Rage Against the Machine
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Dec 18th, 2019

Rage Against the Machine

Led by Zack De La Rocha, Rage Against the Machine has been pumpingout powerful songs for over a decade. Their lyrics pierce through aheavy blend of body-rocking bass, warm drums and distorted guitar tocarry the band’s politically charged message. They have a depth notoften found in contemporary bands, especially rock bands. They offera refreshing glimpse into a world where bands have a clear messageand shape their music around that message. Rage questions thegovernment and fights for freedom on a higher level. They seeeveryday occurrences in the context of a bigger movement toward therestriction of people’s rights and freedom. Rage Against the Machineis one of the most socially active, politically active and musicalbands ever.

De La Rocha sees an American culture whose opinions are formed byten-second news flashes. He also tries to speak out against theracial injustices he finds rampant. He sees the steps minorities havehad to take in order to get where they are.

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In his lyrics, De LaRocha provides a window into the injustice, hypocrisy and racialdiscrimination of the American government.

With political and social lyrics, it’s amazing Rage Against theMachine is able to produce a good musical sound as well. They achievethis with a hard-hitting mix of amped up bass, strange guitar noisesand a well-balanced, stylish drummer. Their style changes often,sometimes several times in a single song, keeping the attention ofthe listener and making sure their songs don’t blend, a commonmistake of rock bands.

Most of their albums come with a parental advisory sticker. Whilethis deters some, the swearing is sometimes justified. When De LaRocha sings, he is singing for what he believes and pours all of hisemotion into the song which sometimes results in the occasionalprofanity to express his detest and animosity toward the subject.Even when a profanity is repeated, it is usually to emphasize hispoint. This also holds true for his yelling. He is trying to expressthe anger he feels about the issues he sings about.

Few bands can produce both a good sound and meaningful lyrics, butRage Against the Machine is one of the rare exceptions. Their lyricsare politically and socially meaningful, and pertinent. Zack De LaRocha is a rebel with a cause.

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