Proceed to writing of your essay on Martin Luther King Jr.
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Martin Luther King
Dec 16th, 2019

Proceed to writing of your essay on Martin Luther King Jr.

You may have to deal with writing papers on personality within your studies at high school, college, university and you may also be assigned to write this kind of paper if you decide to take part in a writing contest. There are a lot of contests dedicated to writing of different papers, including essays about human rights defenders, such as essay on Martin Luther King Jr. In any case, to know at list basic facts about this person and his role in the world community, first of all in the life of African-Americans, is absolutely essential. This outstanding man devoted all his life to fighting for rights of other people and did his best in order to make this world a much better place to live in. As a matter of fact, if people all over the world had an idea of what it takes to do something useful and helpful to the society of violence, racial prejudices and cruelty, they would definitely appreciate their today’s life more and behave themselves quite differently. While reading this article, you will learn how to deal with writing an essay on personality and how to apply such skills to writing of an essay on Martin Luther King Jr.

Obviously, it is necessary to begin with doing proper research. You may go online at first. There is a great number of different articles about Martin Luther King telling the story of his life, his achievements, rises and falls, difficulties and challenges that he faced during the whole period of his activity. We recommend beginning with Wikipedia and then, proceed to more serious research of King’s biography. Also, you may look for some fascinating facts that are not commonly known and include some of them when writing your paper. And you may go to the library and ask for a consultation what research works, books or other literature would be useful for you to read and use when writing your essay on Martin Luther King Jr.

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Proceed to writing of your essay on Martin Luther King Jr.
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Once you have got acquainted with the most known facts about Martin Luther’s biography and got to know his major achievements in the area of Human Rights, you need to take a deeper look at the story of his life. On the Internet, there are many web-sites devoted to his personality, where there is a variety of different primary sources, such as documents, his speeches, videos with him and his scientific works. At the same time, consider reading a couple of well-written essays on Martin Luther King Jr. of other authors. This will help you understand what your paper has to look like at the end and how to build a good-structured and well-organized essay on Martin Luther King Jr. In addition, you will certainly get inspired if you find an interesting and professionally written essay on Martin Luther King Jr. and you will have a good example to follow.

Narrowing the topic of an essay on Martin Luther King Jr.

Taking into consideration that including into a paper all the story of Martin Luther’s life is completely impossible, you need to narrow your topic to a particular issue. Thus, it will be easier for you to do proper research, it will take less time and you will have an opportunity to enlighten your topic with lots of fascinating facts and details. Look at the following ideas that could help you come up with a good topic for your paper.

  • Consider writing about the famous speech of Martin King. As a matter of fact, that speech is popular until today and many politicians use it and cite it when they have their own speeches.
  • Write about Martin Luther as about a man who managed to become a hero not only of the past, but of today’s world also. Explain why you think of him that way and why his personality is so important to you.
  • Write not about the activist, defender or humanitarian, but about Martin Luther as an outstanding speaker. What, to your mind, helped him become so influencing and famous? By the way, here it would be great to include a couple of his quotations.
  • Write about Martin Luther as a politician. What features, to your mind, helped him overcome numerous difficulties in the world of politics and in what way do you think contemporary politicians should follow him?
  • Create an essay describing what role played the death of Martin Luther King in the society of that times. In what way people were effected by this tragic event?
  • Do research on one of particular periods of life of the civil right leader. For example, you may look for information about his childhood and try to figure out how his childhood influenced his world perception, formed his beliefs, attitudes and moral values.
  • Write about the family of Luther King. What role did his mother, father or siblings play in his life?
  • Write a review evaluating one of the works of Luther King. He wrote many works dedicated to the phenomenon of love, which would be a good idea to discuss in your paper.

The above mentioned ideas are only some of possible ideas for your essay. Keep in mind that you don’t have to rewrite what has already been written and give biographical facts. Quite the opposite, you are expected to provide an analysis, express your personal point of view and make your paper interesting, even if your thoughts are different form others. There is no need to provide to many numbers and names, but instead, use figurative language and don’t be afraid to tell what you really think. If you take this assignment seriously, you will be surprised how much new and useful information you will learn.

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