Stick It To Ya
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Dec 18th, 2019

Stick It To Ya

Back in 1986 a band called Vinnie Vincent Invasion released the song “Boyz are Gonna Rock” off their first LP self-titled “Vinnie Vincent Invasion.” The song was a hard-rockin’ tune which gave them the status of an excellent new heavy metal band. After that, I didn’t hear much about them until a couple of years later when I saw the video of the rockin’ ballad “That Time of Year.” Not too long after that they split up and went their separate ways.

Vocalist Mark Slaughter and bassist Dana Strum stuck together though and soon joined up with newcomers Tim Kelly and Blas Elias. Last spring these four awesome-looking guys burst into the metal world with their debut album, “Stick it to Ya.” They call themselves Slaughter.

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Stick It To Ya
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I’m sure you’ve all heard their first single “Up All Night.” This vivacious tune rocked the charts and metal fans around the world fell in love with them.

Their current single “Fly to the Angels,” dedicated in memory to a high school girlfriend of Mark’s is a favorite at radio stations around the country.

No doubt these songs are great, but wait until you hear the rest of the album. From the beginning of side one until the end of side two, you will be enlivened and intrigued with Slaughter’s cool lyrics complemented by Mark’s unique and powerful voice. Songs like “Mad About You,” “Burning Bridges,” “You are the One,” and “Desperately” show off their talent. Hard-rockin’ side one is softened by a beautiful instrumental piece called “Thinking of June” dedicated in memory of Tim’s sister.

Slaughter definitely put a lot of time and effort into making this album the best it could be. It shows in every song. If you don’t already have “Stick it to Ya,” I strongly suggest you add it to your collection. I can tell they are a fun-loving, ambitious band who are sincere to their fans and I wish Mark, Blas, Dana, and Tim the best of luck in the future.n

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