Reflection of Tuesday with Morrie Essay
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Nov 19th, 2019

Reflection of Tuesday with Morrie Essay

Through the movie and book, I asked myself–if I had ever been through what Morrie’s had, could I stay in peace like him or teach others about life lesson? He, not only suffered from ALS, but also lost dearest mother then his younger brother had polio. If I were he, how will I deal with that unfortunes? I think I’ll feel timid, negative, and have a gloomy personality. But, Morrie didn’t. He later on became a successful professor and a good husband and father, who always gave his love to people generously.

Sometimes I doubted. How can he take everything so easy? Doesn’t he think god is unfair to him or why I am the one who deserve this? Why didn’t he become angry or complained all the time?

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Reflection of Tuesday with Morrie Essay
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I finally got my answer when I realized that he didn’t pretend that he did not care what hurt him. He accepted all the bad things, and also embraces the negative emotion .

He experiences these feelings and said, “Yes, it is sadness” Or “Yes, it is depression.” and let them go. I really envy how optimistic he was. Every time I had in great depression, I just didn’t know what to do except take it or release by shouting or crying to my family and friends. I rarely think of any way out. Morrie’s strongest support came from his strong faith in love. When Mitch was a college student, one day Morrie mentioned “the tension of opposites”. The old professor said,“ A tension of opposites, like a pull on a rubber band. And most of us live in the middle in the society.” Sounds like a wrestling match, Mitch says. “A wrestling match.” He laughs, “Yes, you could describe life that way.” So which side wins, Mitch asks” Morrie smiles at Mitch, the crinkled eyes, the crooked teeth. “Love wins. Love always wins.” Love, a word people nowadays hear over thousands time everyday.

In nowadays, instead of love, the world is still flooded by money, power, and fear. To those people, it is meaningless word. In order to solve this problem, Morrie has a great idea: creating your own culture, investing in people. He means finding your true meaning of life, don’t just believe what the society tells you, and always care about people you love. He is absolutely right! People want to figure out what they are pursuing. In other words, life is an eternity course, but only some succeed. We might get lost in life, so we need somebody by our side, and it must be someone we trust or love. Sadly, most of time we took them for granted, we never think they might leave us some day—some die, or disappear, then we lose them with regrets. It is an awful repetition.

Think about it, how many people who ever played important roles in your life? After watching the movie, I thought of some friends of mime, we had great time before, but I never heard any news of them after high school or college. World is like a big garden without gravity and human beings are flowers there. If roots are not deep and strong enough, then the plants will gradually lose the grab of earth and float in the air. Most of flowers have no determination to root in fertile soil, so they lost their directions and live without nourishment, withering soon. The soil is actually love, what Morrie never let go of in his days. No wonder he was always in blossom. Though he passed away, he never disappeared. Just like his words, if people remember him, then he’ll always by their sides. His body withered but his spirit transformed into the rich soil, spread his belief and love to us.

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