Speech Analysis Paper Essay
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Nov 22nd, 2019

Speech Analysis Paper Essay

The first speech I watched was “Falling Slowly” winning Best Original Song Oscar. From the beginning you could tell that Glen Hansard was very pleased and very sincere about the award and you could tell that it meant a lot to him throughout his speech. The speech was very brief and he was very thankful. I liked how he expressed how they put the movie together and how he never thought they would be standing there receiving an Oscar because it just shows that it doesn’t take a lot to achieve your dreams.

The only thing I wish he would have done was name the people he wanted to thank instead of generalizing it because then it doesn’t seem personal.

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The next speech I watched was “Tom Hanks winning an Oscar for “Forrest Gump””. I loved how Tom Hanks acknowledged the other nominees and said that the others deserved the award as much as he did. I thought that was sincere and respectful of the others who were nominated for the Oscar.

I liked the way he acknowledged those who were a part of making the film and what he said was very meaningful and you could tell it meant a lot to him because of the emotional appeal he gave off. It just showed how much he enjoyed working with the other actors in making the film and how it impacted his life and his ability as an actor.

When he thanked his wife he did it in a very sincere and loving way and I thought that was very nice. I thought the metaphor he used to describe how he felt in the moment was a good way to stray away from his emotions a little bit because you could tell that he was trying to fight his emotions throughout the speech. What he said at the end made his entire speech so grasping because he was so grateful and thankful to have received that award. I couldn’t tell if his speech was manuscript or impromptu, but either way I think his speech was great. It was brief and I think he expressed his emotions in a way where it was evident that it was truly a blessing to have received that award.

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The next speech I watched was “Adele-54 Grammy’s on CBS: Album of the Year”. When she started to thank everyone who was a part of making that award possible for her I liked how she acknowledged them and then explained specific ways they have helped her to improve and become the artist she is. In my opinion it seemed like she was rambling a little bit when she was talking about the inspiration for her album only because she switched subjects from thank yous to her album and then thank yous again so I think she just got lost in what she was saying at that point. However, I think it was appropriate to share what the inspiration of her album was because of the award she received. The interruption of the snot was funny and that kind of gave off her personality so it made her personable. Her speech was brief, relatable, and sincere.

Next I watched was “Anne Hathaway winning Best Supporting Actress”. For starters, Christopher Plummer did an excellent job in presenting this award. I like how he acknowledged the fact that all of the women who were nominated had been acting since they were little and they have persevered throughout the years to be where they are today. Anne Hathaway seemed nervous when she did her speech, but maybe it was excitement.

I liked the fact that she thanked everyone individually because it made it very personal to each individual she thanked, but as her speech progressed she acknowledged every single person in every group she recognized and I think it became too much although it was a nice thing to do. The reference to the movie at the end of her speech I felt was a good way to close her speech. It gave credit to the movie she played in and gave a sense of her character in the movie which is what she received the award for. Overall her speech was brief, sincere, and she accepted the award graciously.

The final speech I watched was “Meryl Streep winning Best Actress”. In the beginning of the speech she seemed a little cocky because of what she said. I feel like acknowledging or implying the fact that you have won many times is inappropriate and disrespectful to others who were nominated and that just showed the kind of person she comes off as and it wasn’t a good impression. When she started thanking people I was annoyed of how much information she gave about their relationships. It was like she was telling her life stories with them and it was too much information. Aside from that the rest of her speech was very sincere and loving because of the emotion she had when she began to talk about the friendships she made and the experiences she’s had with making movies with different people.

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