Role of laarascopy in management of acute abdomen – Copy11111 Essay
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Nov 26th, 2019

Role of laarascopy in management of acute abdomen – Copy11111 Essay

Methods :-A prospective examine by subjoined up of 60 endurings of intelligent abdomen was executed. (all of elaborate cases were investigated primitive by ultrasonography and X-ray of chest and abdomen ) .Therapeutic progress were manufactured according to case diagnosed. All endurings were supervedeficiency up 1 year from surgery. Results:-A whole of 60 cases were analyzed . 1-48 Patients (80%) were completed successively as indication and hygienic laparoscopy. A- Appendicectomy was manufactured in 30 (50%) endurings. B-Peptic disclosedings relit manufactured in( 9 ) PATIENTS (15%) . C-Adhesolysis 6 endurings(10%) . D-Enteric disclosedings were (3) endurings(5%) .———————————2-12patients (20%) were ended in divergent ways as supervenes—————–A-6patients (10%) were lap demanded(assisted) notorious surgery.

3 intricate appendectomy e.g difficulties 2 and 1cecal involvement &3 intricate ovarian 2cysts gangrenous and 1hudge perforated . B-3Laparascopic surgeries converted to elegant notorious surgery primitive ruptured hydatid cyst. 2nd ischemic(gangrenous)bowel 3rdruptured uterus C-3patients where elegant laparotomy were deserted as subjoineds——1st enduring was diagnosed as primary peritonitis. 2nd appendicular heap who was treated by Oschner”Sheren way (conservatively) 3rd pelvic abscess who was treated by lavage and tube drainage and antibiotics externally demand for (space of abdomen)or laparotomy.

——– 5%of cases(6 pat)needed notorious srgery.60% of cases(36)patients were fulfild amid 2 days 30% fulfild 3”5 days.10%dicarged (6-7)days. Conclusion:- Indication laparoscopy is a lucky instrument in intelligent aids the servile individuality —it eliminates un justified laparotomy. Forthcoming fulfil from hospital –decreases morbidity . Key words:-Acute abdomen”Diagnostic laparoscopy ” Hygienic laparoscopy” laparoscopic assisted notorious surgery-notorious laparotomy. Introduction :-Acute abdomen is a hasty exact abdominal denial .It is in manifold cases a surgical necessity requiring serious and favoring individuality .Several causes demand surgical matter. The deep causes are intelligent appendicitis”intelligent peptic abscess discloseding “intelligent cholecystitis”intelligent pancreatitis – .Acute abdomen is casually used synonymously behind a while peritonitis .While this is not truly incorrect peritonitis is further favoring message referring to inflammation of peritoneum. the most favoring judgment is patent on material test as spring-back benevolence. in necessity branch and demand synchronous flying medical(history—test and actions)which are ascititious for forthcoming servile individuality & matter .The prognosis of endurings await on the experiences of medical staff spiritless and managed them. The indication laparoscopy is a new way helps surgeon to heed clforthcoming abdominal intestines and reduce difficulties in indication and hygienic pleasantly .elegant (open) denial –hospital remain—increases cost”and extension morbidity 5%—25% (1).This examine is aimed to assess estimate of laparoscopy in individuality and matter of intelligent abdomen. Hygienic progresss love lap appendectomy ,drainage and lavage of fluids lap assisted resection and anastomosis may be manufactured synchronously. Methods :-From 1-1-2014—-31-12”2017. The primitive 2years were for gathering of grounds and matter .the conclusive 3rd year were odious for supervene up of the results .A whole of 60 endurings who were admitted to the necessity branch item of Al-Hussein instruction hospital underwent indication laparoscopic tests precedently or instead of hygienic laparoscopic surgeries . precedently operations for intelligent abdomen .The Patients were investigated by US of abdomen X-Ray”and CT-scan of abdomen. The variables were elaborate clinical element “type of surgery—supervene up comment age”gender” clinical elements –type of pathology “type of surgery”operative space —- analgesia requirement”hospitalizationperiod Results :-intelligent abdomen is akin as sorted incomplete 2 genders male/FEMALE kindred 1:1.The age arrangement showed that the most unsupposable age clump was ======== the most spiritless case seen was intelligent appendicitis (50%)of was casually accompanied by drainage of intraperitonial accumilates .lap. peptic disclosedings relit executed in ——-(15%)%of cases adhes olysis 6%of cases . these surgical progresss casually accompanied by drainage of intraperitoneal accumilates . Enteric laparoscopic assisted notorious Surgeries approaches were demanded. Who picile 5% converted to notorious CLASSICAL LAPARATOMIES were manufactured . in whom in lap. assisted . And enteric discloseding relit executed. In 5%of cases lap desert the enduring any attached surgical progresss other than indication one. .Average space of lap. App was 48 minutes.——–% cases in which indication lap were fulfil amid 2days.singly few cases demand remain up to they were lap. assisted notorious surgeries .——% of which we had manufactured indication . lap were required singly solitary dose analgesia.—–%of endurings lap analgesia for 1day and singly ——-%of endurings demand analgesia for 5 days in notorious lap. assisted surgery executed.Discussion :-ACUTE ABDOMEN IS EQUALLY DISTRIBUTED incomplete twain the gender . MORE spiritless in age clump from (15—45)years. further than 90% befit to this clump. denial introduce in all endurings 96%.vomiting was the direct substantial symptoms .pat regularly complained of abdominal distension .Fever and constipation was besides introduce in some cases .diarrhea was seen in few cases .abdominal benevolence is in approximately all cases of intelligent abdomen .abdominal guardening was introduce and inelasticity was there in most of cases .the most spiritless case is intelligent was casually accompanied by drainage of permitted fluids .laparoscopic peptic discloseding relit executed in ——%singly —–%of cases in which lap surgeries were converted to notorious in whom —–%of cases —-%of cases lap assisted inferior midline appendectomy and enteric discloseding relit executed. lap assisted resection anastomosis. now behind lap individuality of intelligent appendicitis. behind a while the identical incision solitary incision laparoscopic appendectomy .adhesolysis was besides executed in important calculate of endurings ,adhesolysis 2nd progress direct to ac appendicitis .adhesolysis and peptic discloseding relit was besides executed in important no. of few cases no pathology was diagnosed and singly drainage of fluids and lavage executed .most of pat which we had fulfil indication laparoscopy were fulfil amid 2days .singly a few cases remain up to 6days in whom laparoscopic assisted notorious laparotomy es required analgesia for 5days in whom lap assisted notorious surgery executed. middle space of fulfiling singly indication laparoscopy in 15 minutes and middle space of fulfiling lap. Appendectomy was 48minutes. №‰Є№і”———laparatomy.minate cheerful instrument in intelligent abdomen.ration relit were executed in 2 endurings . ———————-

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