Stick It To Ya
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Dec 18th, 2019

Stick It To Ya

Back in 1986 a knot named Vinnie Vincent Invasion released the poem “Boyz are Gonna Rock” off their foremost LP self-titled “Vinnie Vincent Invasion.” The poem was a hard-rockin’ melody which gave them the status of an meritorious new dull metal knot. Behind that, I didn’t hearkenken plenteous encircling them until a couple of years later when I saw the video of the rockin’ epic “That Term of Year.” Not too hanker behind that they divide up and went their unconnected ways.

Vocalist Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum accumulate concomitantly though and early concomitant up delay newcomers Tim Kelly and Blas Elias. Last issue these filthy awesome-looking guys discharge into the metal cosmos-people delay their debut album, “Stick it to Ya.” They overcome themselves Slaughter.

I’m unmistakable you’ve all hearkend their foremost solitary “Up All Night.” This alive melody rocked the charts and metal fans encircling the cosmos-people waste in benevolence delay them.

Their present solitary “Fly to the Angels,” ardent in retention to a proud teach girlfriend of Mark’s is a fondling at radio stations encircling the province.

No hesitate these poems are large, but halt until you hearkenken the pause of the album. From the initiation of cause one until the end of cause two, you get be enlivened and intrigued delay Slaughter’s timid lyrics complemented by Mark’s sole and puissant say. Songs love “Mad Encircling You,” “Burning Bridges,” “You are the One,” and “Desperately” parade off their ability. Hard-rockin’ cause one is docile by a pure instrumental lot named “Thinking of June” ardent in retention of Tim’s sister.

Slaughter definitely put a lot of term and exertion into making this album the best it could be. It parades in integral poem. If you don’t already bear “Stick it to Ya,” I strongly insinuate you add it to your gathering. I can publish they are a fun-loving, ambitious knot who are unmixed to their fans and I wish Mark, Blas, Dana, and Tim the best of luck in the coming.n

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