Michael Jackson was 47 years old when he sought mandatory counselling due to charges of child molestation, even though he was acquitted of these charges. It had been the second time in eleven years that such charges were being helped bring against him publicly.

Michael was born on August 29, 1958, in Indiana. His parents were an African American working-class couple. His daddy, Joseph Jackson, had been a guitarist but experienced put aside his musical aspirations to provide for his family as a crane operator. Thinking his sons acquired talent, he shaped them into a musical group in the first 1960s. Michael became a member of the group when he was five, and emerged as their lead vocalist. The group later became known as the Jackson 5, consisting of the 5 Jackson brothers.

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Behind the scenes, Joseph Jackson pushed his sons to succeed. He was also reportedly recognized to become violent with them. Michael and his brothers spent endless time rehearsing and polishing up their function. At age ten, the family relocated to LA, and Michael and his brothers started out focus on their music and dancing with their daddy as their director. At age 13, Michael launched a single job in addition to his use the Jackson 5.

For his songwriting skills, Michael received numerous honors. At the top of his game creatively and commercially, Jackson signed an endorsement offer with Pepsi-Cola. He, however, was badly injured while filming a commercial for the soda pop large in 1984, suffering burns to his face and head. Jackson got surgery to correct his injuries, and it is believed to have begun tinkering with plastic surgery around this time. His face, especially his nose area, would become dramatically modified in the coming years.

Raised as a Jehovah’s See, Jackson was a shy and quiet person off-stage. He was never really comfortable with the marketing attention he received and almost never gave interviews. From the overdue 1980s, Jackson experienced created his own illusion retreat-a California ranch called Neverland. There he stored exotic dogs, and experienced his own leisure rides. To some, it appeared that Jackson perhaps was checking out a second years as a child. He sometimes exposed the ranch for children’s events. Rumors swirled around him, including that he was lightening the colour of his skin area to seem whiter and slept in a special chamber to increase his life time. In one exceptional interview with Oprah Winfrey, Michael discussed that the change in his complexion was the consequence of an illness known as vitiligo. Jackson also opened about to her about the abuse he suffered from his father.

Allegations of child molestation against Jackson emerged. A 13-year-old guy stated that the music legend possessed fondled him. The following year, Jackson settled the situation out of judge with the boy’s family. Other allegations surfaced, but Jackson looked after his innocence.

In August 1994, Jackson declared that he had committed. That union became short-lived. They divorced in 1996. Some thought that the matrimony was a promotion ploy to restore Jackson’s image after the molestation allegations. Later that same year, Jackson wed again. The couple got two children through manufactured insemination. Jackson and his second partner divorced in 1999 with Jackson receiving full custody of these two children. He would go on to have a third child, with an unfamiliar surrogate.

Jackson’s musical profession began to drop with 1995’s recording. Jackson was better called an eccentric whose quirks were reported in the tabloids than as a performer. Reports of his strange behavior started to overshadow his talent. He often made an appearance in public putting on a surgical mask, and he hid his children’s faces under veils. He received extensive criticism for dangling his child, Prince Michael II, more than a balcony in Berlin, Germany. Jackson explained that “We were waiting for thousands of enthusiasts down below, plus they were chanting they wanted to see my child, therefore i was kind enough to let them see. I got doing something out of innocence. ” But many were unforgiving of the star’s action, with former fans and media shops clamoring to acquire Child Protective Services take Jackson’s children from him.

Jackson’s reputation was offered another blow in 2003 with the tv documentary, Living with Michael Jackson. A English journalist spent several months with Jackson, and he got Jackson to discuss his romantic relationships with children. Jackson accepted that he sustained to have children sleepover at his ranch, even after the 1993 allegations. Jackson said that sometimes he slept with the children in his bed. “Why can’t you share your bed? That’s the most loving thing to do, to share your foundation with someone, ” Jackson told the journalist.

Jackson experienced more legal woes in 2004 when he was caught on charges related to happenings with a 13-year-old boy the previous time. Facing 10 counts in every, he was priced with lewd conduct with a minor, attempted lewd carry out, administering alcoholic beverages to aid molestation, and conspiracy to commit child abduction, phony imprisonment and extortion. On June 14, 2005, Jackson was acquitted of most charges. His reputation, however, was effectively damaged, and his funds were in shambles. Due to mounting legal charges, the singer no longer had a bank account and was unable to maintain even his most elementary money. Jackson soon found refuge in his a friendly relationship with the prince of Bahrain, who wired Jackson the amount of money had a need to pay Neverland’s bills.

During the initial emotional interview, Michael uncovered that he used ‘sleeping pills’ on a regular basis, as well as the pain killer Demerol.

Multiaxial Diagnosis

Based on all of the information received, I diagnosed Michael Jackson as follows:

Axis I: 302. 2 Pedophilia, Sexually attracted to Males, Nonexclusive Type

300. 7 Body Dysmorphic Disorder

307. 42 Principal Insomnia

V61. 20 Parent-Child Relational Problem

Axis II: V71. 09 No Diagnosis

Axis III: Vitiligo

Axis IV: Legalities (twice billed, once arrested, for fondling 13-year-old guys); financial difficulties

Axis V: GAF=63 (current)

Justification of Diagnosis

Michael Jackson’s case history does not provide much aspect on any specific aspect of his life. More descriptive information is needed to make more concrete and particular diagnoses. His background does not seem to provide any specific details, at least insufficient to analyze him “beyond the shadow of a doubt”. Nonetheless, based on the information given, I believe the analysis is justified. They could be modified as more information is provided.

Firstly, it strikes me that Michael is sharing his bed with children; who are neither his biologically, nor are related to him; and also to him, it is all quite normal. Relating to him, it is “the most loving thing to do”. Furthermore, both times that he was accused of fondling children, these were both boys, and both thirteen years. Despite the fact that the accusations were never proven true, the fact that at two differing times (eleven years aside), the males who accused him weren’t two different ages (e. g. eleven years aside), but rather, were at the same prepubescent age. That attacks me as abnormal, and speaks into pedophilic behaviour. Still, because Michael was hitched twice, I believe his sexual interest may be nonexclusive, even though his children were not conceived through coitus (which may speak into another disorder), so his marriages might not be any real proof fascination to females.

Michael’s presented record will not say for certain why he continued his plastic surgeries following the initial dependence on it due to the Pepsi advertisement removed incorrect. However, he justified it by referring to his condition, vitiligo, in which the skin’s pigmentation is infected. This condition, though, does not seem to clarify the changes in the form of his nostril, nor the actual fact that his face did not look like a man’s, when he emerged to see me. There was no signal of Michael ever using a beard. He seems preoccupied with changing just how his face appears, and even how his tone sounds. This resulted in the medical diagnosis of ‘Body Dysmorphic Disorder’, that leads right into another issue.

Michael often takes (to the idea of dependency) the medication (actually, anaesthesia), propofol to “help him sleeping in the evenings”. He is apparently experiencing insomnia, which may be due to his busy lifestyle, and/or stress.

Michael opened up in an interview that as a boy, he was abused by his dad who would beat him and not allow him any playtime. His child years routine was devoted to making music and going to school. Quite simply, he was robbed of a standard youth because of his ability in music. I believe the poor relationship that he and his dad distributed in his young years continues to negatively affect Michael’s behaviour patterns. It may be this lack of child years that led Michael to construct a dream retreat for his home, and constantly open up his home to children, even to the point of sharing his bed with them. This resulted in my identification of ‘Parent-Child Relational Problem’. The problems he had along with his father seem to own led to significant impairment in Michael’s behaviour, even as an adult.

Theoretical Basis for Development of Disorders

Most of Michael’s disorders/issues as an adult seem to be to stem from his youth, or lack thereof, and with the relational problems he previously with his father. Rogers (cited in Passer & Smith, 2007) is a humanistic theorist and presumed that all humans are blessed with the innate dependence on positive respect, i. e. , for acceptance, sympathy and love from others. Matching to Rogers, positive regard is vital for healthy development. The perfect situation corresponding to Rogers is the fact positive respect received from parents should be unconditional – 3rd party of the way the child behaves. This unconditional positive regard “communicates that the person is inherently worth love, no matter accomplishments or behavior. ” (Passer & Smith, 2007) Contrasting with this, conditional positive regard is dependent on how the kid behaves, and in the extreme situation, love and approval are given only if the kid behaves as the parents want.

In standard, people need positive regard from others as well as from themselves. To the end, a dependence on positive self-regard, which is the desire to feel good about ourselves, builds up. Passer & Smith (2007) go on to explain a lack of unconditional positive respect from parents and significant others show individuals that they are not worthy of agreement and love until they meet certain requirements. This situation contributes to a development of conditions of worth that show the circumstances under which we disapprove or approve of ourselves.

Joseph Jackson’s treatment of Michael expressed conditional positive regard, so that Michael didn’t develop positive self-regard. If Michael’s dad only demonstrated love and acceptance when he accomplished something or when he did well, then Michael may have become up believing that he only deserves acceptance after his achievements. While Joseph may have thought that this was a sensible way to get his child to stand out (and it could have been for all intents and purposes) it demolished his son’s self-confidence along the way. This is one factor that could have led Michael into wanting to change the way he appears. He does not want to remain dark-skinned, and resembling his dad because of what his daddy represents in his life – someone who accepts him only after he has satisfied certain specifications. The encounters that Michael had with his dad may have been traumatic to the idea that he didn’t want to be reminded of him nowadays, hence, the changes in his facial features.

Freud (1900) posited a theory of personality development that was predicated on the effects of the sexual pleasure drive on the individual’s psyche. He claimed that at specific tips in the developmental process, an individual body part is especially sensitive to sexual, erotic activation. These erogenous zones are the oral cavity, the anus, and the genital region. The child’s libido (drive energy) centers on behavior affecting the primary erogenous area of his age; he cannot concentrate on the primary erogenous area of another stage without resolving the developmental turmoil of the immediate one. An excessive amount of or too little activation at any stage brings about fixation at that level. According to Freud’s theory of psychosexual development, a child at confirmed stage of development has certain needs and demands, like the need of the infant to nurse. Stress occurs when these needs aren’t met. If a child advances normally through the periods, resolving each turmoil and moving on, then little libido remains invested in each stage of development. But if he fixates at a particular stage, the technique of obtaining satisfaction which characterized the stage will dominate and have an impact on his adult personality.

The five stages of psychosexual development are the oral level, the anal level, the phallic level, the latency level and the genital level. The particular stage concerning this circumstance is the phallic stage. The phallic stage extends from around three to five years, and the erogenous zone associated with it is the area of the genitals. Even though the gratification is focused on the genitals, this isn’t by means of adult sexuality, since the children are literally immature. None-the-less, arousal of genitals is welcomed as enjoyable and boys, like adult males, may have erections throughout their sleeping. Children become ever more alert to their systems and are curious about the physiques of other children, and also of the parents. Freud noticed that children of the age can very often be observed removing their clothes and participating in “doctor” with one another, or asking their mothers if she has a manhood. These observations persuaded Freud that the gratification is targeted on the genitals during this time period.

The major turmoil of this level is named Oedipal organic. The name derived from a Greek mythological identity, Oedipus, who unknowingly wiped out his father and slept with his mother. For the boy, the mom becomes more desired, as the dad is the concentrate of jealousy and rivalry, since he is the main one who sleeps with the mother, but still he’s one of the key caregivers. The id desires to unite with the mom and kill the father (like Oedipus do), but the ego, understands that the father is stronger. The child also feels affectionate towards the daddy, one of the caregivers, and his feelings are ambivalent. The fear that the father will subject to the boy’s feelings is expressed by the id as fear that the father will castrate him. The castration fear is not logical, however, and occurs in a subconscious irrational level.

The conflict between your id drives and the ego is fixed through two basic defense mechanisms of the ego. One of them is repression, that involves the blocking of memory, impulses and ideas from the mindful mind, but does not lead to image resolution of the turmoil. The second is identification, that involves incorporation of characteristics of the same-sex father or mother in to the child’s own ego. The guy by adopting this mechanism seeks for the reduction of castration stress and anxiety, since his similarity with the daddy is thought to protect the young man from him.

If this level is not adequately fixed, the adult man can exhibit increased ambition and vanity. A poor identification with the same sex parent may lead to recklessness or even immorality. Freud also kept that the unsuccessful quality of the Oedipus complex could result in neurosis, pedophilia, and homosexuality. Could this be what led Michael towards pedophilic behavior?

Michael was also deprived of play time during his child years years. This may be another factor that led to the various subconscious and emotional conditions that Michael confronted as a grown-up. Some people were worried when he made Neverland, convinced that he might be wanting to explore a lost child years – the main one he never had because his dad was adament that the Jackson 5 spend time singing, recording and expanding their talent, somewhat than playing.

Contrary from what Joseph Jackson may have thought there are extensive advantages of play including relaxation, release of energy, anxiety decrease, self-expression, love of life, self-confidence, self-esteem, nervousness reduction, and turmoil resolution. Research locates that play, and more than that, harsh and tumble play is not only a physical release but “may facilitate friendships and promote cooperative pro-social habits and behaviour (Scott & Panksepp, 2003, p. 549). Vygotsky (1932) said that play helps children workout the guidelines for social relationship and allows children to be at their best. Research facilitates what Vygotsky composed in 1932, “In play it is really as though he were a mind taller than himself” (Vygotsky, 1930-1935/1978, p. 102) Play is very important to building public competence and self confidence in working with peers, a life skill that is essential for performing in institution (Howes & Matheson, 1992; Performer & Singer, 2005), as well as in life on a complete.

Play is also central to self-regulation or children’s capacity to control their own tendencies and emotions. Self-regulation is most significant to our conception of what it means to be individual. It’s the foundation for choice and decision making, for mastery of higher cognitive operations, and then for morality. For example, when a child learns to inhibit her reach to the light socket when advised “no” or even to delay gratification (dessert is after evening meal) or to calm herself when she actually is upset, she is manifesting the development of self-regulation. Play is where children practice these skills.

Children also use play as a way to work though their own thoughts as shown by one young child experiencing trauma (a mom dying of tumor) and another circumstance of a kid learning self-control plus more adaptive behavior. Play appears to serve as a buffer for children who often need to cope with change and break down baffling new experiences. This reality was illustrated in a study on movie browsing. Children subjected to a tense movie picture were allowed to have a free play period either before or after taking a look at the film. Both of the teams permitted to play dropped on steps of anxiety and stress compared to a group that had not been allowed to play (Barnett & Surprise, 1981). Michael relocated to LA at the tender era of ten, and even then had not been living with only his family, but rather, with another tracking artist. This was a life-changing event for young Michael, and without the adoring support of his family and the benefit for play, he can have found his life situation more difficult. Play is a known stress reducer. Acquired Michael been privileged to possess this activity as a normal part of his life, coping with his frantic schedule, as well as with the difficulty of relocation could have been easier.

Research by Luthar and Latendresse (2005) shows that, “we need to raise awareness of the cost of overscheduled, competitive life styles” (p. 52) since even affluent teenagers show serious problems in stress, depression, and drug abuse. No one is immune system from the consequences of missing comfortable family time. Play and unscheduled downtime is central to your emotional wellbeing throughout our lives. Michael is a regular end user of sedatives, and hypnotic drugs. This could mean that he’s trying to escape the recollections of his difficult childhood. His lack of playtime during childhood could also be the reason behind the Neverland Dream Ranch, the standard hosting of children’s celebrations there, and sleeping with guys in his bed. He might be thinking that he recognizes that he lacked the important activity of play when he was a child, and he does not want the kids around him to reduce it too.

Suggested Treatment

It is very difficult sometimes to get someone with Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) to simply accept help. However, if Michael should accept help, I’d somewhat not go the substance drug option, since he’s already suffering from an obsession. Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is the other option. In this kind of psychotherapy the therapist would help Michael withstand the compulsions from the BDD, such as frequently looking in mirrors or unnecessary grooming (response avoidance). The therapist would also help Michael to understand how some of his thoughts and perceptions are distorted and help him replace these perceptions with more realistic ones.

As it pertains to pedophilia, there are a number of treatment plans. Predicated on my research, there’s not been much records on therapy options for pedophiles. However, some writers (e. g. , Crawford) suggest multiple options in rehabilitation. Psychoanalysis would be one particular method, since the assumption is that kind of behaviour relates to the Oedipus organic. It really is expensive and takes time, but should be worthwhile the while. There are also behaviour adjustment techniques that may be able to help in this situation. Types of this type of treatment are aversion therapy, traditional conditioning, and systematic de-sensitization.

For Michael’s insomnia and following drug craving, cognitive solutions would be useful. Relaxation techniques like Progressive Muscle Rest could be explored. In this type of therapy, pressure is applied to all the muscles, one after the other, while inhaling. Depending on the muscle group, anxiety may be employed by squeezing, bending, clenching or pressing. The strain is held for about eight a few moments, and then released while exhaling.

Eventually, Michael should confront his dad and tell him how his youth treatment of him has influenced him. This would be achieved after several lessons with Michael. I think that a lot of, if not all his disorders stem from his deprived youth. If he is able to face his father in this kind of way, a lot of the stress and panic in his life may be relieved.