Suggested Moby Dick Essay Topics
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Dec 16th, 2019

Suggested Moby Dick Essay Topics

When writing any literary essay, you need to explore the construction and meaning of a certain literature work. This academic assignment is a bit harder than reviewing a book, but they have certain similarities. As a student, try to discuss its overall effect while paying attention to specifics. This means that you should focus on such important elements as characters, themes, styles, tones, structures, and so on. If you’re asked to submit interesting and original Moby Dick essays, be sure to adopt a point of view and provide the targeted audience with enough details and facts to support it. Basically, this academic paper should be your personal interpretations of the plot and a mixture of references and opinions. When using the ideas of other people as your case study examples, don’t forget to cite them correctly to avoid plagiarism. If writing this essay seems a bit confusing or you don’t have enough time to complete it, take into account the custom paper writing services of reputable freelance authors.

  • How do you think why Ishmael includes multiple digressions in the narrative? Why does he draw many other disciplines, including biology and geology? You should pick a few favorite digressions and discuss how they relate to the main narrative.
  • Describe the method of narration that Ishmael has. Is he unreliable or reliable as the narrator? Why is he chosen to tell this story? What would it be if Ahab or other characters were narrators?
  • What do you think of the concept of fate included in the plot? Do you agree that it justifies Ahab’s actions? What is the connection between prophecy and fate? What does it have to do with religions? You should answer these questions to write the best Moby Dick essay.
  • What about biblical references in this book? How does Melville use them as a particular literary model and a great source for thematic materials?
  • Think about Fearing the Unknown. You need to use the examples of Ishmael’s initial reactions to demonstrate how people tend to fear everything unknown and unexplained. Do you believe that the elimination of this fear can make the world better?
  • Is the life of whalers hard? Think about 3-year expeditions required to fill their ships with enough whale oil and discuss specific weather conditions that make their trips more dangerous. For example, they needed to go out in tiny boats to get closer to whales.
  • Is it true that the author used Ishmael to ask many questions that seem to have no clear answer? In your dissertation abstracts, you should provide valuable examples and answer the following questions. Can science, art, or literature help people better understand surroundings? Is there any God? Is he cruel or merciful?
  • This story includes a few characters who seem totally insane. How does their insanity connect with the plot? Are they different or similar? For example, Ishmael describes Ahab’s character as mad, but he keeps trying to fight nature forces.

Interesting Questions for Essays on Moby Dick

  • What do you think about the role of diversity in this book? Does it affect the theme of friendship? How?
  • Can you compare the characters of Ahab, Ishmael, and Starbuck? Which are static? Which ones change and grow throughout this story? How can readers notice this growth?
  • What does Pip see when left alone in the sea? How does it change his character and actions?
  • Why does Ahab desire to kill the White Whale?
  • The Pequod has a few gams in the sea. What are they? Define their meaning and importance in this novel.
  • How does Ahab look? If you choose this topic for your grant proposal, you need to discuss its role in making an impression on readers.
  • What role is played by Fedellah in this book?
  • What do you think of Stubb? Is he a fun-loving and carefree guy? Feel free to tell the audience your ideas and use certain scenes from this book to illustrate this impression.
  • How can you describe and discuss such symptoms as the White Whale? Why does the author use them in the story?
  • Do you agree that Father Mapple’s sermon sets its whole tone? Why? How?
  • Can you prove that Ishmael is a philosophical and analytical thinker? Try to examine his reasons to go to the sea and pay attention to his primary motives when making a thesis statement in your dissertation introduction.
  • What can you say about classical and biblical allusions? Do your best to explain them and their thematic implications.
  • How does the author use doubling techniques in his characterization? Are Queequeg and Ishmael different? How do their appearances compare to their actions?
  • Can you describe the settings of this story? How does it contrast with its tone? Be sure to share specific details and examples, such as bedrooms, streets, bars, etc. How does the author achieve the desirable tone?
  • What are Ishmael’s thoughts about death? Why are they positive? Keep in mind that you can use many helpful how to critique an article tips to come up with a great essay while answering these questions.
  • What about the theme of isolation? Does it relate to Jonah, Ishmael, and Father Mapple? How?
  • Can you explain the analogy of the punch and the wheelbarrow? What point does it illustrate? Why do you think that Ishmael has learned certain lessons already?
  • What adjectives can be used to describe Queequeg’s character? You should back up your choices by explaining to readers his actions and words.
  • How can the development of religious themes be traced in this story?
  • How does the author pique readers’ curiosity about Ahab’s character? It’s necessary to take into account Peleg’s experience and description of him.

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Suggested Moby Dick Essay Topics
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