Save Our Wildlife and Forest for Our Future Generations Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Save Our Wildlife and Forest for Our Future Generations Essay

Wildlife includes wild animals and plants collectively. As a human being, we need to live in amity with other living things on the Earth. It is glorious that Malaysia is a habitat of much wildlife such as tigers, elephants, lions, leopards and many more. We have to appreciate that our country has such balance ecosystem.

It is reported that some wild animals encounter extinction. Those animals mentioned are white tigers. Humans should be blamed causing this problem occurs. Cutting down the trees in jungles destroys habitats of wildlife.

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As a result, wildlife loses their food and hence becomes endangered species. This problem leads to imbalance of ecosystem.

It is important to preserve and conserve endangered animals. According to biologist, we need to know where and how wildlife lives, and what it needs to survive. It helps us to be easier helping them. Organization of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is common in preserving wildlife. Maybe we can join the organization and rescue the endangered animals.

Apart from that, we must remember that throwing plastics into rivers and seas is not a way to conserve wildlife. Marine wildlife like whales, dolphins and turtles do not know how to classify plastic bags with food. They always confuse plastic bags with food. Therefore when ingested, their digestive tracts like intestines become blocked and this leads to death.

In my opinion, vegetarians at least help to conserve and preserve wild animals. Cultivate the interest of eating vegetables in stead of meats in order to maintain our health. Also, we should also avoid buying things which are made of the fur and leather of animals. We can find a lot of bags and wallets that are made of the fur and leather of animals everywhere. Those activities cost animals life.

In a nutshell, importance of wildlife should be promoted to let people know about wildlife. Remember not to buy exotic animals from pet shops. Adopt only our companion animals from shelters like puppies and kittens. Save animals, save the world!

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