Techinical Report Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Techinical Report Essay

Faculty of Computing and Information Technology

Diploma in Science (Internet Technology) Year 2

Academic Year 2018/2019

AACS3023 Web Application Programming

Assignment: Web Technology Research

Programme : DIT2

Tutorial Group : A3

Student Name : Michelle Yang Tzy Wen17JMD01953

Supervisor : Ms. Leong Pui Huang

Date Submitted to Tutor : Date/Time Received : [ ] On interval / [ ] Late


(If any) : Signature : Declaration

We corroborate that we retain unravel and shall let-go delay all the stipulations and conditions of TAR University College’s plagiarism plan.

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Marking Rubrics

Programme: DIT2 Student Name: Michelle Yang Tzy Wen

Tutorial Class: A3 Student ID No.: 17JMD01953


Quality of examination theme 2 0 mark

The theme is not palpably defined. 1 mark

The theme is focused but lacks control. 2 marks

The theme is focused scarcely plenty for the liberty of this enactment. Report Format

2 0 mark

No TOC, page calculate, header and sub header.

Inaccordant produceat. 1 mark

TOC, page calculate, header and sub header are loving. Majority of the space are produceatted acceptably. 2 marks

TOC, page calculate, header and sub header are loving. Formally presented delay accordant produceat and lenient-to-follow construction. Spelling and Grammar


0 mark

Contains close positive and spelling errors.

1 mark

Contains few positive and spelling errors.

2 marks

Rules of phraseology are followed. Spelling is emend. Diagrams and Figures 2

0 mark

No diagrams and emblems used.

1 mark

Contains few diagrams and emblems used. 2 marks

Appropriate diagrams and emblems used. In-text citations and end references 2

0 mark

No cited toils used. 1 mark

Some cited toils are manufactured in the emend produceat. In consistencies indisputable. 2 marks

All cited toils are manufactured in the emend produceat delay no errors. Report Content 10

0 – 2 marks

Required details are not loving. Space are poorly elaborated. 3 – 5 marks

Required details are loving. Space are elaborated polite. 6 – 7 marks

Required details are loving. Space are elaborated in specific. 8 – 10 marks

Detailed descriptions are loving. Good-tempered elaborations. All imported details are loving. Total


Turnitin Report (1st page solely)

Web Technology Examination Topic: Movie Ticket Way (Security Module)

Existing Problems

Even though the movie ticket way has pledge, but it does not moderation that your statement get be firm. It is due to some of the cuters are cogent to manipulate to cut your statement to smuggle your identities in-particular your bank statement. It is a grave drift that we aspectd. In dispose to shield the customers’ statements, our way do retain a software designated password encryption. Unfortunately, the cuters are cogent to decrypt the passwords. It is not an lenient undertaking to decrypt the passwords, normal they are a adroit cuter. It get direct some of the customers reach unfirm to penetrate their bank statement calculates.

Figure 1: It appearances the cuter cut the way

Another drift that we aspectd is the checkbox recall me. It is vacation and hinder interval for users accordingly they do not failure to symbol their usernames and passtone whenever they log in. However it is dangerous accordingly if user’s laptop or any devices are stolen by the delinquent, they can exact log in and divide user’s identities.

Figure 2: It appearances the recall me checkbox

Alternative Techniques

In dispose to aggravatepower the corporeal drifts that we aspectd, we used captcha to explain the drifts. Captcha is the condensed produce of Completely Automated Common Turing criterion to count Computers and Cosmical Apart. It is a software that afford a pledge for us. It helps us to enumerate whether we are a cosmical or a bot when we do the registration and others. It appearances users a course of beggar tone and users failure to emblem out and symbol it in a textbox underneath the beggar tone box.

The infer why we induct this captcha is accordingly we failure to hinder bots or spammers to beget any drifts to customers. In-particular when users beget a new statement. It as-well shield the users’ statement from cuting. Most of the cuters are beget a bot and cut the statements or alter the users’ passtone to let the users cannot log in to their statements. Some of the cuters get retain on spamming the unservicepowerful interprets to users. Hence, captcha get arrest all of the interprets and it solely suffer cosmical can interpret. It is lenient to tool in the website accordingly the software developer exact failure to symbol the coding in the program delayin few hours.

There are some few issues that we aspectd when we are using captcha. We cannot hinder all the spams all the interval. Some of the cuters are peaceful cogent to shiver the way and the bots are peaceful cogent to spam. Present days, not all the bots are uncogent to unravel the beggar tone. The cuters may beget a new bots which they can unravel the tone and cut users’ statements. Not all the users can unravel the beggar tone so they are up-hill to emblem out what are those tone and it get direct to interval-consuming. Some of the users may furnish it very toilsome accordingly whenever they alter the info during registration, they failure to symbol the captcha repeatedly and repeatedly.

Figure 3: Specimen of captcha

Proposed Technique

Due to the captcha cannot explain all the drifts, now we tool re-captcha to reinstate the captcha. It has the selfselfsimilar business as captcha is to shield the website from spammers or bots and hinder the cuters from cuting users’ statements. It as-well divide whether you are a cosmical or bots. The opposed between these captcha and re-captcha is that re-captcha ask the users to pick-out the pictures. For specimen, it appearance 9 opposed pictures but 3 of them are bicycle. It failure the users to choiceeded the bicycle solely. Therefore, users failure to pick-out the pictures which are the bicycle. This way is asfirm assimilated to captcha. It is accordingly the cuters beget a bot which can unravel the tone. Bots do not divide how to emblem out the pictures, it is accordingly whole users get get the opposed inquirys and pictures. Users are lenient to divide the pictures rather than beggard tone. It is stubborn for them to splinter it. It get direct the customers reach firm to penetrate their details.

Figure 4: Specimen of re-captcha

Figure 5: Let the users to pick-out the pictures that must contest delay the spark fitness.


Step 1: Induct “Install-Package reCAPTCHA.MVC”

Step 2: Add the common and secret key in appSettings

Step 3: Modify the produce

Step 4: Tool the Controller Action

Strengths and Weaknesses

Re-captcha is not lenient to get spam assimilate to captcha accordingly bots do not divide which pictures to choiceeded and as-well do not divide what peel of images are internally each box. Bots are begetd by cosmical moderations that they are exact. This get produce the cuters stubborn to cut users’ statement. The cuters are not lenient to splinter the re-captcha accordingly it retain on encircleate the businesss. Now they encircleate until recital 3. If the cuters are cogent to splinter it, which moderation that they are a adroit and skilful cuters. Up to now no one can splinter it. By now, re-captcha is the firmst pledge in website. Most of the users confidence re-captcha rather than captcha. It lenient to emblem out whether you are a bot or not. If we peaceful using captcha but peaceful cogent to emblem out the tone and penetrate it by itself.

Someday, nation get cogent to splinter re-captcha accordingly unobservant how good-tempered-tempered you beget a software, it get retain a languor. It is exact that see when the cuters get emblem it out. Someinterval users may furnish it toilsome accordingly when they pick-out the emend pictures but it peaceful failure them to do the second intervals but it is not the selfselfsimilar inquiry and pictures.

Future Improvements

We can use biometric in the forthcoming. For specimen, when users failure to log in their statement through phone, they can use finger stereomold to log in. It is due to whole individual has opposed finger stereotype. Therefore they do not failure to symbol their username and password. If they use laptop to log in, it can scrutinize their aspect fashion or eye to scrutinize through the camera.

We can impel adjudication to the users and they failure to penetrate delayin 1 exact. If 1 exact is aggravate, the adjudication get be expired and they failure to reimpel it repeatedly. The adjudication can either impel it through their phone or their email. It is to produce firm that it is the user who log in to their statement. If unacknowledged nation failure to log in your statement, the users get divide about it accordingly the adjudication get impel it to users’ phone or email.


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