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Dec 18th, 2019


Tartuffe – Final Version Reflective Introduction After examining the drama Tartuffe, my intentions were to contemplate in a comparative manner the cultural and theatrical context of when the play first appeared against the backdrop of the social norms that we experience today. Furthermore, I was to compare the various aspects of the play while determining a unique perspective as to how the typical American audience would classify or judge the play.

In order to gain insight with more depth as to the basis behind the play’s formation and a peek into some of the original ideas surrounding the drama, I began the research portion of the project using various online tools. Moliere’s words to the king helped deepen my understanding of the intentions he harbored during that time. Upon research completion, my understanding of the cultural references outlined in the play and its relation to modern times had increased significantly.

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The research portion provided the foundation from which I was able to analyze an array of online sources and drama reviews against the unique perspectives that I had of the play. This approach allowed me to develop the basis for my argument, in which I held that Tartuffe remains as applicable today as it was when the play was performed long ago. Upon outlining the foundation for my assertions, I referenced class notes in order to organize the main points and situations for the purpose of concluding whether or not they were congruent with the modern world.

While determining their connection, I held the situations from the play up against the backdrop of my unique life experiences along with my comprehension of modern American culture and then checked it against my research. This step turned out to be one of consequential importance due to the fact that it was a major player in structuring supportive arguments within the framework I was creating. A few, yet not all of these complementary arguments aligned with my perspectives.

Within the varied points of view that I contemplated contained something that allowed me to maintain an open mind and allowed me to analyze many arguments that opposed my stance. Maintaining an open mind began to appear as something which was necessary, as there appears to be not much difference between the opinions we give and constructing a clear and factual argument. My intentions have been to do just this. My attempts have been in the way of creating harmony between my unique perspectives and portraying the facts by combining the two in a counterbalanced manner.

To reiterate, I’ve attempted to strike a unique balance between my points of view and fact. Nevertheless, many obstacles arose along the way while attempting to attain harmony in expressing my thoughts in written form. I was tested when it came to properly listing my references in the analysis during the proper times, partially because I was careful not to use too many sources and to keep my work from appearing piecemealed. I also faced trouble expressing my perspectives as some of them were not backed by experts in the field.

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