Temper Temper by Bullet For My Valentine
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Dec 18th, 2019

Temper Temper by Bullet For My Valentine

As a huge Bullet For My Valentine fan, I was extremely excited to hear that they were releasing a new album in early 2013. Their first three albums are all quite different from each other so I was eager to hear what the fourth one would sound like. Upon listening to the fourth album, I was disappointed.

Temper Temper is not unique compared to its predecessors. In fact, it sounds similar to BFMV’s third album,Fever, in regards to music, and a tad like their second album, Scream Aim Fire, in regards to vocals. There aren’t as many guitar riffs or solos that stand out compared to the previous albums. The lyrics and melodies aren’t as catchy as usual either.

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Temper Temper by Bullet For My Valentine
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However, BFMV did a spectacular job with the song “Tears don’t fall Part 2” which is the second part to a song on their first album, The Poison. The first line of the song is humorous.

In Tears Don’t Fall, the first line is “Let’s go!” and in Tears Don’t Fall Part 2, the first line is “Let’s go again!”.

Altogether, BFMV has gone downhill with their music. Their latest album, Temper Temper, sounds more mainstream than their earlier albums, which were filled with originality.Temper Temper sounds similar to any other new metal-core album released these days.

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