Queen Of The Damned OST by Selected artists
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Dec 18th, 2019

Queen Of The Damned OST by Selected artists

Though I have seen the movie, I honestly would say the soundtrack is better. The soundtrack consists of 14 tracks, yet not even half were in the movie. But lets a go.
1 Not Meant For me by Wayne Static of Static-x: this is the first song on the soundtrack. It is only 4:30 minutes long which isn’t long but the soundtrack can sound boring though but it won’t take long at all It’ is nice, atmospheric, and a welcome edition to the soundtrack. 2 Forsaken by David Draiman of Disturbed: a very good song and the shortest of the four solo tracks here landing at 3:30 minutes. The chorus especial is atmospheric and fun to listen to. 3 System by Chester Bennington of Linkin Park: being the only song with orchestral string instruments, automatic +, being what sounds like a loud Upright Bass. this is also one of my childhood favorites, as if we all didn’t have at least one.

Anyways, Chester outdid himself here and actually pulled of the slow jazzy style. One of my Favorites still. 5 Change (In The House Of Flies) by Deftones: One of my least favorites, but that doesn’t mean it is bad. It’s just slow and drawn out and kind of repetitive in my opinion. But I do like it at least a little bit. The chorus is the most fun I can get out of it. 5 Redeemer by Marylin Manson and KoRn: I hate This song. 6 Dead Cell by Papa Roach: easily the most fast paced song on here, as well as tied for the second shortest here. Papa Roach is lucky to keep there style of fast paced punky kind of music. Oh, and just to clear things up, Papa Roach is not a heavy metal band by any means! 7 Penetrate by Godhead: this song is really boring and I don’t like it, NEXT! 8 Slept So Long by Jay Gorden of Orgy: the longest and last of the solo tracks this is about 5:30 long and actually pretty cool too. I won’t say Orgy is good but this is a great song. 9 Down With The Sickness by Disturbed: this track ought to be the most familiar to you. It it the only track on here that has already been released, in the The Sickness album, and yes I’ve heard it so many times before but this song also appears in Rock Band 2 and they play this version of the song, you know the censored version because the song has alot of controversy for that alone. Yeah, that version. I love it even if it is censored. 10 Cold by Static X: a song that, like the last one, everyone knows about. I love the song though, but this is also the shortest being just under the 3 minute mark and well Static X likes short songs, See also Push It from Wisconsin Death Trip. 11 Headstrong by Earshot: first off don’t ask where they got the name Earshot, but this is me, the track doesn’t really sit with me and I don’t really care for it too much but it isn’t bad. Its just unappealing that’s all. My Favorite, 12 Body Crumbles by Dry Cell: I love this song. It was a childhood favorite and I still love it today (insert Smashing Pumpkin’s Today). And it’s better every time. Also it’s length is the same as Dead Cell. being 3:07 exactly. 13 Excess by Tricky: I don’t like this song, and if you listen to it you you would know why. It is a rap song for crying out loud! Moving on. 14 Before I’m Dead by Kidneythieves: the only song on here with a female front men. The song isn’t bad but it feels like it takes forever to finish. Kidneythieves fans, I know your out there, you may want to stay away from this song.
Rating 6.5/10

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Queen Of The Damned OST by Selected artists
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