Statement of the Problems Now a days Information Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Statement of the Problems Now a days Information Essay

Statement of the Problems Now a days Information and communication technology ( ICT) has become, one of the basicbuilding blocks of modern society. In spite of the benefits that ICTs (information communication technologies) provide, they likewise help environmental problems, consuming incredible amounts of electricity and creating carbon dioxide emissions [8]. Environmental problems such as climate change, pollution, non-sustainable energy, resource depletion, and recycling Information Technology (IT) devices considered the biggest problems which are facing developed and developing countries [8]. Governments and organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of becoming environmentally responsible and are taking the initiative to develop and implement green strategies that protect the environment.

The government agreed the critical role of ICT to provide service through utilization of ICT [21]. It is detailed on the country’s national ICT policy that The final goal of the ICT policy is by effective utilization of ICT, to bring about significant development nation-wide in all sectors and in all citizens walks of life.Technical educational institutions have been playing vital role for alerting as well as instructing and preparing the society to tackle environmental issues and to adopt environmental sound practices in their approach of using ICT [8].

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Statement of the Problems Now a days Information Essay
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Technical institutions are still and increasingly purchasing ICT, computing and communication devices, (i.e computers, laptop monitors, printers, storage devices, and networking and communications) to fulfill the demand of new employees joining the institution. Therefore, strategic approach of using information technology in environmental friendly way is very important in general to the country as a specific for the institutions. The efficient use of IT resource with no or minimal impact on the environment is realized by adopting green computing. Page 4However Almost all Technical educational institutions in Ethiopia have been working in a critical challenging and traditional IT infrastructures environment. In this traditional IT management, it has been observed that existing computing and communication resources are not utilized efficiently and effectively.It has been a long practice in Technical educational institutions in general and Arba Minch ploy technic and Satellite Technical institution as special still not considered and analyzed energy efficient parameters in planning, designing, using and disposal in existing computing and communication devices in the institutions. Within the Technical institution computing and communication device management practice , there is no any energy efficient/green strategy that can be adapted for reducing the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy efficiency, and promote the recyclability of useless products. Therefore, the research tries to get answers of the following research questions extracted from the problem statement. Are the current computing and communication devices usage and disposal framework are green in developing countries like Ethiopia? Do the organization computing and communication devices need to change the way they are currently running with specific framework to make them green & what are the major challenges? Which green computing framework will transform the computing and communication computing and communication devices as green computing and communication devices?1.3. Objectives of the Study 1.3.1. General Objective The main objective of the research study is to develop Green ICT usage and disposal framework for technical institution computing and communication devices with special reference to Ethiopia Arba Minch Poly technique and Satellite technical institution (AMPTSTI). Page 51.3.2. Specific objectives Specific objectives of this study are:- To conduct a survey & analyze the current state of art in the organization computing and communication devices green strategies from usage to disposal of systems. Identify the need and challenges for transformation towards green computing and communication devices in the organization. Identify the green support strategies suitable to the organization computing and communication devices for lowering carbon footprints. Finally; To design a green strategic framework for AMPTSTI computing and communication devices and validate the results through stakeholder’s acceptance & secondary source meta-analysis’s.1.4. Scope of the Study The main focus of the research study was examine the existing computing and communication devices energy green strategy in terms of green usage and green disposal. The study is limited to developing a framework for green usage and green disposal of useless equipment’s and making correction up on power usage practice and avoid environmental impact of dumping end of life time equipment disposal /green services over the organizations computing and communication devices. 1.5. Significance of the Study The study provide solutions to the current the green aspect of computing and communication devices problems that is related with power usage and disposal of unused computing and communication devices.The study useful in various dimensions. There are two major categories of benefits: environmental benefits and cost-reduction benefits are associated with green ICTs. It is obvious that Reduction of power consumption can reduce amount of bill for electricity and also reduce the amount of carbon emission to the environment. Reducing carbon emission to the environment & Green disposing of end of life time devices/ old unused computing and communication devices reduce negative impact to the environment. Page 6Additionally, the study will be used as a reference for organizations to promote greener computing and communication devices usage and disposal knowledge and standard practices that will eventually a big help in overcoming the effect of greenhouse gases. The research study focus was in domain specific technical institutions (Arba Minch Polytechnic technic and satellite technical institutions) for potential exploration of green usage and disposal that could be used as a baseline for implementation in the organization.1.6. Limitation of the StudyLimitations of this research study are potential restriction in study that were mostly out of researcher’s control like lack of power, CO2 emission rate measurement technologies to measure and analyze computing and communication devices power consumption, Due to these limitations the study could not measure the exact CO2 emission and power consumption of physical computing and communication devices.

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