Ryan Beatty: Because of You
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Dec 18th, 2019

Ryan Beatty: Because of You

He’s a cool kid from California with an equally cool voice to match. Ryan Beatty is an Internet sensation, high school student, and accomplished singer. Because of his musical origin on YouTube, adorable hairstyle and amazing voice, Beatty is often compared to Justin Bieber and Connor Manyard.

Beatty’s first single, “Every Little Thing,” was a U.S. sensation – it was played on Radio Disney and Justin Bieber did a cover of it. Now, with his new EP, “Because of You,” and single, “Hey LA,” Beatty is gaining even more loyal fans, better known as #TeamBeatty.

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“Hey LA” starts with a lot of guitar, a relaxed tone, and a steady beat. Beatty wrote it when he visited Los Angeles for the first time. It is an easy sing-along song that everyone should have on their iPod for a day at the beach. His signature acoustic sound with a twist is very evident on this single.

The next track is “Like Me or Not.” While it’s hard to imagine what a girl wouldn’t like about Ryan Beatty, the song is catchy – like, stuck-in-your-head-all-day catchy. It uses a bit more guitar and a twangy sound, but not enough to be country. It’s easy to see why Beatty has gained such an incredible fanbase with his million-dollar voice.

“Give Myself a Try” uses a bit of guitar and a lot of piano. One of those classic “never give up” songs, “Give Myself a Try” starts slow but has a fun “Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh” chorus. While not my favorite, it can pick you up after a bad day.

The fourth song is Beatty’s first radio hit, “Every Little Thing.” Personally, I think it’s, well, cheesy. “I-I want to be every little thing that you want, that you need, to be,” Beatty sings. The video matches the corny theme, showing him meeting a girl in a park after friends pressure him. Despite the cheesy chorus and lyrics, the sound is (as usual) flawless. I think the live performances of this song are far better, so check those out instead.

“Simple Song” is anything but simple. With its casual guitar and lyrics, this beach song is definitely my favorite. The lyrics describe it as “just C sharp minor to the B major.” It’s a great song for anytime and anywhere, and can pick up your mood up with the first beat. Songs like this distinguish Beatty from singers like Justin Bieber and Connor Manyard.

“Pretending,” the final track, is the slowest, and is beautiful. Shockingly, it uses none of Beatty’s usual guitar and instead features only piano, violin, and voice. A soulful ballad, its lyrics seem fit for Adele and sound like Ed Sheeran.

Ryan Beatty is the next big thing in pop music. From singing “Forget You” in front of the bunk beds to “Hey LA” all over the U.S., I can honestly say I’m thrilled to be a member of Team Beatty, and I can’t wait to hear more from him. Oh, and one more thing: His cover of “Vienna” by Billy Joel is perfection.

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