The Internet matching to Oxford British Mini Dictionary identified Is a huge global computer network. In my point of view, the internet can be explained as a place where you go to find information of any type depending on what you are interested in.

Furthermore the internet has great potentials and far information to offer; however, the internet like every other living, or nonliving thing, has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Research in the point of view of the Oxford English Little Dictionary is ‘the analysis of materials and resources to discover facts’. I will say that research can be defined as a thorough source. So in this article we will discuss about available information on the internet, convenient, it saves time, virus hazard, what to look for why we live researching, and finish.



Looking at the internet for research, we will quickly realize that it did more than enough for the people; it has made life easier for a lot of students and many more who have one thing or the other to do with the internet. Also onto it you will find a few of, if not all the information you will need on a specific subject or on anything that you are looking for. When you go to the internet you will see a myriad of information onto it, internet is a treasure on its own.


Talking about it being convenient, we say that the internet has made life easier, even more than what mankind can see right now, you could work at anywhere, anytime, whenever you fill like it, and all you need is at your finger tip. Even time, your brain will be at leftovers because you know as all it take to do what you want with you, and when you start you understand that you will do your work in a appropriate way.

IT Helps you to save TIME

With the internet before you, you can do all what you should do within a brief period, if you have so many assignments to do; you can do them because you have what you need in your leading. When you have the website with you it makes your work be easier. You may get whatever you need in a brief period; you don’t need to go to the catalogue looking for books. You can get those books and read them to really get your information on the internet. You are going to just enter the website and it’ll bring out what you want and you will get your information quickly.


Looking for resources from the web sometimes, is not motivating because if you aren’t clever enough, you may get lost without you knowing it. Your work will be packed with unmeaning things which have nothing in connection with what you are writing about.

There are so many materials from the web that look alright however when reading it, you find out they are not from a reliable sources, sometimes they may be just one single man or someone’s idea and that is not alright for research purpose. We have more and more people that fill the internet with the own opinions; anybody can write anything so long as it makes sense to them, no person can challenge them, so they just write what they think is alright in their own eye. Without you knowing it, you’ll get lost trying to reframe the whole idea to fit in into you own work.

Secondly, we’ve some authors from the internet that are anonymous and their works aren’t that ok for research. Some are scholarly but their work ‘expert cannot be verified’

Sometime on the internet we’ve references that aren’t correct, on it we’ve ideas they are not okay for research or that the author didn’t do their own house work very well, so if as students if you get swept up with this your work will never be accepted.

Some of things that are on the site aren’t academically best for students because a few of it isn’t from the original authors. Some reproduced their source from printed materials, and they’ll not have it put in correctly which always result in a lot of problem for pupil.

Thirdly on the internet if you are not careful it will cost your time there, because you have to find some Universities, scholarly and authoritative resources that support the task of the author you want to work with. You also have to look for websites to learn when last they have been updated previous and each one of these will take your time and effort if you are not careful.

The problem with it sometimes is you need to read properly if not, you will duplicate wrong information for your work. Check the background of the authors to know if they’re reputable scholars. You have to know if what you are using is ‘a reserve, mag or a journal’ and also check for footnotes and the bibliography to know if indeed they have explored properly.


The author must have a source, where they come from, something about the title of the page, if the article writer is the key author or they may have a location where they get their idea from or if they obtain it from a reserve. You have to find out the date which you copy your projects, get the original book when you can, learn about the web address and allow it be in the right form.

Sometimes when writing an article or you do research you might run into other writer in the book you are employing, you have to get the other book that the writer you are employing is quoting from because the author of the e book says something about any of it, find that e book so that you can quote immediately from it.

If you are using resources online ensure that you have the correct first footnote, which is your main options, second footnote if you have any which is the other publisher that creates something in the publication you are employing and bibliography.

We need to check the resources of the site, if they’re academically best for a student, maybe they may have any university helps and if they have any scholars that are using their site.

Usage of website for research, as a proper organised learner you have to consider authorization or ask your tutor to check along if you a using it for your task.


The problem that many of people are facing is the trojans, for it has destroyed plenty of systems and induced a lot problems for so many people, for a disease is a program which is destroying the normal functions of the computer system. Also if the computer system is mounted on the internet it is likely for the system to get a virus. So all of this can destroy all of your hard disk and leave you with problems.


So I will say using the internet for research is alright, it has tons of information, depending what you are looking for. However, it is you who’ll decide if what you have is ideal for your gain or drawback. So read and read to be able to be on safer area when writing because if you are not it may set you back your hard labour and your mark.