Science Fair Conclusion of How to Make a Crystal Radio Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Science Fair Conclusion of How to Make a Crystal Radio Essay

Some of the hypothesis in this experiment supported the results and some of the other hypothesis rejected the results. Some hypothesis which supported the results were that the there would be about one, two, or three channels in the radio, the bobby pin could not replace the germanium diode, and that the crystal radio ware efficient as a normal store bought radio. On experiment two the crystal radio had like 3 stations. The sound was very clear and loud. Also, the bobby pin method did not work.

There were lots of hypothesis that did not support the results. Some hypothesis that did not support was that the safety pin could replace the germanium diode. The safety pin wasn’t suitable to replace the germanium diode. One of the rejected hypotheses during the experiment is that one believed that the amperage will be eight and the voltage will be about eleven. It was impossible to find out the amperage or the voltage, except one solution which had the chance to blow up our experiment.

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Science Fair Conclusion of How to Make a Crystal Radio Essay
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Some of the problems leading the experiment to not work were to make double wires in to single wires. This caused us to waste a lot of one’s time and get the wires tangled up. We didn’t have ladder to put up the wires and the insulators very high. During the first experiment (which did not work) the kohm resistor and the germanium diode were backwards. Also the earphone during experiment two were misplaced. During experiment one, one connected the antenna to the ground when one supposed to connect the antenna to the fahnstock clips. Next time, if one should build a crystal radio one should buy a single wire, wooden ladder, and read the directions carefully. I would like to know any available replacement for the germanium diode. I would like to know “if the wire is longer , will there be more stations?”.

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