Should same sex marriage be legalized essay
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Dec 16th, 2019

Should same sex marriage be legalized essay

Over the past few years, the concept of homosexuality has been debated fiercely across the globe and gay marriages have sparked outrage in many communities whereas there are other communities that have come out in support of them. In any why same sex marriage should be legal essay, the standpoint of the author based on their own perceptions is definitely important since every person has an opinion on this which might or might not be rational. Same sex marriages have been discussed broadly in case study topics and has been subject to constructive as well as antagonistic criticism. If my perception of the topic is questioned, then I would say that I am in favour of it since social acceptance of gay marriages will enhance greater equality in all the aspects for people who are homosexuals. At the same time, this will gradually eradicate the social stigma that grips same sex couples all across the globe. Abolishment of same sex couples in the current era is outright discrimination against communities especially when we are striving for equality across all races, sex and religions. Hence, in this progressive era, this will be a step backwards that will hamper the basic principle of equality across our preambles. Why same sex marriage should be legal essay must also highlight the fact that homosexuals are not outcasts from the society and they must be allowed to embrace their interests in the similar fashion that heterosexuals do. Let us discuss a few of the standpoints as to why homosexuality is something far away from immoral.

One of the primary reasons why homosexuality has turned into a social stigma is because of the influence of holy books. This does not necessarily mean that we are pointing a finger at religions for following their own verses, but we strongly deny the fact that a holy book such as Bible has absolutely no effect when it comes to the lives of people who devoid from participating in rituals of Christianity or Judaism, and this is something which is irrational. Why same sex marriage should be legal essay must emphasize on the central laws related to religions that are embraced and followed all over the globe. Stealing, adultery and killing are their respective commandments which condemn the practice. An ideal case study method would be to discuss the Ten Commandments and how they defined the central laws. If you are claiming that Bible does not seem to have an influence of any kind on the beliefs that you carry, then that is sheer ignorance. What we can contemplate is that if our societies were based on the foundation of a different book, then our perceptions on certain issues would have been totally different.

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Should same sex marriage be legalized essay
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Constructive criticism of why same sex marriage should be legal essay

Most of us are apprehensive when it comes to writing assignments since we are not exactly sure how our perceptions about the topic will be perceived by others. In any same sex marriage should be legal essay, if the author is quoting Bible by saying that it seems to have a strong influence on the beliefs of every individual and if it goes on to deem homosexuality as unethical, then that is certainly a strong argument that goes against gay marriages. But do we agree to that? Certainly not! But you must know the right way to how to critique an article if you come across an essay on homosexuality on the internet since your allegiance to any holy book defines your perceptions about a topic like homosexuality and it might cloud your judgement at some point of time. Understand the fact that most of the policies and laws that were passed were contemplated highly in order to preserve the basic human rights which every person is entitled to. Most of the people agree with the rights, but there are some who need others to be more accommodating towards people who find it better to bond with someone from the same sex than the opposite. Many societies all across the world have embraced laws that preserve the rights of homosexuals because they feel that every person has the definite right to choose their companion. In short, if two people devoid of their sexual orientation are in love with each other, then the third party does not have any right to interfere.

Gradually we are moving towards a more accommodating culture where people do not discriminate each other on the basis of race, sex and religion. Living in a society that lets you follow your beliefs is something that will instigate a better sense of equality amongst communities. Even if you might not be interested in a particular belief, yet you do not have to object to it at the same time. People are mature enough to segregate what is right and what is not, and in case if what they believe in is wrong, then they will gradually stumble upon the realization at some point of time in their life. Hence, while writing a critical essay, you have to be much rationalized towards your thoughts about the topic if it is something as sensitive as homosexuality.

In a why same sex marriage should be legal essay, people tend to condemn homosexuality by pointing out that something like this would lead the society to condone a lifestyle that is immoral and unethical. But in the process of doing that, the one thing which they will fail to establish is equality amongst communities. Hence, same sex marriage should definitely be legalized since we are advancing towards an era where every person will be encouraged to follow their religion and adhere to their own beliefs.

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