Pulp – Different Class
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Dec 18th, 2019

Pulp – Different Class

Right now, most people know Pulp only by the band’s lead singer, Jarvis Cocker. The usually laid-back vocalist made headlines when he jumped on stage and disrupted a Michael Jackson performance. Wacko Jacko’s thugs made quick work of the Britpop star, but getting him off the stage has proven an easier task than getting his red hot six-piece band off the British air waves. Now, Pulp’s glam-rock masterpiece, “Different Class,” has been released in America as well.

“Different Class” may just signify the rebirth of the concept album, with all the songs tales of people breaking social class barriers. “Common People” is all about a romance that breaks the class lines. “We won’t use guns, we won’t use bombs, we’ll use the one thing we’ve got more of C that’s our minds,” Cocker shouts during the opening song, called “Mis-shapes.” The best song on the CD, it is a loud, fast-moving rock song about the establishment trying to silence liberal young voices.

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Pulp – Different Class
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Pulp’s desire to create unbelievable, shocking songs has gotten them into trouble.

Jarvis Cocker’s songwriting ability is so exceptional that to quote all of his witty musical proverbs would take forever. Drummer Nick Banks even wrote above the song lyrics, “Please do not read the lyrics whilst listening to the recordings.” But sometimes it is just impossible to resist the urge to read a line of a song over and over, trying to understand what it means. A”I Spy” is one of those songs. Pulp describes it as a vicious break-up song, the most mean-spirited of them all.

Pulp is not for dimwits, conformists, or genteel people C it is for people who want to experience life like a roller coaster. Jarvis Cocker shocked Michael Jackson, he shocked me, and now he wants to shock you too. From the fond eagerness of “Disco 2000” to the powerful and moving “Mis-shapes,” “Different Class” will amaze you as it is in a class by itself

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