Sarah McLachlan — Surfacing
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Dec 18th, 2019

Sarah McLachlan — Surfacing

So Lilith Fair is over – who says themusic of the female rockers who emerged in the late ?s can’t still be popular?The raw passion and sentiment of Sarah McLachlan’s fourteenth album,”Surfacing,” will last through the ages. Today, when the music scene isteeming with manufactured teeny boppers, it is a relief to listen to a CD writtenby the performing artist. McLachlan’s lyrics are not reminiscent of your everydaylove song; nevertheless, they are saturated with emotion.

You most likelyassociate McLachlan with the fame she acquired through Lilith Fair, a concerttour of female artists (including Alanis Morrisette, Shawn Colvin and MeredithBrooks). Many assume that the estrogen-dominated tour launched McLachlan’scareer, but she has been releasing albums since 1989.

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Sarah McLachlan — Surfacing
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Of her many CDs,”Surfacing” is arguably the best. Featuring “Angel,””Building a Mystery,” and “Aida,” this CD was her first toreceive commercial success and critical acclaim. The songs that were played onthe radio are excellent, but if your knowledge of Sarah McLachlan stops there,you have not experienced the extent of her musical genius.

The CDcontains upbeat, catchy tunes such as “Sweet Surrender” andthought-provoking songs like “Witness.” There are also ballads ofsorrow and hope. Despite her lyrical variation, her words seem to appeal toeveryone who is willing to listen. Sarah McLachlan takes the emotions we all feeland transforms them into melodious verses that make us roll our eyes at thecheesy pop riffs that dominate the radio waves.

McLachlan’s”Surfacing” is therapy for the soul, delving into our deepest thoughtsand feelings. When you need to find refuge in “the arms of an angel,”place this CD in your stereo.

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