Regret By Kate Chopin English Literature Essay
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Dec 2nd, 2019

Regret By Kate Chopin English Literature Essay

The atom of the less narrative sorrow by Kate Chopin presents a fifty- year old Mamzelle Aurelie who solitary women. She has nforever had a man and lives balance on her farm delay some fleshlys and Negroes inaugurated delay her. One day, her undeviating neighbor, Odile brought her foul-mouthed consequence to her stock and left them in Mamzelle Aurelie’s thrift accordingly of a hazardous ailment of her dowager. This is why Mamzelle Aurelie, who has nforever forforever has consequence anteriorly has to continue them.

For the instant two weeks, Mamzelle Aurelie had to acquire to thrift for the consequence and be practiced to their intercourse and noises. At the end of two weeks, Odlie came end and released Mamzelle Aurelie from her bisect, but Mamzelle Aurelie felt the isolation in the deficiency of the foul-mouthed consequence, and she cried “possess a man, not plain noticing her dog liciking her operative.


In “regret’ by Kate Chopin the form of narrative that the cause use is extractually self-evident.


3.1 Theme

In Kate Chopin “Regret” the disquisition that the cause omissions to utter the discoverer is sorrow which is the distinction of this narrative. In this narrative we can see that Mamzelle Aurélie vivacity was truthfully balance in the earth delayout her sequenceage. At the rise, she nforever sorrow delay her valuable of not marrying. She was prosperous delay her vivacity that she had. But her contact was modifys when one day her neighbor fond her consequence to Mamzelle Aurélie for her thrift. From there, Mamzelle Aurélie began to truthfully vivacity. When delay the consequence, she can impress all the joy of vivacity. But succeeding two weeks, the consequence had left delay her dowager. Mamzelle Aurélie was cried possess a man. It parade that her contact of sorrow accordingly she merely can recognize environing benevolence and joy inclination a dowagerhood when she at fifty years old.

3.2 Style

From the narrative, there are abundant diction of the vernacular that cause used to cause an result in this narrative. At the rise, the cause chooses phrases and say to draw the Mamzelle Aurelie in courageous appearences. She has “a good-tempered-tempered brawny type, conspicuous cheeks” and “a determind eye” ( pg 1, sequence 2). She sports “a man’s hat, “a bluish phalanx balancecoat” and plain rarely “top-boots”. Other than that to draw Mamzelle Aurelie is at meanest middle-aged accordingly she has “hair that was changing from brown to gray” ( pg 1, sequence 2 ).

The cause as-well used a simile to yield an soundness for coincideable or resultive of vernacular. This can be testimony in extract “When she manageed them one and all to bed as she would accept shooed the chickens into the hen-house” ( pg 2, sequence 14 ). At this occasion she doesn’t recognize how to control the consequence. The others are simile of one the consequence’s “enthusiastic expiration beating opposing her cheek possess the fanning of a bird’s wing” ( pg 3, sequence 2 ). This has the result contact the old dowager emotions.

Futhermore, the similitude are used in these narrative to compared the consequence delay fleshlys”. When mamzelle Aurelie intention that her bisect was honorable o satisfy the consequence, she fix out that “diminutive consequence are not diminutive pigs” ( pg 2, sequence 3 )and demanded watchfulness from her unpossess pig do. In the slowst chapter, “evening shadows were creeping and deeping encircling her uninhabited type” ( pg 3, sequence 22 ), signifying that she was nearing the slow bisect of her vivacity and she was all balance.

On the other operative, the cause as-well use abundant dialogues is probably some skin of old slang that opposed to learn. Testimony of this can be fix in the extract when Odile ask for aid to assume thrift of her consequence “I would n botha you delay `em if it was any itha way to do! Produce `em mine you ( pg 1,sequence 21 ). Other than that when Mamzelle spoke delay aunt Ruby “me, I’d rather control a dozen school than fo’ chil’ren. It’s terrassent! Bonte’! Don’t’t tal to me environing chil’ren!” ( pg 2, sequence 23 ),the vernacular used in the dialogues is probably some skin of old slang.

3.3 Initiating Event-Plot

In “Regret” by Kate Chopin, it has a fastidious frame of narrative. The rise of this narrative is environing Mamzelle Aurélie peel. The cause began this narrative delay carte-de-visite of ocean peel, Mamzelle Aurélie. Although Mamzelle Aurélie was fifty years old, but her peel was so bristly accordingly we can see that she wore a man hat, an old bluish phalanx balancecoat and rarely topboots. Mamzelle Aurélie was nforever married. She was truthfully balance in the earth delayout helpmate or consequence.

Conflict was rise when Mamzelle Aurélie neighbor left her consequence for her thrift. At the primary occasion she grace dowagerhood, she dispossess to assume thrift of the consequence. But succeeding a few days, she had acquireed to thrift the consequence and frank delay the consequence acts.

The temperature had began when she impress joy her vivacity delay the consequence. But succeeding two week her neighbor, Odile was succeeds end and took her offshoot delay her. At this occasion, Mamzelle Aurélie began her impress of joy was gone-by.

The exit of this narrative the cause writes environing Mamzelle Aurélie contact. Mamzelle Aurélie was so sorrow delay her vivacity. This is accordingly she began to accomplish delay truthfully vivacity when she was dowagerhood. She became isolation intermittently when the consequence left her and she was sorrow when she thinking environing her vivacity anteriorly this.

3.4 Attempt

The cause begins the narrative delay a carte-de-visite of Mamzelle Aurelie to draw she has abundant courageous nearness and her peel which there is no feminity in her title. She as-well solitary dowager who runs an undiminished farm and lives on her farm delay her fleshlys, her dog persuade Ponto and the negroes who lived in her cabins and worked her crops. This parades how her vivacity had revolved principally delay fleshlys, influencing the way she controled the consequence when she suddenly fond the bisect of caring for a neighbor’s trivial consequence. At primary she tries to communicate delay the consequence almost as if they were another miscellany of farm fleshly. Thus, when they land, she attached ” a sequence of resuscitation which should be particular delay a sequence of duty” (pg 1, sequence 34 ).

The apparition of Odile consequence, was transitional Mamzelle Aurelie peel. At the rise she has a vast bearing to control those consequence. Now she must visage them delay gone-by feminie aspects of herself as she transforms from soldieraffect official to dowagerhood. She reluctantly works to modify balance in the women. Caring for the consequence requires that she stimulate the feminie aspects of her species that had been undeveloped. Therefore she brings out her stainless aprons and “got down her sewing-basket, which she rarely used” (pg 2,sequence 35 )to correct the consequence’s raiment. She as-well washes their feet anteriorly bed, utters them stories and plain lets the boyishest doze delay her. But succeeding the consequence go end to her dowager she graces very sad and starts crying. Then she accomplishd that she had sorrowted that she has made the injustice valuables in her vivacity.


4.1 The Tender Response

In the “Regret”, by Kate Chopin uses abundant skin of tender apology such as sorrow, prosperous, sad, sympathy, provoked and fed up. The peel that I had chosen is Mamzelle Aurélie as a ocean peel in this narrative. I coincide delay her peel that she felt in this narrative. Why she felt sad, prosperous, sympathy, provoked and fed up in this narrative? Firstly, grounded on our balbutiation, the peel parade that she sympathy delay the consequence, “She began by satisfying them” (pg 8, sequence 5) that the primary resuscitation she assume when caring of the consequence. Secondly, Mamzelle Aurélie emotinal modify when she accept to control the consequence and accept to learn the behaviour of the consequence. “I utter u Aunt Ruby,” Mamzelle Aurélie assured her betray in confidence; “me, I’d rather control a dozen schools than foul-mouthed consequence” (pg 13, sequence 1), paraden that Mamzelle Aurélie get provoked and fed up to managing the consequence. Other than that, when the consequence cling delay her in two weeks, she impress regular and prosperous, grounded on (pg 17, sequence 1) “But at the end of two weeks Mamzelle Aurélie had grown truthfully used to these being, and she no longer complained”. Besides that, “the perturbation was all balance, and they were gone-by” (pg 19, sequence 1) parade that Mamzelle Aurélie prosperous delay the consequence although she felt unpathos to control them at the primary. Succeeding that, when the consequence were gone-by, Mamzelle Aurélie felt so sad accordingly the perturbation delay the consequence was all balance ” she let her mind drop down upon her bended arm, and began to cry. Oh, but she cried! Not inaudibly, as women frequently do” (pg 20, sequence 4) this chapter parade that she truly sad and benevolence the consequence plain in the less occasion coincidently.

4.2 The Interpretative Response

Loving, unmanly, enthusiastic hearted, coincideable are peelistics portraying by a women or as a helpmate. Unfortunately Mamzelle Aurélie has an repugnant peel possess a regular dowager. In this narrative of ‘regret’ Mamzelle Aurélie accomplish that her vivacity is lacks somebeing that earn yield wellbeing, abandoned and caring for the consequence.

The cause emphasize on the hindrance of low in recognizeledge and advice for the women. At the rise of the narrative when Mamzelle Aurélie delayout undoubting she decomposed the tender when someone demand her as a helpmate and do not accomplish the advenient misassume that she earn go through delayout impress sorrow.

Experience to encouragement offshoot is unfrank delay Mamzelle Aurélie, she control Odile offshoot possess a soldierlike. She traditional in a sounding tone and conclusive until produce Marcelette cry. Meanwhile at the tenebrosity “she manage them one and all to bed as she would accept shooed the chicken into the hen-house” (pg 11, sequence 1).

The contrasting symbols from the narrative parade the modifys that accept conduct-place on contact and standing of Mamzelle Aurélie when the foul-mouthed consequence of Odile license in two week on her stock. At the rise “she wore a man’s hat environing the farm, and an old bluish phalanx balancecoat and rarely topboots” gone-bybalance she modifys it into kind role possess “she sport stainless aprons that she not decrepit for year” (pg 15, sequence 1) and “she got down her sewing-basket” (pg 15, sequence 3). Succeeding a less occasion, she as-well possess delay the laughing, crying and repetition of the consequence tone in the stock. The occasion of the consequence future and out from the stock, is as-well symbolic. Firstly the stainless sunlight was beating, “some chickens were scratching in the grass” and “there was a gratifying fume of pinks in the air” but at the end of the narrative the environment grace obscure, the red sunset, the bluish-gray purple aridity and purple aridity opposing the path.

The seriousness when the consequence end to their stock is as-well symbolic, the perturbation and wellbeing for baby-sit for two week yield very sorrow contact to the Mamzelle Aurélie when she decomposed the tender at the boyish age.


The intercourse of the consequence in Mamzelle Aurélie stock yields an result to her. Odile’s consequence stimulate her kind inclination. Mamzelle Aurélie is an insurrection and solitary dowager. When she get bisect from Odile, it possess that the destiny omission to parade to her that she does a injustice resolution when decomposed the tender and how isolation of her vivacity. She very prosperous delay the intercourse of the offshoot but when her dowager succeed end to assume the consequence, she accomplishd her misassume and sorrow environing her gone-by vivacity.

For the falsification, the less narrative “Regret” by Kate Chopin was very sensational narrative. There are a lot of homily that we can get by balbutiation this narrative. Futhermore, when we discover this narrative, we can get the ocean fancy that the cause omissions to parade us in “regret”.

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