Thankful: Meaning of Life Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Thankful: Meaning of Life Essay

We all have a lot in our lives for which we should be thanks for. In our daily life, we often receive help from those who around us, such as our parents, teachers, friends, and even strangers. Sometimes, it might just be a little act, such as picking up the pencil you dropped, or holding the door for you. We should be thankful to people around us for things they have done for us. And we all should thankful for everything we have gotten.

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Thankful: Meaning of Life Essay
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I am thankful to my parents, who had always giving me a lot care and teaching me lots of things. They brought me to this colorful world, and tried their best effort to provide me a better life. And I appreciate for the love my families and friends give me, which gives me warmth. I am thankful to the teachers, who works with diligence to give us knowledge ability, put on the wing which flies toward the ideal for us.

Thanks to all the teachers on the world for teaching us lots of knowledge.

I’m thankful for life. Even though, it’s sometime smooth, sometimes rough, sometimes make you laugh, sometimes make you sad and depress; but that’s how the meaning of life works. Just like everything has two sides, in everyone’s life there’s darkness and sunshine, but whatever life give us is an experience. It can be a great chance for us to learn from the experience, then that’s going to become a priceless wealth of us. Even more, I am thankful to those difficulties, which help me grow up.

Without the help of all those sources, I would not have been who I am today. In fact in our life there are many more things we should be thanks for, and it is infinite. So be thankful to small things, and you will make great things. I believe that we should be thankful for whatever we have gotten, give and receive. Be thankful, and others will be thankful to you. The more love you give, the more love you will receive. So thanksgiving today and everyday!

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