Sounds People Can Hear by The New Limb
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Dec 18th, 2019

Sounds People Can Hear by The New Limb

Indie Rock artists The New Limb are a force to be reckoned with. Described as “melodic indie rock”, The New Limb brings a refreshing sound to the Easy Listening music scene. TNL even has an album, “Sounds People Can Hear”, which has been described by many as an album to hear from the first to last track. They are centered in Costa Mesa, California, where they are huge in the local music scene.

TNL has a long list of accomplishments, proving their potential music success. They were awarded the Best Indie Band for the 2010 OC Music Awards, and were also nominated for the Best Live OC Band. The New Limb was awarded the OC Weekly’s Best Live Band of 2009, suggesting their very up to par performances.
Their overall sound consists of Joey Chavez on vocals and guitar. Drummer Adam Chavez doubles as a back up vocalist. Dave Berg on Bass and Dan Perez is the additional guitarist and vocalist.

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Sounds People Can Hear by The New Limb
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Lauren Salamone sings, and plays the keyboard, which is the highlight of The New Limb’s unique sound quality.
Their most popular song, “Birds And Stuff”, is a combination of analogical lyrics and smooth melodies. “Birds and Stuff” was released April 3rd, 2010 and has sky rocketed as not only a single on album “Sounds People Can Hear”, but individually as the main attraction to their powerhouse persona.
Despite all of their success, The New Limb band members remain both humble, and thankful where thanks is due- their fans. Who doesn’t just adore that? They have been known to pass out free hugs, and home baked cookies to their very adoring fans.

It seems as though The New Limb has it all! Popular music, Success and fans. A force to be reckoned with, just wait and watch them go!

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