Study Plan Essay
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Dec 12th, 2019

Study Plan Essay

I would like to start by saying that my experience in life has encouraged me to enter the business world. Since I was a teenager I had this special interest in seeking a product and finding a way to sell it. Once I started a small business of selling perfumes into my friend’s circle. By the time the small business started to grow, I was not just selling them to my friends, but started to sell them to random people.

As I saw that this business could be expanded to other Universities, I hired 5 people in order to help me to sell more in different Universities. This showed me a whole new perspective in business which I deeply enjoy learning. Personal satisfaction and job opportunities also play a key role in my career and life decisions, forming my reputation in this amazing industry. Across my experience, acquiring of new skills and information as well as a strong interest in innovation have helped me to adapt to the fast-changing world.

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In addition, this career with open prospects would give me constant incentive to improve myself by gaining knowledge and reaching my goals. Among other things  I see an advantage of learning the language of the business world, but not just the language of business;being able to lead and manage the staff to integrate the same and all the company into the industry is important as well.

I plan to learn, as much as I can, the ethics and business ways of this part of the world. I have been given the opportunity to study in this developed country, so far away from my home. As I go by, I become aware of facts that I want to get more involved in, such as the sense of productivity and usefulness highlighted by Feng Chia University, which I feel it is a valuable life experience for my future career pursuit. As to myself, I am a man with a great interest in business, motivation is my strength and Taiwan is my road to success; the blend of travelling passion, world globalization culture, effort and sacrifice in order to reach my goals has given me a very broad outlook to what my life can be. I strongly believe that although some are not related directly, all these qualities will influence my goals. I know that I can gain qualities that Feng Chia University can offer me. My communication skills are good and I like expressing ideas and concepts. I am a creative person and often think in a contemplative way about various issues of practical importance and I am sure that this university will encourage me in working on issues.

This will prove very valuable because it is an integral part of being a Bachelor in Business. I know that for a person to be successful it is crucial to maintains good relations with their peers as well as their teachers and keep them motivated all the time. These realtions should be seen as an asset to the world. I have been perceived as a person who has maintained good relations with professors and classmates. I have always been able to lead a team while carrying out any academic projects. I plan to have this type of relations and behavior when I get to Feng Chia University. Sports is a big part of my life, which shows my ability to leadership, teamwork, desire to win and the fact I like competitive environment. I think in this way I can communicate more directly with students, and thus learn from the Taiwanese culture. After I complete my undergraduate Bachelor degree I’m planning to study for my Master degree, depending on the area of interest in business I discover.

When I return to my country I plan to take with me as many positive things as I can, apply them there and hope to become a successful professional. It is my desire and passion to contribute to my country with my education and management skills. I know that my country possesses all the tools to become as great and developed as Taiwan. Taiwan has become a country havingpower, able to invest, create and grow. That is something I want so much to bring back home. That is why I want to prepare myself in the best way and learn the most I can to be productive at the highest level. There is no other way I want to do it but the excellent way. I hope to be accepted in Feng Chia University, and learn as much as I can, improve my Chinese around my classmates and learn from the excellent professors this university has to offer. In that way, I want to be able to achieve my goals and dreams.

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