Suburbia, I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing by The Wonder Years
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Dec 18th, 2019

Suburbia, I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing by The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years is a 6 member pop punk/punk rock band from a small town outside Philadelphia. They were a small under the radar band until their previous record The Upsides was released in 2011.

Their album Suburbia starts out with the song Came Out Swinging that is a summary of their life after The Upsides is released. The band pulls us in with the catchy lyrics and sound from this song. It starts the album out in a negatively positive pace, and makes you want to hear the rest of the track-list.

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The next song Woke Up Older kinda explains how things change and their place of comfort is different, and they then question where their real home is. The song is very touchy, and can relate to many people and their real-life situations with breakups and such.

Third track on the album is Local Man Ruins Everything shows the emotion that the band has after The Upsides is released, and people start to expect specific things like positive influences, and thoughts about life and their hometown from the band.

The lyrics are really to the heart, and the story behind it makes people relate to the standards society pushes on people.

The next is kinda a movement of a few of their songs that kinda relate to one another Suburbia, I’ve Given You All, And Now I’m Nothing. They’re snapshots of their lives before leaving and touring.

My Life As A Pigeon explains how the band became famous, and how no one really cared about them and they didn’t expect anything to come out of the band. They didn’t really have support by their city and it didn’t bother them after a while. The song is fast-paced and shows their feelings through the lyrics. It’s rebellious and shows that they don’t rally care what others think.

The track Summers in PA is a remembrance of all the crazy stuff the band members did during their summers. The tune is very catchy, and can be easily relate able because of crazy summer memories.

I Wont Say The Lord’s Prayer is kinda an explanation of the town and their “religious beliefs.” It’s a slower song, and really gets a point across about religion and how so many people from their town just do what their church preaches to them, and they don’t really know what their religion means in depth. It’s the bands anthem to fakes and phonies, saying they should really realize how they act.

The next track Coffee Eyes is about a diner that the band would frequent often during high school, and early years of college. The fast-paced beat, and remembrance of their younger years and comfort of someone remembering them not because of their band, but just the comfort of a routine.

I’ve Given You All is part of the 3 track “story” that the band includes in the album. It’s a slower acoustic song. It tells a story about a post-war Vietnam vet that would ride his bike around, and how he got beaten to death for no reason. It explains how that stuff isn’t supposed to happen. It really pulls emotions from people, and makes them realize that they should care more.

Don’t Let Me Cave In is a remembrance of a tower in Chicago that makes Dan think of a tower in Philly. It also talks about how they can basically live anywhere they desire, and all the different things that they experience.

You Made Me Want To Be a Saint is a memorial for one of the bands good friends. It’s a sad, fast song that explains how they totally messed up, and realized that they can’t take things for granted. They try not to make the song cliche, and it’s a quick remembrance of all the good times they had and how amazing a person he was.

Hoodie Weather is the second to last song on the album. It’s kinda telling everyone that they can’t complain about where they live, and just complain about wanting to leave their “horrible” town. It tells everyone they have to figure out what they love about themselves, because they can’t just run away from their problems. It’s a slower song, with a mix of soft and fast parts. Helps you really think about what you want in life.

And Now I’m Nothing kinda brings you up to speed about everything, and concludes their year after The Upsides. catchy tune, that pulls people in and makes them realize just where the band is.

Wonderful album, everyone should check it out.

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