Studying Abroad Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Studying Abroad Essay

Nowadays, the number of students aiming to study abroad is increasing continually. From my point of view, more and more students want to study abroad because they want to have a better education, to acquire knowledge of new cultures and for certain to widen their perspective.

Firstly, studying abroad, students will have a better education. Nowadays, many students from developing countries like India, China… set studying in the First World countries as their short-cut way to have an international education. It is because in their countries, the education systems are still in poor condition due to financial situation and faculties.

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On the contrary, in United States, for example, students can live and study in a distinguished educational environment. It is not because the facilities here are up-to-date but also because the its educational mission. That is to provide student dynamic skills and knowledge that need for their future rather than to feed facts, a method that is still in use in many developing countries.

Secondly, students who study abroad can have a favorable chance to attain knowledge of new culture. Obviously, when a student for the first time studies abroad, he will be exposed to a totally new culture. Here, from people, customs, to views are different from his country. However, due to the proximity of him to the new culture, he can easily learn a lot about it by observing, living with native people or taking part in festivals, what are not existed in books, here. This will help him to have better understanding of the new country and also offer him an overall view of multicultural world he is living in.

Last but not least, studying abroad, the perspective of students is certainly broadened due to experiences they accumulated in the new countries. For example, many American students grow up with the confidence that America is the greatest and does everything best. But indeed, there are still number of astute people in other countries who are working and contributing to the development of the world. That nowadays, many colleges in the US are encouraging their students to study abroad to take a glimpse and to have a different view of other countries.

In short, I believe that better education, cultural experiences and perspective are the most important factors that all students take into consideration when they decide to study abroad as one who examines them carefully will be able to choose his best country to study in.

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