Stone Temple Pilots – Tiny Music
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Dec 18th, 2019

Stone Temple Pilots – Tiny Music

It was mid-1992 in southern California and a new band called Stone Temple Pilots had just burst onto the scene. Shortly after, this outstanding quintet from Burbank received their first record deal. The band (consisting of Scott Weiland on vocals, the DeLeo brothers C Robert and Dean C on bass and guitar respectively, and Eric Kretz on drums) soon had recorded their debut album and were pushed into the spotlight. It was titled “Core,” and it was soon the hottest album in the land. Many critics were quick to label STP as nothing but Pearl Jam posers, but their fans thought otherwise, as their popularity escalated.

After a year and a half of touring, STP went back to the recording studio to record their sophomore smash, “Purple,” released in mid-1994. The first two singles from the album, “Big Empty” and “Vasoline,” achieved success but it was not until the third single that the album completely took off.

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Stone Temple Pilots – Tiny Music
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“Interstate Love Song” spent 15 weeks at #1 and was easily the most popular rock song of the year. Two albums and eight million copies later, STP was finally viewed as the great band they are.

In the following year STP had some difficulties. Most noticeably Weiland was caught in possession of heroin and cocaine. Although Weiland admitted to his drug problem, the band was off balance and rumors grew about their future. The news was that STP would soon be recording their third album. The music world waited for the new material, and Weiland & Co. released a single, “Big Bang Baby,” early in March. The song is a catchy hard rock tune that is hard not to enjoy. It features a simultaneous guitar and baseline along with Weiland filling out the sound with his lyrics. The new album is titled “Tiny Music … Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop.” Although the album is different musically from the first two albums, it doesn’t lack that STP style that makes them who they are. They are the only band that could create a song like “Adhesive,” a five-and-a-half minute tune of epic proportion. “Adhesive” begins with a soft lead guitar and unbelievable lyrics and bursts into a loud chorus. The diversity in “Adhesive” is amazing, topped off by a soft trumpet solo half-way through the song. Two rockers on the album C “Tumble In The Rough” and “Trippin’” On A Hole In A Paper Heart” C pick up right where “Core” left off. This is the type of song that could be listened to over and over again and sound just as good each time. Two other songs C “Lady Picture Show” and “Seven Caged Tigers” C are reminiscent of “Interstate Love Song,” that could become big hits. The rest of the album is stellar, which goes to show that STP has taken a huge step in the right direction

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