Statement of Purpose – Political Science
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Dec 16th, 2019

Statement of Purpose – Political Science

While writing this statement of purpose, I couldn’t help but repeatedly think of everything that has brought me here. ??In the three years that I studied political science from one of the most prestigious universities in India, my true passion and interest were always inclined towards the field of global fashion and the intricacies of its economics.? Despite scoring high grades and performing extremely well in my current academic field, I finally allowed myself to follow my dreams and apply, I must admit, with quite a lot of audacity to the prestigious institute of so and so’s the programme of so and so.

When I first thought of applying, I was quite worried about my family’s reaction to the news. They always pictured me in the higher echelons of the government structures of India. However, the fact that this was the field I wanted to set up camp in was much more well-received than I initially imagined. My mother especially has been extremely supportive, which is something I will always be grateful for. ?

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Statement of Purpose – Political Science
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Apart from her, my father, though initially skeptical and rightfully so, has also understood my utmost dedication to give everything I have, to build a career in the glamorous yet competitive world of luxury and fashion. My father, being a businessman himself, has always talked about the influence of customer relations, the market forces and various other externalities that affect one’s brand and business. I was not only fascinated with it but also grew up with exceptional love for economics and management.

Fashion has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. I can blissfully say that ever since the former years of my teenage, I have been the go-to person for my friends and family wherever fashion is concerned. To me, fashion is about, there being something for all, that makes you feel comfortable in your skin yet confident enough to own the room. In this essence, I currently document my photographs and personal reflections on my Instagram blog called “The Misplaced Vogue”.

Developing new ideas in relation to this global industry’s future, from how a business best communicates with its consumers or its environmental and cultural concerns, is something that I am wholeheartedly interested in. The opportunity of combining my interest in fashion products with management and marketing skills really excites me.

My drive for fashion and management has also bagged me a few internships in some homegrown indie fashion labels. These internships although modest, did give me a lot to learn and a burning curiosity and desire to work and thrive in the field.

I would describe myself as an extremely observant individual, prudent to minute details. I love to assume responsibility and I am said to exhibit great leadership skills. My high school endeavours are a testament to the fact as I have been responsible for organizing and leading the major events and group activities that took place in the school premises. My success in various debate and oratorical competitions validate my good communication skills. I was also taken to the United States and Australia to represent my school and my country owing to my capabilities. I am very focused on academics and flourish when I am challenged to produce plans.

These attributes ascertain that the world of fashion and luxury brand management is the best course of action for me.

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