Ragnorok by Tyr
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Dec 18th, 2019

Ragnorok by Tyr

Off to Finland with the folk metal scene. Tyr is a progressive folk metal band that is eye deep in Norse folklore. In fact the band name is named after the Norse god of war, Tyr. They constantly make references to Asgard, Tyr, Thor, Loki and many other gods and constant folklore. The folk part comes in due the massive folklore.
Ragnarok tells,the story of a war in the land of Ragnarok and how it all happens. Much like everyone else,in Finland they like to also include some Finnish singing and titles(one is impossible to pronounce unless you speak Finnish). Tracks like The Hammer of Thor, Ragnarok, The Lord of Lies and most of the tracks are great examples of this phenomenal storytelling the have. One minor problem is the music its self and the fact that they didn’t do much to make it sound as epic as a war.

It gives me an empty feeling, you know. It sounds too desolate. I do give props though for teaching me more about Norse mythology and for combining progressive metal with with folklore. Very few bands can pull that off.
I give this a 9/10. I am the Grim Reaper, Signing off.

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Ragnorok by Tyr
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