Recovery by Eminem
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Dec 18th, 2019

Recovery by Eminem

4.5/5 stars

When you do something not so well, you always feel the need to improve. That’s exactly how Marshall ‘Eminem” Mathers felt after his underachieving “Relapse” failed to impress listeners. I felt Eminem had one of the greatest albums in his comeback album ‘Recovery” because it showed how real of a person is and how hard his life is. There’s a lot behind the album and its songs’ meanings.

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Recovery by Eminem
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Each song practically has a different story about something that has happened recently in his life. Recently, being within the last 5 years, since his last successful album came out. For those who didn’t know, Eminem released his last album, the Marshall Mathers LP in 2005. He then took a long break in an attempt to get his life straight. The songs on the album tell stories such as his attempts to keep friends in the rap world, keeping his kids, and his failing attempts to keep a marriage with his ex wife, Kim.

Since this was an album about him, not many other artists were on the album. Though some big names included were Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Pink, and Kobe. When the album released in the U.S on June 22nd, 2010, listeners were ready for what was to come. They knew the old Eminem had to be coming back. Eminem knew he had to impress listeners also, with the release of Drake’s “Thank Me Later” releasing just a week earlier. Some songs I really enjoy are Space Bound, Love the Way You Lie, No Love, Won’t Back Down, 25 to Life, and Talkin’ to Myself. I’d check the whole album out, but especially those.

I liked a lot of things about the album, but there could have been some improvements. He is very honest in his songs about how difficult his life was. His songs and their meanings just blow me away, because it makes me realize what type of person Eminem is to have persevered through all his setbacks. Also, I like that he knew his last album sucked, and he improved it miraculously. Though, some view his album as too explicit, and a little too in depth. From my point of view, if he hadn’t done that, then it wouldn’t be about himself. I do agree with many that he could have had more featuring artist to spice the album up.

Eminem knew what he was doing and had a great album. I would suggest listening to any song on the album, and maybe learning some back round info on Eminem. Again, I believe Marshall “Eminem” Mathers had one of the greatest albums of all time in his comeback album “Recovery!”

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