Public Art Essay
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Dec 14th, 2019

Public Art Essay

The core exhibition will be based on the work of two chosen photographers due to the inability to investigate a larger number , this is because they are too many and wide spread that an attempt to look at all of them would be almost impossible , costly and time consuming. The programme will show the various works done by the photographer including digital arts, video installations all put together to give an in depth study of the history and success of the photographers

The aim of the project is to explore the potential of new media, on-line technology, virtual reality/ interactive projects to provide new means of investigations on the same.

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To appreciate the works of the two photographers we will compare and contrast the much that they have brought to the field, what they still have to bring and the influence and education they have had on different individuals and areas of interaction.

The two photographers to be investigated are Patrick Renschen and Russ Rosener.

The work of Renschen is most inspirational and does not only touch on the basic art but has an in-depth meaning which one needs to be keen enough to grasp the whole idea behind the same and also be able to appreciate that such work could be so educative.

The work of this particular photographer was one of a kind since it didn’t involve a norm or a routine which would be followed day in day out rather he tried to make it very exciting by carrying out researches on how to improve it and make it more satisfying to both him and his assistants. His aim was as well very clear in that he wanted not just to be the best but the only one in the field of engagement who could be counted on and relied on. He also ensured connecting them up electronically in all the archives, also documenting and publishing the work which is now held in regional, national and international museum collections and university centers, and to ensure wide accessibility to international and domestic audiences.

The photographer had an exhibition that had all the history and development of the installation, and the critical legacy left in terms of the influence on contemporary sculpture, environmental art, and architecture to name but a few. He had presentations of all the original photographs, drawings, sketches, correspondence, and even written descriptions of every detail that he undertook, it also had all the interpretations by curators and art critics such John Elderfield and Fred Brookes. The photographer also was keen to display new commissioned documentation by leading artists/photographers.

He traced the evolution using interactive digital projects he also used digital animation and 3D articulation of the key design and sculptural elements just to ensure perfection and accuracy was maintained throughout the whole exercise.

The photographer also employed lots of subordinate staff to help in the completion of his work. A commission for a photographer/artist to generate new visual images for the exhibition based on the environmental and architectural aspects alongside a detailed study of the same, and the art works locations associated with him. Possible portraiture commission, to photograph people associated with the photographer this was for the record and for future references and evidence of their participation and also a way of making them feel appreciated.

He worked hard to ensure that he was always on site despite his tight schedule but since at times he was faced with some unavoidable circumstances, he was not left out in having planned in advance for such emergencies, in his absence work went on just as usual since there was a commission of artists and photographers to produce a new body of work based on the idea that his absence was a test on their accountability and reliability.

The photographer would even incorporate fresh blood and brain from schools and colleges by involving students to participate in the same using existing archives and sketches. Production of a set of 3D architectural models, drawings and projections documenting the findings and proposing hypothetical outcome. The photographer had interactive architectural and digital arts research and their restoration project possibly organized to collaborate well with the agenda in question.

This brought together many architects artists and IT engineers to construct an interactive virtual representation , tracing its iconography and evolution from conception through the various stages of the construction and design. The photographer used on line chat room and interactive website/3D virtual, allowing scholars, artists and researchers from different countries to contribute their views and suggestions as he believed in being dynamic.

He believed in the use of new technology to visualize and construct alternative on line solutions to problems encountered in his work.

Unlike Patrick Renschen, Russ Rosener, another world renowned photographer had a whole different approach to the same photography both as a career and as an interactive kind of work. He is so different from other photographers in that he has not specialized in only one area of photography and he has a diverse range of areas where he features. He covers a wide range of activities which he says gives him better exposure and satisfaction as there is no word as boredom which many photographers tend to suffer from.

He has much of his corporate work covering international assignments and duties such as annual reports, portraiture, advertising and social responsibility programmes. Whether he is all alone or leading a group of individuals he can be relied on by a company that minds the global competitiveness in the field for his experience and enthusiastic nature, he is also very flexible and his approach to his job is not static rather depends on the situation and content.

He is able to ensure that his clients can rely on him to be able to deliver high quality material and best results which is easy for anyone to access and even use across print, present and web based media they are also able to represent their company to a very high professional standard due to the high competition facing them thus requiring one to have a competitive advantage over the others. (Rosenblum, Naomi)

As a photographer he is able to maintain both quality and confidentiality in his work and in this very dynamic sector thus ensuring client loyalty and repeat buying by same customers instead of finding new people altogether which is a costly and hard situation to gain.

Being involved in social responsibility has only brought more demand to this photographer especially lately when most companies have embraced social responsibility as a requirement for the success and continuity of the companies; this is because they need credible pictures for the accurate representation of challenges and achievements associated with the whole project.

The photographer says that his is not acquired kind of skill rather it is a born kind of art and assures anyone that for the best results and sure win he is the answer. He does most of his work as it presents itself to him and he does not have to go out there trying to be original by conducting research and even reading more and he has still managed to be a world well renowned photographer who can be counted among famous photographers. This could be due to the fact that he is so original and very clear compared to other photographers and he has maintained this all along without foregoing the quality for quantity when the work is too much, he is a slow but sure themed person who believes in quality and creating of trust in all his clients.

The two photographers are quite controversial in that one is very resourceful and researchful while the other just sits and handles a situation as it presents itself to him and depending on what the clients wants as final results. All the same they don’t lack some similarities in that they are both result oriented and care about the quality of results that they deliver to their customers and fans as this is very important if they are to continue in business without losing it to competitors.

The photographers have proved to be very reliable and for that they have gotten a lot of attention from both domestic and international markets and companies. Though the work of photography presents itself as full of fun and excitement all the time the two have cordially agreed that it also has its weak areas and also has a percent of boredom though they try as much as possible to keep on the fire and make the work the best they can.

Generally photography can be seen as a very demanding area of undertaking due to its dynamic nature which makes it very unpredictable especially with the improvement in technology which happens almost on a daily basis and which they have to keep track of lest they become outdated and overcome by events. It is very important in the modern day and age and is require by every company and individual for the smooth running of the day to day activities.

This area of photography is particularly very exciting and interesting since it involves mostly outdoor activities which is a good idea for lovers of site seeing and appreciating nature and what it has to offer. Where it takes place indoors its all the same quite interesting since its all flashy and all smiles especially for celebrities, fashion and models as one sees newest designs and shapes of different attires and poses for use elsewhere. This is especially so interesting to me since I love reading fashion magazines which contain a lot of photographers work and I get to appreciate every bit of it.

In addition we should not forget the fact that the photographers have brought a lot of harmony to many different communities of the world at large through the theme contained in their works of art and for that we should not fail to appreciate their work even more. The photographer like any other person needs encouragement and the feeling of actualization and this is only possible if lots of his work is bought at a high rate and he gets more calls for the same.(Rosenblum, Naomi)

The photographers have tried to a very large extent to encourage artistic growth and photography development to ensure that its not only them who stand to benefit but that generations to come will also appreciate and adopt what these great men and women of our land will have done and left behind for all to see. Many of these artists and photographers in particular have already started colleges and learning institutions where they are passing on the knowledge to other interested parties for the continuity, growth and development of this most dynamic field of photography.

Photography has really gone to a whole new level altogether this due to the competition that the photographers are giving each other and no one wants to be ruled out of the market and so everyone is doing all they can to emerge as the best and most demanded.

A good example is like the move that photographers like Marcus have taken by coming up with photographs that document the history and development of say a certain state and put it in his work of art, this is so essential because most people generally hate the aspect of learning but since this will present itself as having fun and studying some work of art, more people will be attracted to the same and this provides a chance for the to learn about the places they stay in and therefore appreciate how far they have come and where they are headed.

We can therefore all accept that all photographers have done much to achieve greater things and heights at both individual, national and international level and so we cant let them go unnoticed and it’s the duty of each one of us to ensure that the photographers and other artists grow to the greatest heights by supporting them in they work.

Finally is to all artists out there both the well known and who have the basis and those who are just starting the work and realizing their talent to keep up their work and even go the extra mile to give us more that we have not yet seen and are eagerly waiting for that and more.

Thesis statement

The photographers have a bright future ahead if they keep up with the pace and ensure that research and technology development is top on their agenda.


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