I have determined the company domino s pizza for the survey ard since am working as an manager

assistant in the forest hill franchise store. I needed the opportunity to join this store in 2008. I made the

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discussion with franchise manager vennyliu and also got the possibility to have a little discourse with dorninos new Zealand brain procedures Daniel Murray when he frequented the forest hill store. Since I am employed in this store for quite a while and knew the way the process is certainly going on in this institution so that it was possible for me to pick this organisation for the project.

IT was in 1960 two brothers torn monaghan and James purchased ased a little pizza store Dominick s a

small pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan, in us. They bought the store for 575 us dollars. James sold his

share to his brother and in 1965 torn renamed the store domino s pizza. It was on May 12 1983 dominos opened its first international store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, By the entire year 1997 dominos exposed the 1500th international location.

It is at the entire year 1998 owner torn sold the 93 percent of the cormpany to Bain capital for one billion

us dollars. After one year company known as David A Brandon as the ceo and chairman of the company. it was at the entire year 2004 dominos commenced trading in new york stock exchange. It had been in the

year 2006 one dominos store in tallaght, Dublin, ireland, became the first in dominos record to hit a

tUrnovOr of 3 million us dollars. Domino s pizza is situated in more than sixty countries now.

Business demographics

Dominos management and staff has to communicate locally, nationafly and internationally.

Taking the example of dominos pizza franchise north shore where I am currently working as an associate manager. We staff have to communicate with the co-workers and managers and

franchise administrator. The roster and the meeting notices are usually sent to our email, of course, if there are any changes or if we are unavailable we can email back again to franchise supervisor. The payroll slip is also delivered to our email. If there is any disaster like staff will not he in a position to work that

days switch communication is usually made through phone and dominos has a toll free no 0800304050. The person who calls will never be charged and it can be utilized by landline and mobile.

The communication between different stores is essential. It is mainly for the purpose of borrowing and come back of the stock, Sometimes customer enquires about different stores

telephone no. It really is essentially done through telephone. Communication with the customer is direct verbally when they come to the store for purchase or any other inquiries. we use to take telephonie purchases and online order as well. Our store does the online business very well nationally. Online buying is one of the speciality of dominos pizza. Where customers can certainly obtain the menu in the computer and they can select regarding to their style and range. They can

choose the choice of delivering with their place or takeaway. There’s been a study conducted by the us dominos that people will be spending a certain amount of money for eating out, This

would end up like more than 5% will be delivered to their with their home and it will be online purchasing and this would ncrease to 12% soon 4 tc 5 years. The communication of the suppliers are also through telephone and faxing sometimes we order the meals delivery through mobile and in special conditions like getaways the order will be dispatched as fax.

International communication is also essential the us domino team and Australaian dominos team goes to our store one per year. These details will be handed to franchise by the new

Zealand hq. The statement of the store visit and the upgrading required and changes needed will be delivered to franchise though mail.

Courier and post. The courier and post are used for the way to obtain circulars and brochures.

2) Organsational goals

Increase the profitability of busmess: Organisational goal of dominos is to increase the profitability of th business. Communication can be an important factor in increasing the profitability.

The sales should be increased and customer issues should be reduced Advertisement campaign should be done. If there is any advertising by dominos it should be conveyed to

customers in case any doubts arises from customer it should be sorted out. There are a few promotions which it’ll be in the machine but staff may well not find out about it. It should be discussed

wth the franchise manager and really should be conveyed to the customer when there is any customer

complaints it should be discused in the store and it shouId be mentioned that the similar complaint never comes up in future. If he customer transmits the issue to the dom nos mind oflice the

franchise must send a report to hq displaying all thedetails of corrective action used by the store.

Employee desire:communication plays an important role in worker drive. Financial rewardc areone of the key motivation factors. Once the store crosses particular sales the employees get a motivation. AppreciatiOn in work are also good drive and it should be communicated to the worker verbally by store manage when particular employee does a

good job or surface finishes a specific hard task. The work security are also conveyed to the worker if a worker is carrying out well the message will be conveyed to him by the area manager that he is not going to reduce his job.

3) Organisational culture and ethics

since the employees in dominos are a multicultural. People from various areas of tie world work in the forest hill domino store. You can find Chinese language, Koreans, Europeans and Indians working

in the store. the team should be pursuing an ethhcs in the store for example the people working from China they will be returning to china during thL Chinese language new season and during this time period other nationaIites will be covering their shift. dominos comes with an in store ethics for eeverything one from it is behaviour to customer:, even if the clients get angry personnel should be polite to them and apologise for just about any of the flaws and not argue with customer. even though the communication is English between the staff members but usuaily Chinese language people talk to one another in China and 80% of personnel are ChinosO and there will be at least one Asian employed in each. switch,

4) Management of knowledge resources:

in the organistion franchice administrator and the store administrator possess the knowledge for the business enterprise. it includes the day today running, payroll, food ordering, recruiting new staff, training new staff, and the services and new prmotions will be delivered to the company by email from head office and that email messages will he fowarded to the personnel. Banking and other financial issues are done by the store director. Dominos has online site for training and thats called doti and every sstaff of dominos must go online and get the online training If there requirers any kind of details the head office person comes straight for help plus they clear the doubt. There was a difficulty in food ordering and the new Zealand brain came straight to the shop and cleared the questions.

5) Group dynamics:

Employees make the group and which makes a team. . Usually people working in each move of dominos can be viewed as a team. You will see emotional stress from employees especially

when they will work on Friday and Saturday evening shifts and this will be sorted out by adding or replacing yet another experienced person. Once the conflict comes up in the team each

individual in the team will be asked questions personally and as an organization and final solution is found out by getting the answers from employees. Employees are also put in several areas like make series to counter and counter to delvery position. So each individual can look at different angles of work and exactly how each one does their work in each sections, The essential terminology of forming, storming, norming and doing is there inside our store as well to make the team well knit and also to be connected to each othcr.

6) Achieving management

Communication process are essential in jogging the meeting successfully. Inside our store we’ve a meeting room. Invitation to reaching to all staff members are done through getting in touch with them on

phone and sharing with them enough time of conference. The meetng can be of anything just like a customer issue which is serious something similar to found a overseas product in the pizza and customer was admitted to hospital. The food from the client was used and send to the product quality assurance team and a nominal amount was paid by the provider of dominos. Just what exactly have to be done and how to handle the problem will be mentioned and minutes will be studied and the action

taken in the getting together with will also he removed. sometimes when the inspection team from Australia stopped at our store and we got a good marks for the reason that inspection the management decided

to have a gathering and a party at sky City hotels. This was published in the notice mother board and it was delivered to a11 staff members email dnd and yes it was communicated verbally as well. The time place, when, where should be enlightened to whom(people participating the reaching).

7) Stakeholders:

Customers: customers are communicated verbally when they come to store. and also througn telephone since there may be telephone buying in the store

Managementcomrnuniaiion with the management is basically verbally when the managers are in the store and use of phone and email are used to pass vital information. Suppose

there is an inspection from head office then the area administrator will telephone the problem to the staff. The pay slips and roster are usually send to the email.

Staff: The communication with staff is usually verbal and texting are also used to send the informatioin wnich are not vital.

Bank: Dominos forest bill store deals with WestPaC loan company and the dealings are usually

through mobile phone, emall the bank statements and discuss verbally sometimes with the lender if any problems has occurred sometimes the client wltl be priced double when they order

online that must be sorted out with the bank first and then returning the money to the client.

8) Sites: store has computer and online center is available for ordering. Syndication of flyers to the public which will boost the business of the dominos and

display tne dominos price boards close to the store and there is a car which is specifically for the advert. it is written the name dominos and price of the pizza are stated in

the car. Circulation of promotional material who goes to the store quite simply they are given discount vouchers when they put it to use they obtain the discount.


It was in 1965 the dominos started in us it was at the year 2008 new franchise store of dominos was exposed in forest hill north shore. I had developed the chance to become a member of this forest hill

store as customer support consultant, and was marketed to assistant manager within half a year. The communication between the staff members and franchise administrator and store manager are through e-mails, telephone, texts and verbal communicaton. The organisational goals are increasuing the success of the of the business enterprise and communication is impoertant. Sales should be increased and customer issues customer complaints should be reduced. In employee motivation communication plays a essential part appreciation by the store administrator and job security to the

employees also wanted to the employee. North shoreline dominos are experiencing a multicultural and 80% staff are Chinese language basic medium of words is english. Asians, speak in Chinese to

their co-workers and dominos have a good ethics especlally if the customers are angry the personnel should apologise. Within the organisation the franchise manager and the store professionals possess the data for the business enterprise. It includes your day today runnmg, payroll. food purchasing, recruiting new staf, training new staff, and the new products and new special offers will be sent to the business by email from head office and that email will be forwarded to the personnel.

Banking and other financial issues are done by the the store director. Dominos has an online site for training and this is called doti and every personnel of dominos must go surfing and get online training.

There will be psychological stress from employees especially

when they are working on Friday and Saturday evening shifts and this will be sorted out by putting or replacing yet another experienced person.

Communication process are essential in jogging the meeting efficiently. In our store we’ve a gathering room. Invitation to reaching to all staff members are done through contacting them on

phone and telling them the time of conference. The meetng can be of anything like a customer problem which is serious something like found a international product in the pizza and customer was admitted to hospital. The meals from the customer was used and send to the product quality assurance division and a nominal amount was paid by the provider of dominos. So what have to be done and the way to handle the situation will be mentioned and minutes will be studied and the action

taken in the reaching will also he removed.

The communication to the clients, personnel, management, and loan provider are uasually done through verbal, through phone, emails and text messages.


It will be better to start out a dominos membership in forest hill and the ones who become a member of the golf club for a nominal fee will he getting the discountsd on each purchase they make from any new Zealand

store, The team members will get 50% discount on general population holidays no surcharge will be applied for club associates. These club members whO actively obtain dominos

store will be participating in a lucky get twice per annum. They’ll be given the new menu, changes in the menu and new products available in dominos through email. Each lucky

person will be given the chance to spread the flyers of dominos forest hill once a week in the dominos advert car, the name will be choosen from blessed draw. This enables the visitors to ineract socially and communicate and grow the business enterprise.