Raymond Carver a Small Good Thing
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Dec 18th, 2019

Raymond Carver a Small Good Thing

Blessing in Disguise Sometimes we go through things that will make us cry, laugh, or even hurt. As humans we tend to worry and stress over things we have no control over. But throughout it all, there is always a blessing waiting to be discovered that will help you overcome your burden. Life throws all kind of obstacles your way, whether you’re prepared for it or not. In Raymond Carver’s short story “A Small Good Thing” it actually allows the reader to experience that. Carver skillfully pours out the emotions of Mr. and Mrs.

Weiss, how happy one can be until something tragic happens, which test their faith, but some how gives them hope to push on. In the beginning of Carver’s story, Mrs. Weiss is planning her son’s birthday party. She goes to the bakery to order Scotty’s cake. From that point everything was going good for the Weiss’s family.

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Raymond Carver a Small Good Thing
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The Monday morning of Scotty’s birthday was the turning point of the couple’s life. “The birthday boy was walking to school with another boy […] without looking, the birthday boy stepped off the curb at an intersection and was immediately knocked down by a car” (Carver 6).

That morning was life changing for Mr. and Mrs. Weiss, all the emotions a parent can have was within them, their child had been hit by a car and the only thing they could do was try not to worry. “Dr. Francis had emphasized, no coma, when he saw the alarm in the parents’ eyes” (6). The biggest fear any parent would have is not being able to help your child when they are in danger, or not be able to help them feel better when they are sick. In life were faced with many challenges while some we overcome easy, and others we don’t.

For instance, the parents at this moment are a tragic mess. The only thing they can do is stand on their faith. “I’ve been praying, […] I almost thought I’d forgotten how, but it came back to me” (11). “For the first time, she felt they were together in it, this trouble. She hadn’t let Howard into it, though he was there […] all along” (12). I truly feel “A family that prays together, stays together” (Tyler Perry). This brought the couple closer together not only for their son, but for them.

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