Sticks + Stones by Cher Lloyd
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Dec 18th, 2019

Sticks + Stones by Cher Lloyd

Have you ever heard of Cher Lloyd?
She’s the up-and-coming British singer/songwriter/rapper who’s taking the world by storm and is ready to make the U.S. dance thanks to her beautiful debut album: Sticks + Stones.
The Malvern-born artist says it’s like a jukebox because each song is completely different and reflects different sides of her personality.

If you listen to “Swagger Jagger” (her first lead single which debuted at #1 last July beating British R’n’B boyband JLS), you’ll hear a greet-ya-teeth sound that shows an aggressive Cher trying to express herself after being judged “predictable”. Some lines in the song such as: “You can’t stop looking at me/staring at me/ be what I be” – “You can’t stop youtubing me/on repeat/running this beat” reveal a clear answer to her haters. On the other hand, she’s showed her sweetness and her fragility (think of beautiful ballad “Beautiful People” feat.

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Sticks + Stones by Cher Lloyd
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Swedish indie-rock band Carolina Liar or “With Ur Love” which features American pop phenomenon Mike Posner).

After signing a record deal with Syco and Sony Music UK, she’s been touring across England and has come to the U.S. a few times to a couple of gigs just to showcase her talent and her amazing rapping skills (think of the young-anthem “Grow Up” featuring Busta Rhymes (to be honest, one of my faves). Now it’s time to break into the American industry and the anticipated lead single “Want U Back” will prove her success.

“Sticks + Stones” has been appreciated by critics and her loyal fans called “Brats” (I’m one of them, in case you didn’t know lol) and some haters have changed their minds after giving a proper listen to the whole project. L.A. Raid (chairman at Epic Records) has also decided to give her a record deal because he thinks she embodies the spirit of young people who want to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously.

So, can we say she’s the new Nicki Minaj? In my opinion yes, she definitely is. She’s a younger version of Eminem-meets Nicki Minaj-meets Drake. Hitting the U.S this month with her “Want U Back” video and coming to New York on May 9th to do a gig, we’ll see if she’s got the power to enchant American music industry and critics.

Check her video on youtube and let me know what you think! Is she the new Nicki Minaj?


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