StressMany studies show that many children are living with stress conditions Researcher Essay
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Nov 26th, 2019

StressMany studies show that many children are living with stress conditions Researcher Essay

StressMany studies show that many children are living with stress conditions. Researcher asked children between the ages of 10 and 18 if they feel stress at school due to homework or examinations, or even high demands on themselves from parents or teachers. In the light of high demands from parents or teachers seem to be a reason for stress that is experienced quite evenly between girls and boys.On the other hand, when it comes to stress due to homework, trial or because of high demands on themselves, the greater the proportion are girls who feel more stressed.

There are many children who feel stressed because of at least one of these reasons. I meanif you have been studying all week and preparing for an examination, also then you make it bad and you do not get the result you wished, the reason being could be stress. Some of these problems I have experienced myself. In other words, I always get stressed before having a test or even a homework and that is mainly because of how my brain handles pressure and little time.

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StressMany studies show that many children are living with stress conditions Researcher Essay
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Some people thrive under pressure and others fail miserably, that is the reason why I chose this subject to write about. There are more causes for the stress, for example: A student may have too many tests to study or in a short amount of time, without having the time that he or she needs to finish them all, and to be ready with a strong self-confidence and to reach the grade they wish. At the same time the same thing may happen if a student has for example to many essays to do and with having short time to be done with it, without even knowing where you would start from. This will create a nervous condition, which is stress as well. It is true that stress is often linked with our body, it could lead to some serious health issues, especially chronic cases of stress. A common result of that is Sleep absence and great fatigue. Those two may increase the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction, that may have many negative effects for the both of your health and your concentration or attention in the class on the next day. Students may even have head-, stomach ache or sleep problems, and if they often feel tense or nervous, it turns out in such an anxiety that is more common among the children who feel stressed for various reasons in school. There are about twice as many who have headache, stomach ache, sleep poorly or have difficulty falling asleep at least once a week as among other children. In that group it is also more common to feel tense, nervous, sad, down, or having difficulty concentrating in class.Although stress may seem to lead negative effects but that is fortunately not the case stress has also benefits. Point often overlooked, is that it can affect my grades in a positive way, I may spend more time studying for a test, that is my brain fearing the fact that I might fail. By the same token it can even be kind of a challenge with myself, to study more, take care of what teachers say more, and a lot of things that may help me to achieve the goal that I have, regardless if it is a good grade, or whatever. So, I usually have more care to school, lessons and so on when I have a test.Despite, stress can boost the power of my brain, while having stress of something, besides, I will have more energy to make it in the best way. Albeit, stress helped me even with start planning my days, and as I think so this point was the most effecting one of them all. I have never planned my days before I have stress as I have it in this period, so it helped me with organizing my time, and to know how to use my free time in a better way. Equally important, to solve my problem with stress, I used to do many things that may help a lot with avoiding stressing more. The most important ones of them are: Organizing time and using the free time I have in the best way that I can use it with. For example: instead of watching a film while having a homework to finish, so I can be done with the homework first, before doing anything else. Focusing more on what teachers say while having lessons, can help me with understanding many of important points that I will not be understanding by reading books and so on. Having breaks while doing something as, studying to a test or doing a homework, usually help me a lot with losing much of stress, but ay this situation I take care of starting earlier with the homework or with the test, so that I can have the time of sleep that my body need as well, which will help my brain to work better.At least, everything has positive and negative sides. Those negative sides are the reason to our faith in our selves by believing that we can turn those negative things to a positive one, and here comes our responsibility with learning how to deal with problems such as stress or even more and to know how to use those negative sides in positive ones to our health, life, grades or more Sources:

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