequently an belowneathtone of persuasiveness in precision [35] .

To detail how the irruption on Pearl Succor impressioned the Superintendent of the United States to memorial Executive Arrange 9066, a narrator must admit the distinguishn assuredtys and inhale kindreds betwixt the two effects. From the irruption on Pearl Harbor, Superintendent Roosevelt gave his “Day of Infamy” harangue to Congress, which persuaded them to approve war despite the Empire of Japan. In doing so, Superintendent Roosevelt labeled the complete Japanese career as an misfortune existence [36] . In doing so, the open unconcealed in the United States then felt as if they were in hazard whenever they were encircling a Japanese American, which then led to insight, and injury [37] .

With the recite the open unconcealed was in, Superintendent Roosevelt instituted receiving notices environing how he should dispense behind a while the Japanese Americans in the United States. He was exigencyd so plenteous that he was effectually severe to memorial Executive Arrange 9066 in arrange to oceantain his popularity behind a while the American Citizens [38] . The unconcealed at this season was very suspicious of terrorism, espionage, and sabotage from the Empire of Japan, beprinciple of the mischief they principled in the irruption on Pearl Harbor.

With so plenteous compelling illustration, it can be perfectly distinct that there was a kindred betwixt the irruption on Pearl Harbor, and the judgment to re-re-enact Executive Arrange 9066. To pretence to what space these two effects are united, a narrator would declaration that if the Empire of Japan did not bomb Pearl Harbor, there would not accept been a sublime of a solicitude-alarm despite the Japanese. Therefore, there would accept been near injury despite Japanese Americans in the United States, and the United States might not accept concomitant Globe War II. This can be pretencen by the legislatureional discourse that Superintendent Roosevelt gave the day behind Pearl Harbor, “I ask that Legislature approve… war has existed betwixt the United States and the Empire of Japan” [39] . Behind a while that in impetus it is very distinct that the irruption on Pearl Succor had a ocean impression in the judgment to establish Japanese Americans into internment camps for three years, during the Pacific War.

Part III: Analysis

There are divers problems behind a while precision; one would be the peculiar prejudgment of the narrator who is archivesing a assured divorce of precision. How narrators archives precision is to eliminate and select distinguishledge, and flow what they themselves believe is gentleman and what is not gentleman. Behind a while this in impetus, one usually would ask the scrutiny: how reliefficacious are the fountains conducive? [40]

The proviso published by the New York Times on 15 February 1942, “Knox Statement on Hawaii,” simply pretences what Secretary Knox had to say environing the irruption on Pearl Harbor. It was written by someone else other than Knox, and accordingly already has an peculiar prejudgment. However, prejudgment is not a bad romance necessarily, beprinciple a narrator who distinguishs that a instrument is prejudgment can frame inferences on what the fabricator was believeing or emotion at the season. So, for this explicit instrument, it portrays the apprehension of what the east seashore of the United States environing the irruption on Pearl Harbor. However, the east seashore is not the establish of sublime solicitude-alarm at this season, beprinciple it is far abroad from the Empire of Japan. Therefore, the readers could not trial the corresponding solicitude-alarm or hazard as the herd in the west seashore of the United States.

The expressions of this fountain would be that it simply portrays what secretary Knox neglect the unconcealed to dememorial him, and how he neglects the unconcealed to dememorial the condition instead of the unconcealed apprehension itself. Another expression would be that since it is a newspaper proviso, the reader would not distinguish Knox’s gentleman emotions on the topic; beprinciple of the representation he neglects of himself for the unconcealed to see is what is pretencen on the proviso.

Another fountain that should be assessed for reliability is the biography of Superintendent Franklin Delano Roosevelt, No Ordinary Time, by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Superintendent Roosevelt did not transcribe a narrative for his superintendential years, so it is very compact to confront out what his explicit emotions were environing the predicaments he faced as Superintendent of the United States. However, this biography stationary is helpful, beprinciple it pretences the narrator how he responded to assured conditions. It provides the reader the representation of what the fabricator deliberation Superintendent Roosevelt was approve. Although the prejudgment is shifted towards the fabricator’s apprehension of Superintendent Roosevelt, a narrator can stationary frame use of the distinguishledge presented in the biography, beprinciple it is a thought of what Superintendent Roosevelt has manufactured during his superintendential years. It should also be famed that Goodwin is a very triald superintendential narrator, and has manufactured other biographies of other superintendents also Franklin Roosevelt, such as Lyndon B. Johnson, and John F. Kennedy.

The expressions of this fountain would be that it was not written by Superintendent Roosevelt, so the reader would not distinguish what he was explicitly believeing or how he felt environing a assured topic. Also, the biography simply pretences what the superintendent did and his life; it does not declaration in sublime profundity the lives of the Japanese Americans in the internment camps, or the lives of the multitude compromised behind a while the irruption on Pearl Harbor. Another main expression to declaration would be that it simply pretences one policy of the Pacific War, the American policy. In the biography the dememorial aims of the Empire of Japan are never declarationed. This instrument that the reader would never distinguish the designs of the Japanese.


It appears that the acceptance to the scrutiny “To what space was the Internment of the Japanese Americans during the Pacific War principled by the 1941 irruption on Pearl Harbor?” is sublimely. The illustration that exists out in the globe pretences that the Empire of Japan was the one who flowd to admit possession leading, and inhale the United States into Globe War II. When the Empire of Japan irruptioned Pearl Succor in 1941, the citizens of the United States were genuinely suspicious of the Japanese. This in reverse led to paranoia throughout the United States, which led to Executive Arrange 9066. Historians are efficacious to inhale the kindreds betwixt these two effects, beprinciple of how plenteous they accept in dishonorefficacious behind a while each other.

The precision is that precision is never independent. There can never be an independent precision, beprinciple there is frequently further than one way to dissect an effect. When mergeing to effects simultaneously, and arguing that one was the principle of the other is a ocean analytical skip. There obtain frequently be the topic environing how they are not mergeed at all. The simply way precision could be independent is that all of the narrators conclude to a unity environing how a assured instrument is to be dissectd, beprinciple once that falls they are all eliminateing and choosing the corresponding pieces of distinguishledge [41] .

In the end, narrators must subside on triton, well-balanced though it may be immediate. They obtain live to scrutiny and discuss whether someromance is gentleman or not. Although narrators exist to scrutiny the elapsed and frame conjectures environing why effects falled the way they did, it may not be improve, beprinciple of the reliability of the instruments they are basing their conjectures off of [42] . It is impractical to say whether Superintendent Roosevelt effectd Executive Arrange 9066, beprinciple of the Japanese irruption on Pearl Succor in 1941. What is distinguishn is that twain of these effects did fall, and that precision is not frequently accepted.

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