Persuasion exists liberally over the daily media in the form of advertising for instance or in parliament sessions. The skill to convince somebody to buy a product or change their views on a subject would require clever strategies. Besides citing facts and figures, the audio and video approach is very effective indeed since feelings and emotions do matter. In terms of the written word too, we observe similar approaches but the argumentative research essay must be carefully organized perhaps along the lines of a five paragraph composition. Besides the first introductory paragraph and the last concluding paragraph, the three in the middle go through all the arguments and counter arguments with supporting information. Research is essential because evidence is needed and it is somewhat like fighting a court case.

Such essays help develop new perspectives and must present new approaches in order to be effective. One step ahead of the expository that merely explains, the argumentative examines different points of view concerning a subject, like choosing between a bicycle and a car. The more the arguments and differing points of view, the richer in meaning would be the essay format. Debates usually present the for and against but arguments could be multifaceted, hexagons or octagons too. A researched argument essay can be very stimulating to write as well as read.

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While examining a variety of writing formats, the mla essay format uses Section Headings to improve visibility and understanding of relevant documents. Whether chapters or other sections by name of a book or essay, such a structure helps in the overall pattern. MLA advises Arabic numbers be used with a period, space and the name of the section. (Eg. 1. Brief Introduction)

Sample headings:


1. Substance Abuse


1.1 Drugs


1.2 Alcohol


Regarding headings, MLA does not specify but require the different headings to resemble grammatically, if you stick to one level of headings. Consistency is insisted upon though you may choose a variety of methods.


Some important purposes of the write syndrome

Religious studies do deserve to occupy a dignified pedestal as it has since the 19th century when such investigation commenced both for Christianity and Asian religions. Such study courses are objective in nature and attempts to study spirituality rather than take partisan views in favor of a particular religion. The history of religion and the changes in history that can be attributed to religious causes make for sometimes controversial study. Each religion would have their own facilities for the study like the Buddhist monasteries. The modern approach to religious studies in prestigious college and university campuses aims for an intensive understanding of divinity, its origin and history. Our present mixed up values of materialism does indeed need to be balanced by spiritual values.

Forging on with writing challenges across school and college, the what is a capstone project is writing on a more sustained scale that tests researching and compiling skills. It is a common practice that students need an activity that would get them closer to the realities of the situation they would experience after graduation. A lawyer, for instance, has a head full of theory and needs to apply it to real life situations. The Capstone project may last a semester or two and would test such skills and help bridge the gap between theory and practice. Such a stiff test would bring about better understanding of the world of work and the real conditions that wait out there after the sheltered life of the campus is done.

The research argument essay serves important functions in reflecting contemporary thinking on an unlimited variety of issues. Not all of them follow the five-paragraph pattern. Many of the lengthy articles in the print media are researched arguments and provide the brain in the editorial page just like the different entertainment and the sports sections. Whether we should be meat eaters or vegetarians is one of those age-old debates that continue to rage with more and more research findings. The cannabis question is another worldwide issue with all the medical findings. Values along with feelings and emotions would be involved in the argumentative debate and the best side wins. Research and the depth of knowledge finally clinch the worth of the arguments besides evidence. Never give up with the argumentative research essay!

Let us return to the basics. An writing an essay introduction needs to firmly grasp the attention of the reader and sustain it all the way through. Dialogue perhaps, a shocking statement, quotations, and proverbs or a personal experience or definition are the usual starters. Somewhere in the first paragraph occurs the thesis statement that summarizes what the essay deals with. The thesis should be narrow enough for a short essay to explore. If it is First World War, it would be excessively large. An aspect of the war like the weapons could be dealt with. Something new, colorful, dramatic and precise with a new slant or approach may succeed in holding the reader attention. Research provides those clever ideas necessary in these days when excessive information is found everywhere. Standards are naturally high with the glut of information online, in print media and other publications.

Regarding the dissertation conclusion, it is a different kind of challenge! After the abstract, literature review, findings, methods, processes, the paper would come to a conclusion before the references and appendices. The conclusion is naturally important as it sets forth the important findings and proposes recommendations for the future. Just like the abstract, the conclusion is also a microcosm of the entire paper. Briefly put, the conclusion would highlight the findings and their significance though it would already have figured in the findings section. A final statement on the research subject would have to be carefully worded to communicate the spirit and enterprise of the entire research task. What new knowledge has been added to the field? How would it be useful for the future?

Labor on with the argument research essay:

  • Would it be justified for college students to grade the teaching staff?
  • Do the security cameras everywhere put privacy at risk?
  • Do you support the system of lotteries?