Teenage Pregnancy
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Dec 18th, 2019

Teenage Pregnancy

They say being a mother is the best role a woman can do. It does not need a requirements for you to be fit as a mother but it comes to you either in expected or unexpected time. A child is the product of a successful and happily marriage. Many people refer a child to be the missing piece in a marriage. So when a child comes to a married couple, it perfectly fits the certain puzzle in their lives. How about a child who came into a child too? A child who is not a product of a marriage? Do you think it can fit someone’s lives or it can ruin a life?

Teenage pregnancy in the Philippines is not new to us Filipinos. It is a rampant problem in our country that needs to be stopped for the sake of the young and not ready mothers. Many research shows that teens who are getting pregnant are becoming younger and younger as the year passed by.

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They suffer from a responsibility they cannot handle on their own. Based on the study of Warzack (1993) the major caused of teenage pregnancy is the lack of information of a young couple about sex. Particular in the Philippines, teaching about sex education in school is an issue that until now government cannot solve.

Sex education is much needed than wanted by the teens but it is not approved by the church and other conservative groups. Because a Filipino family is conservative in nature, sex is one of the issue that is not usually discuss between a parent and a child. And because of this, parents do not have their guide on their children mostly on the stage of puberty where a children is really interested into sex. We can also add the presence of media materials like television shows, movies, newspaper and magazines that have a theme of sex.

Internet also can cause teenage pregnancy because of the pornographic sites that can be easily access by the teens. Many teens have lack of knowledge to the contraception and reproductive health that should be discuss in the sex education and counselling. Because the body of a teen is not really ready about being pregnant, it can face into many different problems regarding nutrition. It includes nutrition deficiency and they have no access to a proper health care. Based on the recent studies, teens who are getting pregnant has the high chance to have complications during their pregnancy that can lead to their death or the baby’s death.

According to the World Health Organization, the age between 15 and 19 years old has the high risk to have a pregnancy related death than to those woman age 20 to 24 years old. Pregnancy of a woman is the best news a man can hear. Unfortunately, it can also be the worst news if the couple are not yet ready to face the responsibility for being a young parents. To avoid this from happening, teenagers should be careful on what they are doing with their lives. Just wait for the right time to be pregnant and have a family. For now, just enjoy the benefit of being a teenager.

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