Roberto Cervantes Marketing Plan Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Roberto Cervantes Marketing Plan Essay

Free Ratio for All

MKT 302a Marketing Fundamentals

December 2018

National University

Reviewed by Jacob Hernandez, Online Appointment on 12/18/18 at 6:00 pm

Executive Summary

Free Ratio for All is an outdoor ratio collection that is located in the San Diego area. It is run by three material trainers, who motivate nation of all ages, magnitudes, and material abilities. The program meets at diversified common precipitations for a open exertionout for one hour in the existing waking, two days out of the week. Why is the program open, you may ask? Following a conclusion today’s surpasslent values on products and benefits and following a conclusion low payrolls, we are aid a accident to get fit, conclude fit, and keep fun at the corresponding interval.

We all bear-in-mind growing up as kids open delayout following a conclusionout a solicitude in the universe. Why can’t we keep that as adults? Open Ratio for All askip grasp you end to those days, of ordinary encircling (exercising) following a conclusion your friends for an hour.

Ratio is for totalone, no subject age, magnitude, or ratio plane, and we insufficiency to fabricate it open for you and your friends.


Staying fit has behove a sales marketing plot that tends to grasp your currency in total way imaginable: from sustentation bars, gym componentships, to renting out towels at your topical gym. Whatever happened to meeting up following a conclusion your friends for a exertionout assemblage indoors or outdoors? Which got a cheerful excretioninging and fitting exertionout out of you? Open Ratio for All guarantees that you askip get a cheerful excretioninging assemblage / exertionout which askip keep you herefollowing end for over. Not consequently of the value, which is open, but consequently of the region and the vital-force from the educateors and the nation encircling you. Nation that insufficiency to be there existing in the waking and motivate one another to exertionout, countenance and be joyous. No employment equipment askip be insist-upond, the barely items for nation to import askip be a present bottle, towel, an hour of your interval, a countenance and can do position to abound.

Mission Statement

Free Ratio for All is committed to the unity of San Diego by distributeing the open benefit of getting fit no subject age or ratio plane you are floatingly at, to import a countenance to your aspect and present you to new nation. The band-arms is to be insist-upon fruitful, which is open, stipulate bland employments for all to couple in on the fun, and to investigate our city by poscabinet wild exertionout precipitations, so nation can attain, investigate, and relish our harmonious city. “Fitness is for totalone and it should be open,” is our motto.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT resolution askip admit Open Ratio for All to object the powers, faintness, opportunities and threats that the program may aspect. By analyzing the subjoined, it askip admit for corrections or predict any obstacles that the program may face.


The power that Open Ratio for All is that it’s located in San Diego. On the Erratic website (, doer Jennifer Fox (2018) states that San Diego is one of the soundnessiest cities in 2018. This askip grant the program a accident to wave, since nation are lean for a new exertionout thesis to adjoin-in in.

While there are other topical gyms and exertionout collections in the juxtaposition of the San Diego area, they askip extend the corresponding exertionout, but following a conclusion one main dissimilarity to our program, the value. The program askip be extended for open, which askip be the overall power to butt this program out to all. The program askip grant the opening to indubitable beings to be driven by active exertionout leaders from the topical area, as numerous grafting educateors are trying to fabricate a designate for themselves in the ratio unity.

Another power is looking at substance copy, numerous nation are unhappy following a conclusion their material selves which is a “complex societal and environintellectual condition…and singular behaviors are powerfully shaped by the obesogenic environment, nation are responding to the forces of their environment” environintellectual transmute is principal to the alteration of substance copy according to (Cohen, 2005). When a collection such as this concludes concertedly for unequivocal, collective, and material employment the eight of one’s substance copy is skip to transmute in a unequivocal superscription.


Free Ratio for All askip be arranged by three co-leaders. This may pretext faintness in accountability, in that one or none of the educateors don’t pretext up on interval to the feeling locate or not at all. This askip effect in the nation not civilized in the program and/or mistrusting the educateors, specially if it encourages unhindered-trade existing in the waking.

Second, askip be the fielding top following a conclusion all the components’ vehicles, where askip they field, how numerous are pretexting up, and can we educate them to carpool? The co-leaders askip insufficiency to sift the area, the program askip insist-upon forthhence planning on their bisect, so the components keep enough of fielding and relinquish getting tickets from the city for unfair fielding or paying for fielding.

Another faintness is: Who askip be held occupied for the bisecticipants in commendations to them getting rack or injured during the exertionout? Following a conclusion all components exercising, a component faculty be prostrate to an damnification or worse, if the co-leaders are not adapted to stipulate medical solicitude, how askip present solicitude be grantn?

Lastly, causing impairment to the city’s buildings and characteristic. Open Ratio for All, askip be held encircling the city in all locates to investigate its dressing. Impairment to city building and its characteristic may happen, which may in deviate action the program to be occupied for impairments.


As mentioned in the powers area, this program askip grant the opening to the co-leaders as well-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as bisecticipants to surpass in the ratio unity, by lasting abisect from their peers to fabricate a designate for themselves. Such opportunities as this admit for components to be infamy representatives which raises the program as well-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as the infamy they are representing. The purpose that open ratio should be for all, no subject their ratio plane, is the best opening for totalone to adjoin-in in this bulky program. Also, this askip grant the co-leaders a bulky nearness in the unity by having them adjoin-in in a open unity benefit. This askip responsive numerous other opportunities as well-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved, components askip get a accident to netexertion following a conclusion each other and fabricate new friends following a conclusion nation they would never get a accident to do in their daily lives.

Not barely does this program raise sound and open activities, it raises a unequivocal collective environment where bisecticipants can repair their intellectual soundness as well-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as their material soundness. According to Rob McGillivray, a identical trainer and instituter of RETROFIT, “I estimate it to be a key indicator that launched out in a motivational mob or using it as a dupe to repair inside or manifest competitive operation is firm beherefollowing the preferred construct of employment” (Steinhilber, 2018).


The threats for the program can conclude from following a conclusionin or delayout. One of those threats can be financial, the open program, which is for all, faculty conclude to a interval that an sum of currency askip insufficiency to be asked from the bisecticipants, which askip responsive tardiloquence from components coupleing the program. Second, can be a delaydrawal of unhindered-trade from the co-leaders and components, which could assign the program deserted from the threshold. Both, co-leaders and components askip insist-upon unhindered-trade in the existing waking, if they don’t plan onwards no one could pretext up. Third, could be precipitations of poscabinet the exertionouts, some locates may insist-upon permissions to use facilities or that could be off limits for exercising. If a component were to get injured during the exertionout and get no medical observation, they could grasp legitimate action resisting the collection.

Marketing Objectives

Free Ratio for All askip keep a few marketing externals to close for itself in the San Diego unity. One of those externals askip be to raise soundness and ratio, in the behavior of providing it to the unity for open. Soundness and Ratio should not be barely for those who could confer it following a conclusion their wallets, but to-boot following a conclusion their commitment of getting sound. The co-leaders askip locate argument on the external that soundness and ratio should be extended to all for open.

Another external askip be aid unity involvement, where the program is extended to all incongruous substance and ratio planes, for stance, your runners (professional, moderate, and beginners), your consequence lifters, etc.

Target Market

Free Ratio for All targets askip modify from areas, nation, and communities in the juxtaposition of San Diego. The pristine target askip be the nation that suddenly run to fabricate a transmute in their conductstyle but don’t comprehend where to deviate. Second, askip be the communities of San Diego, co-leaders and components askip challenge the communities to the exertionouts by straightforward initiation from floating bisecticipants and order of aperture about the collection. Third, askip be the areas that can prepare a exertionout area, for-the-most-multiply outdoors, of conduct. This askip grant the components an opening to adjoin-in in a bulky exertionout assemblage and relish the latitude that the city of San Diego has to extend all year.

Positioning Strategy

A faintness that can be objected by some, is that it askip not fabricate a emolument from its components, other programs that are homogeneous emolument from componentship fees, products, and gimmicks. The program, Open Ratio for All, askip be open for all, which is the overall power that askip keep for itself consequently components askip distribute the order via collective instrument and order of aperture. Members askip be graspn end when they present-ear about the value and askip chance to their pristine assemblage. It askip keep an contact on them, when they see that the unity is brought concertedly by active nation that insufficiency to motivate them to exertion out and keep a cheerful interval, all of this askip be open.

Free Ratio for All is a choice program. It stands abisect from all other soundness facilities and collections consequently it’s not held in one precipitation, as your ordinary gym. It uses the city as its playground, by exploring new neighborhoods and areas that one would not ordinaryly mark on their own.

Your medium gyms askip insist-upon a year componentship following a conclusion a acquittal plan to couple their address. Open ratio for All askip barely insist-upon a component to pretext up on interval to its exertionouts and keep a bulky interval conclusion launched out following a conclusion other components.

Community involvement askip be a big bisect in ordinary and maintaining the program. The co-leaders askip be insist-upond to be a big bisect of their unity in promoting, renewing and answering any questions that its components and possible components faculty ask. The program askip be for the unity run by the unity.

Marketing Mix

The disgusting P’s (Product, Price, Locate and Promotion) askip fabricate up the Marketing Mix strategy, these items askip grant the title of the employment, which Open Ratio for All askip be using to raise itself to get the expedient observation from its customers.

Product / Service

Free Ratio for All program askip extend an hour-long exertionout assemblage to all ages and ratio planes. The Material Vital-force Guidelines (Second edition 2018), which can be downloaded from the Office of Disease Prevention and Soundness Promotion website, suggests “material vital-force, preferably should be distribute throughout the week. Research studies pleasantly pretext that vital-force produced on at last 3 days a week produces soundness benefits. Spreading material vital-force opposite at last 3 days a week may to-boot acceleration contract the principle of damnification and forefend immoderate jade.” (Office of Disease Prevention and Soundness Promotion [ODPHP], 2018). The program askip be extended on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday wakings at 6 a.m. this askip grant components to exertion out existing and grant them interval to get to exertion on interval.


The value of the program Open Ratio for All, askip be open. This askip grant components the opening to sound converge on the exertionout assemblage and not the value. Numerous gyms in the unity askip extend the corresponding exertionout but at burdensome value on a customer’s wallet. For stance, Gold’s Gym, has subjoined options “Option 1 has an primal insist-upon of $149.99 following a conclusion an additional $29.99 a month, for a completion of $509.87 a year, conclusion Option 2 has a down acquittal of $49.99, but is $39.99 a month, herefollowing in at $529.87.” (Giebler, 2018)


Free Ratio for All askip be held in all areas of the City of San Diego, that it has to extend. Some of those areas askip be in Balboa Park, Old Town, Band-arms Bay and any other areas that are open to penetrate and self-possessed liberal by all. The co-leaders askip investigate the city by driving encircling or by using websites for outdoor areas. One website, that askip be use is, where it grants purposes and “it’s expedient to rupture open from the box and hit the bulky outdoors.” (Halvorson, 2018).


As collective instrument keep behove over approved, numerous companies keep begun to use these instrument for “collective CRM” (Lamb, 2017, p. 317). The co-leaders of the program askip heavily raise Open Ratio for All via all the collective netlaunched systems, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Also, following total exertionout assemblage, the coleaders askip ask its bisecticipating components to renew at last one new component to the exertionout assemblage—the order of aperture technique. Co-leaders askip await a renewing canvass total disgusting months for its components, by aid a open endmob or present bottle, for whoever renews the most in a two-week interval conclusion.


Overall, Open Ratio for All askip responsive itself on its motto of Open Ratio to all and for open. The soundness ratio communication of the program should be in totalone’s daily conduct and what emend way for it to be distribute as a open program by its co-leaders and components. Open Ratio for All askip unwillingly and unquestionably overconclude its externals through its unity involvement and component’s unhindered-trade.


Cohen, D. A. (2008). Obesity and the built environment: Changes in environintellectual cues action vital-force imbalances. International Journal of Obesity, 32(S7), 141-142. doi:10.1038/ijo.2008.250Fox, J. (2018, June 20). The Healthiest Cities in the U.S. 2018. Retrieved December 9, 2018, from E. (2018, August 20). The Best 3 Gyms For Your Wallet. Retrieved December 17, 2018, from

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Office of Disease Prevention and Soundness Promotion. (n.d.). Retrieved December 21, 2018, from

Steinhilber, B. (2017, September/October). Why it’s easier to get fit in a collection. Retrieved December 20, 2018, from

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