Spirituality in Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
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Dec 16th, 2019

Spirituality in Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

The spirituality is presented within the poem swing low through examples of metaphorical languages about the form of transport. The use of the chariot in the line ‘swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home ‘displays the freedom and liberation that the chariot carries. A chariot is a form of traveling to transport great people such as Romans to distant places.

In addition, it symbolizes the trail of complicated times and the struggles for fairness and equality. Not only that but the poem is referring to the physical home for slaves that was away from the oppressors however it also refers to a spiritual home in heaven.

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Spirituality in Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
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The poet uses the noun ‘home’ to make us conscious that the home that the slaves are from is not there for them is an example of a spiritual place like canen. Christian believe that there is a future ‘home’ where they will live without suffering and where believers will be with Jesus for eternity. The spiritual songs reflect the strong faith many black slaves held

On the other hand, within the poem wherever I hang spirituality is presented from migrating from a place that is home (away from her people and land) to a new place called England. This also appears to be a “spiritual” journey for her because she changes who she is and her customs as well as her identity as a result of migrating.

The quote’I begin to change my calypso ways’ is the alteration in the poem, from the leaving of a home to come to what the writer has considered a dream country. This is the point that the author starts to become like the people in the land. she now lives and take on their lifestyle/routine.

But this is also where the writer misplaces a lot of her homeland rituals and traditions and the divide starts. Nichols gives the reader different time spans but has written the whole piece in the present tense. The effect this gives is the reader embarking on a journey through the poem with the writer. Nichols is pushing the reader to realize how different this feels to someone who has never felt or seen things like this

The word calypso is a form of music that they would listen to back in Guyana. It is also a representation of the life she is leaving with de sun and de humming bird splendor and it is giving the reader an image of vibrant colors and beauty of the hot happy days. Nichols uses a range of metaphors such as they solid to de steam and alteration people pouring and similes like beans to push the reader to relealize hoe different this feels to someone who has never felt or seen things like this

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