Some people say that the print publishing industry is dying. Yet the reverse is also true with new publications each week. Books require reviews to promote sales. A review is a peek at the book beforehand, just like you have the trailers to bring glimpses of films. A book report may be a simpler version and attempted in school that is more about favorites. A review on a higher level in college would express opinions and judgements, based on which the reader may decide to buy. Similarly, reviews apply universally about exhibitions and shops, restaurants and dresses, television channels, movies too. Develop the skills to learn how to write a book review essay.

Learning to write in different formats, adhere to specific guidelines not only about formatting but language, tone and style is a task that students struggle with from day one. The apa paper represents the American Psychological Association framework and applies to matter printed in APA publications. Some salient guidelines are that the entire paper is double spaced in a 12 points standard font like Times New Roman that is easy to read. The paper is typically 8.5’ X 11’ with a one-inch margin on all four sides. A paper must have four sections that comprise of the Title Page, Abstract, Main Body and References. Each page would have a running head that is a condensed form of the title. On the right is the page number.

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While following a format may not be difficult, writing a research summary would call for critical judgement. The summarizing skill is essential while writing a book review too, to condense the contents into a very short length. The mistake to avoid is being in a hurry and attempting to write without giving enough time to understand the research. Asking a few questions would help. Is the thesis valid and of contemporary importance? Is the literature review sufficiently exhaustive? Are the methods justified and convincing? What about the conclusions and references? These main aspects of the paper need deep thought. Besides a summary, you need to evaluate and pass some sort of verdict about the relevance and usefulness of the work. Writing the annotated bibliography would be something similar. Comparison with other books, papers or articles would help by establishing connections that would assist the reader in research. Since research is a cyclical activity like the seasons, it would be of mutual help.

Persevere with the writing of authoritative book reviews

We are still struggling with how to write a book review essay! Many youngsters hesitate as if awed. A book of 300 pages is nothing but so many single pages combined. Yet the task of analysis would require sustained work, starting with a close reading of the text. Some introductory materials would speed up the process of understanding along with audio and video bits that are often found online. Besides the brief summary, delve into the theme and purpose, argument and premises, strengths and weaknesses in a complex voyage of discovery. Literature is sharing and you are doing that with the reader, but also analyzing the different aspects. Some subjects may be sensitive to political, religious and race issues and the review needs to be on guard too. Say the right things at the right time.

A time honored form of study is the case study method that could study a whole range of targets across sustained time, thus recording changes. If we commence a case study of several branches of a restaurant chain across one year, information would be gathered about the staff, materials, prices, customers, food, laws and salaries. The methods could thus apply to people, even individuals, places, institutions, processes, factories, administrations and religious places. Usually, the method studies the working of a group in a sustained manner across long periods of time. Anthropological studies in remoteness would make detailed records of a group of people. Digitalization has speeded up the process of information gathering and recording.The results of such a study would generate valuable information regarding health, culture, ageing, customs and traditions, time and after effects. Short observation periods would not carry so much weight.

Let us try to understand the nature of case study topics and a huge assortment exists. If we started with the health scenario, crucial studies are undertaken to study the nature of homesickness, violence and aggression, the phenomenon of hearing voices and the effects of porn. In terms of business and finance, marketing and operations, a rich world of case studies opens up with the whole world busy in finding ways to make money. Education and teaching would have many areas of expertise like leadership, language and literacy, and how they contribute to culture and nation building.

How to write the thesis methodology is one of the big challenges of preparing a research paper. The methodology here indicates more than the list of methods as we know them like conducting interviews and distributing questionnaires. Besides considering qualitative and quantitative methods, methodology considers philosophical and ethical matters that would apply. The sum total of the social and academic spectrum, the environment and the logistics would comprise the methodology. Once such an umbrella is decided upon, it would be time to consider which of the many methods would suit the purpose of data collection. Variables and exclusions need to be considered.

We have not really answered the question of how to write a review essay on a book. The subject and genre would matter. Each book would make certain claims and that must be examined critically. Besides private opinions, what would the general reader think of it? Does the content suggest originality, dynamic thinking, and does it contribute something novel and striking to the field of knowledge. If a story, there is much to explore further like characters, theme and setting, atmosphere, and dialogue. Does the content suggest any plagiarism? Maybe the book can be compared to others in the same genre. A few words need be said on the quality of printing, cover design and illustrations. The cost of the book needs to be discussed too. Is it so much different from reviewing a new smartphone? Such reviews are usually written about recent publications. It may not be all that difficult after all, how to write a essay on a book

Attempt some book review essays to refine critical skills:

  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Write a review essay.
  • Review the philosophy of WHEN BREATH BECOMES AIR by Paul Kalanithi.
  • Highlight the special features of THE REVENANT by Michael Punke.