Reflection Paper on Criminology Group Presentation Essay
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Nov 28th, 2019

Reflection Paper on Criminology Group Presentation Essay

I base that making this academic set freey to be a very challenging apprehendledge. This was chiefly down to launched delay a collection of nation that I don’t apprehend, another content that may keep contributed is that I had to consider an area of London that I’m not well-acquainted delay. Despite how challenging I intention the apprehendledge was I as-well base that launched on, and presenting the set freey to be a rewarding apprehendledge, this was owing I was conducive use theories I had versed and use them to a favoring area.

The collections we were in were allocated at aimless, this was executed by giving each peculiar a compute between one and indelicate, the compute you were loving is the collection that you are in, this led there to bisectial collections delay bisectial levels of ability. I base the process to be consummately bothersome as I was disunite from the friends I had formed in the seminar collection, the collection I was put into consisted of indelicate nation.

After nature allocated into are collections were told that for the set freey we could glean-out any column statute to investigation as desire as it was in London. Following this we were then told that we had to supplement knowledge environing that favoring area and that we had to use irnot-absolute plea’s to teach the knowledge we had supplemented. At the end of the seminar the collection I was in all extransitional touch details so we could dialogue aggravate the up herefollowing defiant supplement week. Aggravate the defiant consider week we unwavering as a collection which area we failure to consider which was Harlesden. The function I was loving was to glean a felony of my exquisite and supplement statistics on the felony using the Metropolitan Police statistics website, succeeding on I would use the theories that we had been taught in our disquisitions and seminars to teach the felony I had gleaned. Another bisect of my function was to confront statistics and knowledge environing the housing in Harlesden and try and collate them delay the felony statistics I had supplemented.

It took a bit of term but I did finally unwavering on the felony I was going to glean and the felony was pillage. Following I unwavering I then beholded on the internet for knowledge and statistics for pillage, the ocean website I used was the Metropolitan Police statistics website as it was reliconducive and we were enjoynessn how to expatiate the website in the seminar. Finding reliconducive pillage statistics was consummately nearest confident to do as the statistics on the website were up to era and were fairly unconstrained to learn. This was consummately the adverse to the knowledge on housing on the MET Police statistics website, the most troublesome bisect, for me at meanest, was hard to run what knowledge was bearing and servicetalented and separating it from the unservicetalented irbearing knowledge. Another content that hindered me was that the superiority of the knowledge was outdated which made it apocryphal. This bearing was not impartial single-minded to me as other constituents of my collection as-well faced nature confronted delay too largely knowledge and having to communicate delay outdated statistics. It was servicetalented that the collection I was in would unite up twice integral week beyond of the seminars to examine the growth that we had each made, it as-well meant that we could examine any issues that we were having and words any concerns that we had environing the set freeys. One bearing delay this was that one constituent of the collection approximately regularly never enjoynessed up to the uniteings which isn’t servicetalented for the collection or the peculiar. During one of the earliest uniteings we had I told my collection environing the bearings I was oppositeness hard to confront reliconducive knowledge on housing, the collection succored me unwavering that I should impartial supplement the statistics for pillage in Harlesden. Following I keep executed this they told me I can then use these statistics and collate it delay the preceding year, the thinking following this was that by comparing the pillage blames of this years and the preceding year we can enjoyness whether or not the operations nature captured by the police or preventions the police keep put in fix to subside pillage in Harlesden are in-truth launched, they as-well suggested that I should collate Harlesdens pillage blame athwart the MET completion as this would enjoyness how Harlesden collates delay pillage blames in conditions of the gross of London.

In my set freey I used three theories to teach pillage, the three I chose to use were the classicist path of judicious judgment, zones of transition plea and as-well the not-absolute damage plea. All three of these theories had been taught in the disquisition, so-far I base that by doing my own peculiaral balbutiation and internet investigation it succored me amply learn these theories and then be conducive to use them to the statistical postulates and teach pillage. The balbutiations and internet investigation that I did meant that I was conducive to transcribe a large declaration on why pillage in Harlesden is committed, whilst as-well apprehending the theories to a stage that I would be conducive to teach them during my set freey.

As a collection anteriorly the deadline we unwavering that it would be easier and further servicetalented to do indelicate peculiar set freeys instead of one big set freey. During my set freey I felt that my set freey skills could keep been rectify, this was mayhap owing it was the earliest set freey I had to do at university and nerves may keep played a bisect. The deed that we unwavering to do peculiar set freeys may as-well keep been a content owing when your in a collection others could carry up points that mayhap you strength keep unremembered in the consequence and succor you through consequences when you demand it. All but one of my collections peculiar set freeys appear to go alright, the one that went consummately evil-doing was the peculiar that never enjoynessed up to any of the collection uniteings, there set freey was one slide desire delay not largely knowledge on it and they didn’t appear to keep tried to consummate any of the functions we set them to do. It was consummately frustrating to see owing if they had harsh up to collection uniteings they would keep base that completing the set freey to be consummately unconstrained. If I was to exexchange anybeing it would most mitigated be to habit my set freey skills, as I felt that this was the bisect that let my set freey down, this would keep made presenting the set freey easier and may keep equeffectual rectifyd the gradation that I current.

Before I began to behold at Harlesden I pigmy fancy where it was, and had approximately no knowledge environing the area. This meant that I got my earliest impact of Harlesden from the MET police felony statistics, this in metamorphose gave me the sensibility that mayhap Harlesden was a area that was mayhap influential delay felony. This extransitional notwithstanding following having executed further investigating in to area and having spoken to the two nation in my collection that feed there, my impacts keep now extransitional and I now scene Harlesden enjoy most other fix, there are some rectify areas and there are some worse areas. This enjoynesss how launched in a collection can be advantageous as they succored me see that I shouldn’t critic a fix on impartial statistics and that you demand to express to nation that feed in the area to amply learn the area. If I had been in a collection delay nation that didn’t feed in Harlesden I venerate that my earliest impact of the area would stationary be the impact that would keep today, yet having nation in my collection who had apprehendledged Harlesden earliest artisan and could dialogue environing the apprehendledges they keep had succored co-operate-delay in changing my earliest impact.

I felt this set freey succored me owing I was conducive to rectify on my feebleness which I had which was my set freey skills and this known me to rectify this in a succeeding set freey I did for another module. So cogitation on my apprehendledge of this set freey known me to rectify ‘the volume to muse on operation so as to pledge in a process of consistent supplementing’ (Schön, 1983:173). This apprehendledge as-well enjoynessed that I was conducive to consummate my investigation and supplement knowledge and set free it in a set freey which was a new being for me. At earliest I didn’t handle self-reliance that I would be conducive to set free a cheerful fraction of composition, but by launched delay others it has enjoynessn me that if you all composition concertedly on a fraction of composition it doesn’t appear as daunting and it earn establish the apprehendledge further rewarding.


Schön, D (1983) The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think In Action. New York: Basic Books

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