Social Disorganization
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Dec 17th, 2019

Social Disorganization

Social disorganization is a breakdown of the structure of the relationship between peoples their environment due to the loss of the process that regulates a community or society’s behavior. Social disorganization can be directly linked with the rates of crime in an area. Social disorganization destroys the social institutions already in place.

This attributes to the disorganization by social isolation, job loss, social change, poverty, alienation, and conflict through intimidation or influence of a particular group.

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Social Disorganization
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Social disorganization contributes to organized crime through corruption and influence. An organized crime group uses tactics to persuade the thoughts and idea of legitimate businesses or people in a community. Organized crime groups target those that are poverty stricken, hopeless, in need of certain services, thrive off of greed, have other influences in a community, and are easily persuaded to obtain social control with the ultimate goal of social destruction which assures these groups will continue to profit and thrive.Historically social disorder is more prevalent then in years past. Society had stronger moral standards then people today. If the environmental structure is broken then crime has the opportunity to evolve which gives organized crime social control. If society is unorganized and we have no order, this provides the perfect opportunity for organized crime to intrude.

As we discussed in past posts, people tend to cling to the things that make them most comfortable. Financial security makes most of us feel at easy. This is how organized crime cuts into that unsure feeling we sometimes exhibit.Organized crime groups use finance and power as a bargaining chip in these areas. The organized crime group can step into a community and provide product as well as the ability for those in poverty to find some type of success unreachable through conventional means. Social disorganization 3 An area where there is a lack of production but a great need for the product, individuals will be more inclined to get involved in production of an illegal item to make a profit. As the demand for a service or production grows the criminal organization will evolve.

Organized crime groups have no regard for community safety or those affected by their actions unless it involves people in their inner circle. Therefore, when there is moral breakdown crime increases and organized crime activity flourish. Without stable organization or control Organized crime groups will continue to use the people in communities to carry out their various activates. Social disorganization leading to organized crime can come from familial deterioration where individuals willing to join an organized group or gangs as a replacement family to belong to.Once there is a connection with this new “family” the criminal acts begin. If the lack of family or community support is prevalent, this makes it easier for organized crime groups to gain the control they need to keep the community in their grip. Political machines and social disorganization assist the development of organized crime through control.

The object here is to gain community support by dominating a voting process. Often politicians attempting to be elected will provide favors to businesses within the community in exchange for votes.Leaders of such machines have great influence over those that control the communities. Those influenced can be union leaders, judges, mayors, prosecutors, police officers, commissioners, and other city leaders. The goal has the long standing thinking of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”. If a person or group votes the way suggested by such groups they are allotted preferential treatment. Social disorganization 4 For example, groups that contributed to the machine might receive government contracts, favorable tax treatment, and prompt municipal services.

Those that refused would often be harassed with the hope they too will vote as expected. Another example could be contract bidding; the goal is to get a committee to vote to give a certain group a large paying contract. The particular group may help a person or business with financial support with the assurance that when the contract comes into vote they will have that person or business support to gain that contract. Mirroring the barter system this country has used for many years is the same with the development of organized crime groups; the only difference is there are illegal means used to obtain service.

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