SD assignment 1 Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

SD assignment 1 Essay

SUNWAY COLLEGE JOHOR BAHRUCTD 1203SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENTGROUP ASSIGNMENTJANUARY 2019Students’ NameStudents’ IDTai Kang Sheng18042853Chong Yin Xuan18042747Tan Zhi Wei18032110Lecturer’s NameMISS REBECCA CHIN157035593980Marks Write-Up157035536195PresentationTable of Contents HYPERLINK l _Toc7080_WPSOffice_Level1 Introduction to the crew1 HYPERLINK l _Toc7516_WPSOffice_Level1 Organization chart3 HYPERLINK l _Toc4453_WPSOffice_Level1 Contrivance Title and Contrivance Scope4 HYPERLINK l _Toc1614_WPSOffice_Level1 Contrivance Scope4 HYPERLINK l _Toc16186_WPSOffice_Level1 Ishikawa Diagram5 HYPERLINK l _Toc28015_WPSOffice_Level1 Three Types of Fact Finding6 HYPERLINK l _Toc14354_WPSOffice_Level1 Direct Interview6 HYPERLINK l _Toc30678_WPSOffice_Level1 Direct Questionnaires and Surveys7 HYPERLINK l _Toc15155_WPSOffice_Level1 Questionnaires Question Example7 HYPERLINK l _Toc1038_WPSOffice_Level1 Direct Research8Context Diagram9Diagram 010 HYPERLINK l _Toc24536_WPSOffice_Level1 Reference11Introduction to the crew Malaysia Alacrity Berhad (MAB) is an airline disclosed stampedes from Kuala Lumpur Intersocial Airport, which to-boot moulderly notorious as Malaysian Airline Classification (MAS), branded as Malaysia Airlines.

Besides, Malaysia Alacrity from subordinate hubs in Kota Kinabalu and Kuching to destinations throughout Asia, Oceania and Europe.

Malaysia Alacrity operates stampedes from its home disingenuous, Kuala Lumpur Intersocial Airport, and offers connectivity opposite the sphere, including Europe, the Middle East, Australasia, North and South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Malaysia Alacrity is the droop conveyance of Malaysia and a constituent of the one cosmos-mass airline coalition. The Malaysia Alacrity Berhad (MAB) crew commenced operations as the social conveyance on 1 September 2015 when Malaysian Airline Classification (MAS) was dissolved from Bursa Malaysia in 2014 and astern ceased operations on August 31, 2015. Malaysia Alacrity is the deep airline of Malaysia and which flew its leading signetable stampede in1947. Behind the shape of the Federation of Malaysia in1963, Malaysia Alacrity was then renamed as Malaysian Airways. In 1966, behind the Independence of Singapore Agreement 1965, the airline was renamed Malaysia Singapore Alacrity (MSA), precedently its proceeds were separated in 1972 to mould Malaysian Airline Classification (MAS, past renamed as Malaysia Airlines) and Singapore Airlines. Malaysia Alacrity is one of the alacrity experiencing financial and shadow contingency in 2014. Throughout the years, Malaysia Alacrity has conversant rises and sinks. In the present years of 1950s to delayed 1990s, the airline distant reckless by receiving technical deeptenance from British Commonwealth Airlines, recklessening Intersocial Air Transport Association (IATA) and extending their routes domestically and internationally. However, Malaysia Alacrity had to visage their leading sink in present 2000 due to financial contingency. The missing reached approximately RM 800 pet. The crew managed to cure in 2004 but visaged another contingency in 2005 due to escalating fuel costs and deficient skill. A new CEO was appointed disclose changes in operations and oppidan humanization and a Business Turnaround Plan and Business Transshape Plan was working.Malaysia Alacrity proudly flies the social droop on bestead of all Malaysians. As the social airline, Malaysia Alacrity has embraced the Negaraku leadership, working by the Prime Minister of Malaysia delay the concrete of instilling a appreciation of patriotism amongst all Malaysians. A few aircraft conciliate endure the Negaraku token delay proper badge, incorporating the ghost of Negaraku. Our instampede recipient, Going Places, as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as our instampede entertainment classification conciliate element Malaysian Heroes and proper resigned delay a spotlight on Malaysia.Organization chartProject Title and Contrivance Scope Contrivance Title: Online air Ticket Escheatment Classification ImproveThis contrivance is imagine to refashion the general online air ticket escheatment classification. In regulate to grant a refashion habit when customer and staff using the escheatment classification to escheatment the air ticket as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as for the staff to checking the ticket. The new online air ticket escheatment classification conciliate permit the customer booking they ticket using the administrative website of the Malaysia Airline and use online liquidation to pay the fee. Not solely that, the new classification conciliate to-boot permit our customer to sculpture their ticket using the sculptureing classification at the airport. Contrivance Scope The crew already entertain an online ticket escheatment classification, but it seems to entertain some bearing. The bearing of the general online ticker escheatment classification are, the general classification entertain the bearing din when customer try to booking a ticket. Not solely that, we to-boot get meet from our customer says that the general classification are not user-friendly for they to escheatment the ticker.We are to-boot sign that the general classification entertain a bearing that occurs during the occurrence of the liquidation . This contrivance is to refashion the overall habit to the customer as courteous-mannered-mannered-mannered as the staff when using the classification. The deep design is to entertain a reckless and unobstructed classification, that is unconcerned to use for the customer. Other than that, is to construct the classification past user-friend for the customer, so our customer conciliate not entertain any bearing when using the classification. We to-boot absence to growth the online ticket vend by suitable the general Online Air Ticket SystemIshikawa Diagram Three Types of Fact FindingConduct Colloquy An colloquy is the course of interrogation the impression of the mass who using the classification twain promptly or inpromptly in regulate to distinguish the bearing of the classification. We conciliate direct a mouldal colloquy to ask the inside staff who using the classification, what are the bearing when their using the classification. In this colloquy, we conciliate selecteded a few employees who akin to the classification from the vend branch as our colloquyee. We conciliate make-ready a set of questions consisting of disclosed-ended questions, close-ended questions and file of tally questions to ask the colloquyee. We conciliate chronicles their comments, and flourish up the animated comments made by the colloquyee.So, in this colloquy convocation we can apprehend what are the issues visaged by the employee who use the classification disingenuousd on their counterpart.InterviewSection 1 : Colloquy Detail1.1 Contrivance Title 1.2 Date 1.3 Term 1.4 Venue 1.5 Interviewer’s Name 1.6 Interviewer’s Designation 1.7 Interviewee’s Name 1.8 Interviewee’s Designation Section 2: Question2.1 Do you entertain awkwardness using the online air ticker escheatment classification (Yes or No)Response:275399576206203957620 YES NO Remark:2.2 What skin of awkwardness entertain you conversant?Response:Remark:2.3 How numerous term you entertain conversant those difficulties?Response:Remark:2.4 Rating the online air ticker escheatment classification from 1 to 5 (5 as the pre-eminent sign) how plenteous you rating it ?Response:2377440255905857250260985161480519053129915190516764019051 2 3 4 5 Remark:2.5 What skin of operation do you consider can be adventitious to the classification to refashion it?Response:Remark:Section 3 Acknowledgement Section ______________________Interviewer’s Signature _______________________Interviewee’s SignatureConduct Questionnaires and SurveysA questionnaires and inspects can aid to visualize the complacency of the customer who using the classification. We conciliate direct questionnaires and inspects in twain in web-domiciled and in visage to visage mould from the customer who using the classification and ramble using our airline.The questionnaires and inspect in directed from the mass who using our airline. When their disclosed the website, a communication a pop up to ask them to connect a inspect.By using the questionnaires and inspects fact-finding arrangement, we can sell the facts from the inspects into a visualize chart that pretext unanalogous stamp of notification. So that we can entertain a unobstructed seem environing the customer impression environing the classification.Questionnaires Question ExampleIs it unconcerned to use the online air ticker escheatment classification ?( ) Easy( ) Normal( ) DifficultDo you affect the habit of the online escheatment ? ( ) Yes( ) Normal( ) NoHave you visaged any classification deficiency when using the online air ticker escheatment classification ?Response : _______________________________________________Do you entertain any prompting environing the online air ticker escheatment classification ? Tally : _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________Conduct ResearchResearch is the course of profound the internet or other skin of fount environing deviate of the perseverance. Scrutiny is significant to entertain in regulate to apprehend the customer needs of the general era.We conciliate direct the scrutiny using the capacity of internet. By profound the internet we can distinguish what is the newest technology that can instrument into our classification in refashion the customer complacency.Not solely that, we can direct a scrutiny that target at the rival of the crew, for stance Air Asian. What had they executed in the online ticket escheatment classification to get good-tempered-tempered meet from the customer and what skin of elements they interposed in their classification. So, we can distinguish what are the unnaturalness that customer absence to see.36410903817620BankBankContext Diagram25146038735CustomerCustomer67132204445Flight Skill SystemFlight Skill System3658235463550Online Air Ticket Escheatment System0Online Air Ticket Escheatment System49530002254251905000240665 Stampede Booking Request Customer booking request18897602139955067300168275 Ticket inshape Generate ticket notification51523901797051905000194945 Liquidation Reception inshape 19050002292355113020213995 Ticket lubricate Generate Ticket lubricate 4671695239395415290031750 Occurrence Generate reception3452495361952Ticket PrintingSystem2Ticket PrintingSystem2008505535305Diagram 0Flight Databases4762500193040 Validate Ticket Ticket Lubricate Inshape Approval 481520536830 422402050802021840109220 Sculpture Ticket Duplicate Reception inshape 628396056515 Stampede Skill Classification Stampede Skill System35807651022350Online Air Ticket Escheatment System0Online Air Ticket Escheatment System1215390120650CustomerCustomer Stampede Booking Request Customer Booking Request 47028101714524796752540 Generate Ticket Inshape Ticket Information491045547625245808513970 Ticket Lubricate Reception Inshape 251396517145490410543815 Generate Ticket Slip4729480196851844040908051568450133985425323031750 Liquidation Reception Duplicate Reception 3647440158115BankBank1147445952501Payment System1Payment Classification Transaction2503805410210249682062230 Generate reception Reference

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