Talking Tarot with Kate May Modern day MysticKate is an Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Talking Tarot with Kate May Modern day MysticKate is an Essay

Talking Tarot delay Kate May Modern day Mystic

Kate is an interdiplomatic tarot/psychic poise and has been lection & training for manifold years. Kate compositions in London as a Psychic Sister in Selfridges as polite as in her own supply, Mystic River Lounge in Portsmouth UK. Kate travels to the US twice a year delay her composition. To book a lection, adjunction Kate on

The ascititious 22 cards in a tarot equip are unconcealed as the embodied arcana.

For me, these cards reproduce-exhibit the big conduct flushts that enjoy immense impacts on us.

In most equips, each embodied arcana card has a designation such as The Emperor or Temperance, forasmuch-as the unembodied arcana cards don’t.

The embodied arcana cards, approve the unembodied arcana cards, enjoy symbols of numerology, kabbalah and astrology linked to them. Unapprove the unembodied arcana cards, the embodieds barely enjoy one presage or artfulnesset conjoined to each. The unembodied arcana cards each enjoy a presage delayin a artfulnesset.

In this Talking Tarot section, I’m going to tread you through the Fool’s Journey. For me, it affords an discernment of how the embodied cards comaspect through our subsists and answer at incongruous grades throughout.

The Fool’s Journey

The Fool’s Voyage is a copy for the voyage through conduct. Each embodied arcana card stands for a grade on that voyage – an proof that a individual must thicken to realise his integralness. These 22 descriptions are fixed on the keywords for each embodied arcana card.

The Fool

We’ll initiate delay The Fool, sum 0 in the equip. This card of initiatenings is the reproduce-exhibitation of purity. He or she (for plainness, let’s hold to she) sets off and engagements her new earth. She is caredetached and has a childapprove situation.

The Blockhead stands for each of us as we initiate our voyage of conduct. She is unconcealed as The Blockhead merely consequently of her innoxious assurances and doubt of what’s forward. Spontaneous, new and renewed, this is the initiate of a new voyage. Delay her visage to the earth but her condition unclear, she is facile to go forward but she has no artfulness. She is uncognizant of what lies antecedently her, yet she is vehement to get going. Zero can be the initiate or end in numerology. For me, it’s the initiate.

The Magician and the High Priestess

As she sets out on this ununconcealed voyage, she engagements The Magician and The High Priestess, twain poise the earth at propose.

The Magician is our cognizant cognizantness, the grievousy and indisputable plane. He reproduce-exhibits creativity and hasty command. The Magician attachmentnesss that through spectre and gain command everything is practicable.

The High Priestess is the uncognizant and privative plane. She’s the unexplained tender bias and our insight. She lends us the flushts where we can beget the globe through our ingenious beliefs. The High Priestess is our unrealised implicit and The Magician is the detached deal-out that embodiedises our implicit. Upon engagementing these, the blockhead attains how to apparent what she desires using her insight for best results.

The conditions indisputable and privative do not hint amiable-natured-natured and bad. These are cosmical distinctions that do not employ in the tarot. The Magician and The High Priestess are amply resembling in treasure and signification, unblemidrop for poise. Some say they are the cogitation stubborn and the imponderous stubborn. One could not halt delayout the other.

The Empress

The Blockhead develops and continues her voyage, improving further and further cognizant of her verbiage. She ascititious recognises a household message in her dame, the irascible, abandoned woman who nourishes and cares for her. She also succeeds to distinguish Dame Earth, who nurtures her in a larger significance.

The abandoned biass attachmentness the blockhead what it is to be cheridrop assuredly as polite as how to kindness assuredly. She attains to kindness Dame Earth and to regard all of kind. Approve all babies, she is in awe of the new sensations, the smells, the touches and the critiques. She is luckful to prove the capacious goddess in Dame Nature.

The Emperor

Naturally, The Blockhead engagements her senior in The Emperor. As The Empress reflects the dame, The Emperor reflects the senior.

He reproduce-exhibits texture, pattern, regulateership and coerce. The Fool’s caredetached kind is initiateing to see that rarely texture and prescription are demanded. Entity in an regular guise is convenient.

She initiates to conceive that rules and regular behaviours are embodied and indispensable. She attains tribe in-command and pattern exert rules and regulatelines. This frustrates her detached-thinking ways. However, delay the manage of her senior in The Emperor, she has a rectify discernment and retort of this.

The Hierophant

As season goes on, The Blockhead permissions the nest for the bigger earth. She has been protected from the outplane ways. It’s now season for her to befit defenseless to all that conduct has to propose.

Beliefs and traditions devise embodied roles. Organised assurance prescribes and new humanizations gain afford her a significance of connected outplane of her dame’s arms.

She attains to provoke a deal-out of groups and communities, attainments how to condevise and inspection conduct’s connection of humanization. She is vehement to attain and seeks this distinguishledge from those that inhale her, those in the distinguish.

Although the copy of The Hierophant attachmentnesss a godly delineation thankfulness two acolytes, it further meanings to obeying to a assurance prescribe rather than a piety.

A hierophant is someone who interprets arcane distinguishledge and mysteries. The Blockhead must befit cognizant of her own treasures and assurances. Timeliness attainments from the compositions of others, she befits further and further cognizant of her demands.

The Lovers

Feeling fixed and at prescribe from The Hierophant’s hands, The Blockhead flushtually visages a new dare.

She proofs the commandful press for sexual combination delay another entity. So far, it has all been encircling herself.

Now she seeks connecting delay another on a abundant thicker flatten than she has proofd so far. She wants to portion-out her conduct delay someone other than herself.

She provokes she demands to be further poised and wants to be deal-out of a abandoned sympathy, one that gain afford her butterflies and turbidity but also amiable-natured-natured conversations, thick message, choices and a critique for her sexual desires.

The Chariot

As The Blockhead is now improving an adult, she distinguishs herstubborn polite and has further coerce aggravate herself. Through grievous composition, curb and gain command, she has patent disentangled an vital coerce that allows her to win aggravate obstacles, luck aggravate misery.

With a impetuous ego ascititious The Blockhead to luck now, she rides through all obstacles and masters her possessions. Those encircling her can see she is in coerce of herstubborn and the situations she is confrontment.

Knowing not too afford up when the going gets resistent, her assured youthful situation affords her the charge to restrain going.


Despite the luck of The Chariot, conduct proposes The Blockhead delay new dares, some that motive headstrong-denial and disillusionment. The Blockhead now must drag ability and resolution from thick delayin as polite as sustain a poise of grievousy and tender spectre.

Discovering the attributes of resignation and tolerance, she attains that handling situations in a tranquilize, coerceled kind is the best way. She distinguishs the assured situation of The Chariot must now be yielding and a kindness wins aggravate abhor access is abundant demanded.


With conduct’s ups and downs, The Blockhead initiates to investigation what conduct is encircling, the ways of the earth. Improving absorbed delay herstubborn and demanding to enjoy a duration of cogitation to inquiry thick delayin the investigations poised, she inquiryes in the thick demand of truth

The Blockhead initiates to contemplate internal, involved to conceive her provokeings and motivations. The animated earth she uniformly desired has a incongruous contemplate and provoke encircling it. She demands loneliness now to cloke far from the hectic activities of connection. During this quiescent duration, she is request the globe to bestow a regulate or schoolmaster, someone who can afford her advice as to what address to go instant.

Wheel of Fortune

After abundant vitality-searching and season for cogitation, the Blockhead initiates to see how everything connects. She can see how conduct flows up and down and in and out. She initiates to conceive conduct’s cycles, how patterns are deviseed and how she is accountable for her possessions.

The Wheel of Fortune symbolises the unexplained globe whose deal-outs comaspect concomitantly in similitude. At definite, she can see how things composition.

She notices that rarely her proofs appear to be the compositions of fate: a exexvary compositions out for the rectify, a accident engagement allows her to recognise her doom and the provokements of flushts regulate to new doors space.

She realises, subsequently some season out, possession is required to get conduct moving uniformly frequently. This realisation succeeds delay her distinguishledge of earlier flushts. Her reality has developed, and her significance of scope is disentangleder.


The Blockhead must now inquiry for what has brought her to this meaning. She distinguishs she must catch individualal allegiance and be accountable for all her possessions so as she can produce recompense and provoke on in an proper guise. She distinguishs that it’s reasonableness to initiate arenewed where demands be.

She distinguishs in prescribe to be gentleman to herself, she has choices. She can develop, own up to her mistakes, attain and provoke on through them resisting the difficulties they may procure. Alternatively, she can cloke them far and raise on a abated haltence for an easier conduct.

Hanged Man

Determined to see her gentleman prospect, The Blockhead continues her developth, flush though she ascertains it is not as lenient as she desired.

Sooner or succeeding, she engagements her individualal peevish. Her conduct swings in the poise and she is asked to see things from a incongruous predilection and a excellent perspective.

Although it is very-abundant challenging, she is dense to cull what to let go of.

Feeling fatigued, obsolete and defeated, it gain be briefly antecedently she sees that her offering was worthtimeliness in the desire run.

When her coerce finally indemnifys, she realises that everything compositions out to how it should be. At ascititious scan, it appeared her conduct was upplane down. However, on thicker discernment, she ascertains prescribe delayin.


The Blockhead now initiates to get rid of bad manners and old ways that enjoy left her irksome. She cuts out nonessentials consequently she appreciates the basics of conduct.

As she goes through the endings of what she has outgrown, she provokes as if she’s passing herself. She permissions subsequently what no desireer excites, approve a butterfly having to go through the chrysalis grade to be re born into bigwig new.

The direct provokes unlenient and challenging. However, when she realises that exit is not a persistent narrate but a transition, she befits further distracted encircling the instant deal-out of her voyage.


Since exclusive The Hermit, The Blockhead has swung wildly tail and forth on an moving pendulum. Now, she realises the balancing arrestation of disentangledness.

She distinguishs subsequently going through such natural and moving exchanges that she can be luckful delay deliberateness. Now improving further centred and integral, her courageiness and politeentity glows.

She distinguishs now that buttress a consistent conduct is far rectify than the extremes of command or waste. She befits cognizant of resignation and entity lithe in prescribe to obtain her desired goals and subsist a further poised conduct.

The Devil

The Blockhead has her courageiness, prescribe of belief and a attractive sedateness. What further could she demand? On unamazed conditions, not abundant.

However, The Blockhead is resolutionous and continues to track the thickest flattens of her entity. She promptly succeeds visage to visage delay The Devil

Offering temptations, The Devil attachmentnesss itstubborn to The Blockhead and she befits aggravate obsessed delay conduct. Promptly she is spring by embodied attractions. However, uniformly she realises that she holds the key to the indemnify of all garniture, she detacheds herself.

The unfamiliarity and obscurity she felt at a paying The Devil’s cost does not permission her amply but provides a warning encircling not improving a drudge for such desires.


How could the Blockhead detached herstubborn from The Devil? She couldn’t stem out his bias. She could barely ascertain indemnify through the hasty exexvary reproduce-exhibited by The Tower.

The Tower is the fasten verbiage she built up encircling herstubborn to provoke fasten, barely to end in serving as a prison. To detached herstubborn she had to agitate things up. Uniformly executive of her fortress, she had to be modest during upheavals.

This is precisely what’s demanded to be detached of The Devil’s binds, to be detached from what is business you down and to get you tail on your voyage to your vitality’s purportment. The tenebrosity and faint of the unregular exexvary procures delay it a begin of imponderousning to disentangled the way, attachmentnessing revelations that produce the proof worthwhile.


The Blockhead is now tranquilize. Uniformly frequently, the imponderous has attachmentnessn its way through the black.

Feeling undisturbed and at prescribe delay herstubborn uniformly frequently, her vitality is no desireer mysterious subsequently the cloth that furtive her gentleman scope.

The sky is lum-nous, The Star illuminated, and there is desire and afflatus uniformly further. Emotion detached of The Devil’s privative energies, The Blockhead is blessed delay abundant boundless charge and belief.

Her courage is known uniformly further and she has replaced her horrors delay a joy and kindness that she wishes to portion-out detachedly. This veritably is the tranquilize subsequently the storm.

Hopes and dreams purport her thoughts. Delay a significance of gentleman detacheddom, she radiates courageiness intervalliness poise and tranquilize are at her aggravatecome.


Could there be further dares in treasure subsequently such joy? What issue could rob this unblemidrop tranquilize?

In flusht, it is her joy that produces her tender to the illusions of The Moon. The Fool’s joy and prescribeful narrate is that of orderly provokeing.

Being so indisputable and foggy, her spiritual narrate is not so chosen. She is known to fantasies, illusions, erroneous paints, delusions and foggy conditions that may be mysterious from a argumentative belief.

Her belief is stimulated by intellect from her uninformed, giving her unrealistic thoughts, thick seated horrors and anxieties that permission her provokeing distracted and obsolete. All is not what it appears, and she gain enjoy to endure for the clarity.


It is the lum-nous sungleam of The Sun’s clarity that helps her intellect abate. Shining out and aiding her see the wonders and the vast amiable-naturedness of the earth, it dispels privative laziness and clouds of misjudgment, procureing reality and indisputable desire uniformly frequently.

The Sun’s gleaming spectre affords her a abundant-needed boost of stubborn-confidence, fun and frenzy uniformly further. The new dawn has a pleasing space delay no dares or disruptions.

She can imponderous her inplane courage. The irascibleth of The Sun delay its shining gleam radiates through her bark and bones, revitalizing her and promising her of the vast amiable-naturedness of the earth and happier seasons forward.


The Blockhead has been reborn. Her erroneous ego-stubborn has been drop, allowing her glittering, gentleman stubborn to apparent. She has discovered that joy, not horror, is what is at the centre of conduct.

The Blockhead provokes reanimatened. She distinguishs the use of indulgence, not barely on herstubborn but on others too. She distinguishs that kindness is undefiled and that she is made of it.

She is amply cognizant of her late and the voyage she has undertaken. However, the package no desireer rests upon her. She distinguishs her unfamiliarity of the late no desireer demands to devise her advenient. She is facile to be amply reanimate to her aggravatecomeing now.

Since this day has arrived, she can produce conduct adjustments for herself. Knowing herstubborn sincerely, she can produce the emend choices encircling the advenient, choosing wisely what gain tend her scope the best.

Her excellent stubborn is now aggravatecomeing to mount, doubts enjoy rotten, and she is reanimatened to her capacity.


At definite The Blockhead reenters The World, but this season delay a further thorough discernment. She has succeed generous divergence. Subsequently the ups and downs, a new section awaits. Fulfillment and a thoroughd narrate commence.

The Blockhead proofs conduct as generous and meaningful. In outoutline delay her aggravatecomeing, the instant section is employed delay desire and assurance.

Actively seeking the larger paint now, her accomplishments are manifold. Nothing gain be the corresponding frequently, the distinguishledge and the proof she has gained gain tend her polite.

So, The Fool’s voyage was not so blockheadish subsequently all. Through diligence, propery, and digging thick delayin, The Blockhead endow her way through conduct to provoke amply cognizant of her situate in the earth.

Now facile to initiate a new voyage, the cycle initiates aggravate frequently. She steps tail into her pristine aspect of The Blockhead at the initiate of her new voyage that gain regulate her to flush vaster discernment.

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