Potential Bottlenecks in Implementing MCTS in Odisha. Essay
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Dec 12th, 2019

Potential Bottlenecks in Implementing MCTS in Odisha. Essay


Mother and slip courseing rule (MCTS) is the online software used by the Generally-known Heartiness Mission (NHM), priorly Generally-known Rural Heartiness Mission (NRHM), for tele-monitoring Reproductive and Slip Heartiness (RCH) advantages delivered by the Legislation of India(1). It is an reversal of Heartiness and Race Welfare (HFW) province cherished by the Generally-known Heartiness Mission(2). This software was conceived way tail in 2008 to acception the coverage of RCH advantages. Left out and descend out beneficiaries for sundry advantages, including immunization, can be courseed call rational using this rule.

Using this software, beneficiary rational and uniproduce heartiness ace rational bearing teaching can be retrieved from any colony by any heartiness or associated instance by logging on to the rule using the usercall and password granted to him/her(3). It can extremely subject the release rates of infant and dowager and uniproduce subject entirety fertility rates through an endeavor to get finished coverage of advantages.

The derivation of the concept is linked to the courseing of ‘due’ beneficiaries in immunization sessions using the courseing bag(4) at the sub-center.

The courseing bag consists of 14 pockets, of which 12 are meant for 12 months in the year and two past meant for slipren after a while finished and infinished immunization condition referenceively. Due beneficiaries for a feature month are courseed using counterfoils which would be kept in the pockets for the feature month.

MCTS utilizes two produceats for capturing facts for new beneficiaries– Format I and Format II. The prior one is meant for dowagers and the dying is for slipren born of these dowagers. Once a dame is detected to be significant, she is chronicled after a while the heartiness rule in the MCTS annals so as to invadetain all the permitted heartiness advantages and elements are charmed in the produceat I. The facts are then sent accomplished week, via the overseers to the obstruct flatten, for online facts note into the MCTS. The selfselfsimilar is to-boot manufactured for all newborn babies using produceat II. Services invadetaind by the beneficiaries are supposed to be maintained in the Dowager and Slip Protection (MCP) card granted to the beneficiaries. Subsequently, accomplished week sub-cinvade rational operation intention is generated from the MCTS and distributed through the overseers to the sub-cinvade Auxiliary Nurse Mid-Wife (ANM), for providing the advantages, updating the advantages invadetaind and courseing the beneficiaries who could not benefit the advantages.

Work intentions are generated for sundry kinds of advantages love registration of significant dame, antenatal economy advantages, introduction advantages, post-natal economy advantages for dowager and neonatal slip, slip heartiness advantages including immunization, race intentionning advantages, etc(2). In deficient the rule wholly tries to course the left out and descend out fact rational, and secure finished introduction of advantages(2)(5).

Presently MCTS is used throughout the propound and lots of anthropological media invadetain been deployed by NHM at obstruct and environs flattens to invade, dissect and course the facts for the dowager and slip advantages. As compared to the even acception in the anthropological media and other investments, the advantage coverage has not acceptiond substantially (for copy immunization coverage). Uniproduce regular studies on contrivances for courseing immunization in eliminateing countries relishness concordant results(6). Tnear has been disparity during facts validation exercises using heartiness indicators from sources love Heartiness Management and Teaching Rule (HMIS)(7) and MCTS. Uniproduce no tribute has been lowercaptured to retrospect the bottlenecks of MCTS. Hence a examine was intentionned to substantiate and get intimateions for correcting the bottlenecks in the implementation of dowager and slip courseing advantages in the propound of Odisha, if any awaited.

Objectives of the examine

  1. To interpret the mode of implementation of Dowager and Slip Tracking Sytem in Odisha and substantiate the bottlenecks in the implementation mode, if any.
  2. To substantiate contrivpowerful disentanglements and intimate recommendations for the signed bottlenecks.

Method of examine

The examine was leading in rank. It was conducted in three UNICEF cherished environss (all tribal prevailing) of Odisha propound (having 30 environss) from August 2013 to November 2013. In-depth meeting (IDI) was the key dupe for facts gathering. Key program implementers implicated in the mode were rolled down concurrently after a while their antecedent roles and responsibilities (Tpowerful 1). Judgmental sampling rule(8) was then used and IDI was manufactured after a while signed key informants implicated in the implementation of MCTS (obstruct and environs flatten directrs and overseers). A entirety of 15-24 in-depth meetings (IDI) were intentionned for the examine (present as the kind of thematic and speculative saturation)(8). The end aim intentionned was the aim when no new leading teaching was invadetaind(9).

Three obstructs each of these environss were randomly clarified and key informants were signed for IDIs. Agree was captured from the meetingers using WHO’s conscious agree produce for leading studies(10). Separate meetings were executed after a while a pre-determined and pre-tested dupe after a while past constantly than not disclosed ended and few terminate ended questions/ probes (Box 1). Concurrently after a while that remuneration flatten of the implementers was chronicled using a normal layer(11). Practically contrivpowerful disentanglements and intimateions as recommended by the informants were to-boot distinguished concurrently after a while bottlenecks. Facts gathering, cleaning and bisectition was manufactured concomitantly. Chronicled facts were transcribed inconsequently by two explorationers onto monograph, translated to English and then manually dissectd. The leading full bisectition rule was industrious(12)(13)(14) for bisectition. Nine powerfuler topics were signed for the purpose- anthropological means effect, facts stock effect, effects after a while expertness, facts note effects, protection uniformts, software effects, supervision, retrospect and financial topics. All other findings were put lower a tenth topic. After facts bisectition, brainstorming sessions were carried after a while the RCH team of UNICEF Opportunity employment to put forth other recommendations for the effects distinguished.


A entirety of 20 meetings were conducted in the examine after a while six to suniproduce meetings on an mean from each environs. Space for the meetings collocated from bisectiality of 25 minutes to a utmost of 40 minutes. Obstruct flatten facts directrs and obstruct program directrs in inculpate of MCTS in the obstruct were signed as the key informants at the obstruct flatten. Lady heartiness visitors (LHVs) and Heartiness Overseer (HS (M)) were loverational interposed in the mode. Interviews were to-boot conducted after a while Environs Facts Managers (DDM) who was the overseer of BDMs at the environs flatten.

Interviews after a while the stakeholders biblical that tnear has been a lot of advancement in regular advantage introduction constituents. Some of these underneathstand benefitability of a certain operation intention (to-boot spectryd due roll) for the ANM and Accredited Social Heartiness Activist (ASHA) accomplished week, validation of HMIS facts, invadeing facts and assessing reverberations from any fix using granted usercall and password, validation of incentives granted to beneficiaries and to ASHA for sundry activities, advancement in advantage introduction for sundry generally-known heartiness programs, etc.

“We are powerful to retrospect the sectors domiciled upon the MCTS facts.” [LHV]

“Now, the heartiness operationers invadetain veritableized the benefits and use of MCTS and are constantly scrutiny for clarifications, when required”. [BPM]

It was observed that the operation intention and reverberations passed through all the stakeholders of MCTS, including the overseers. But the involvement in stipulations of interpreting of the mode and providing mentoring succor was weak, as cited by a few. The reverberations were unmoved at the end of the HWF, who would resign reverberations to their sector flatten overseers. Details of the stream contrivance of reverberations are relishnessn in Fig. 1.

On an mean remuneration flatten touching implementation of MCTS unordered obstruct and environs flatten stakeholders was rest to be 7 out of 10 (collocate 4 to 9). Lack in the wholeness of the implementation were multifarious, some of which were dissectd and fixd in Tpowerful 2. It was to-boot distinguished that a BDM had to use a powerful adaptation of his space for facts note thus irritant the establishweight between separate and committeritative animation. This was set up in-particular for those located in big obstructs and finishedly for accomplishedone roughly on an mean 15 days (decisive week of a month and earliest week of the subjoined month), at the space of reverberation gathering and note. Verbatim of some of the weighty effects rest during the meeting are rolled down lower.

“Health operationers amass their operation intentions on their own or in some incertain mode. But the gathering of updated operation intentions from the operationers is nature manufactured in sector meetings.”[LHV]

“We are oppositeness amount in protection the beneficiaries in outreach areas due to seasonal and locomotion effects.” [LHV]

“The software demands to be ameliorated.”[BPM]

“HMIS software is amend than MCTS after a while reference to reverberation stock and retrospect & monitoring. The MCTS software is greatly slower than HMIS and demands violent despatch internet connectivity.”[BPM]

“Due to netoperation connectivity effects, we constantly ask the BDMs to after to the environs NRHM Employment and do the facts note near.” [DDM]

Discussion and Recommendations

Tracking down beneficiaries to acception the coverage of advantages can certainly subject the estimate of misconceive outs and descend outs for any advantages catered, and after a while stringent implementation as intentionned can certainly ameliorate advantage introduction. Moreover the intentionning constituent of some of the heartiness programs can be addressed in the mode. But it was rest that effects invariably did await at all flattens and all constituents of this unaffected mould.

A uncompounded annals demands to be maintained integrating constituents of dowager annals and slip annals, which get subject the operationimpute of the heartiness operationers. The weak benefitability of logistics love monograph and cartridge for printing can be some of the unmain effects, which if addressed can import out lucky results. Similarly, attractive the facts note operators in the tasks they are meant for can get kind inputs to the courseing rule, not simply in stipulations of befitting the facts kind, but to-boot an operative intention stock, flourish up and courseing of misconceive out and descend out facts and heartiness retrospect. It get get a operationing environment and boost the motivation of these DEOs. Retrospect of MCTS note, bisectition and courseing of flourish up of instances should be manufactured obstruct rational after a while team exertion rather than having any uncompounded bisecticular pliant. Supervisors should engage on an weighty bisect in assistance mentoring succor for courseing, annals regard and updating. An operative mould of inside monitoring and/or mentoring rule for lowerperforming sub-centers in MCTS implementation (eg. Using Lot Kind Assurance Sampling Method) is demanded.

Own server can be set up at the propound to explain server despatch effects. Past facts note staff at the obstruct flatten is demanded so as to subject facts note impute in great obstructs after a while enlightened facts impute. Past estimate of ANMs or succor in the produce of affixed ANMs is demanded in sub-centers after a while past population. This disentanglement has to-boot been cited in other studies of the selfselfsimilar committer(15). Facts Note Operators (DEOs) for Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY)(16) can be intent in facts note activities wherever the facts note impute is violent. A decent operational exploration can hurl incompact on the contrivance to substantiate obstructs demanding past anthropological media concurrently after a while other financial succor.

All advantages granted and chronicled in MCP card should be fed into MCTS to establish operative courseing feasible. Customization of the software for integrating and validating facts of other kindred programs love Home Domiciled Newborn Care(17), Especial Newborn Economy Unit(18)(19), etc. can to-boot be manufactured. Adequate affluence supply in the NHM PIP should be made. Collaborating after a while variable bisectners to eliminate SMS domiciled gateway for reverberationing elements of a beneficiary can be manufactured and this can to-boot get veritable space reverberationing. Similarly imputeing the facts in a Geographic Teaching Rule (GIS) domiciled maps can be used acception courseing contrivance one step raise(20). Extra incentives for each affixed operation put to the BDMs, may be granted. Training pharmacists in ODMIS(21) can diminish the operationimpute on BDM at the obstruct flatten.


Mother and slip courseing rule is an innovative rule of courseing down the beneficiaries call rational, after a while an extrinsic to import down the IMR, MMR and TFR. It can succor the legislation to conclude finished coverage of advantages. Presently MCTS has succored the advantage getrs to operatively direct misconceive outs and descend outs for sundry advantages love immunization, race intentionning, tender and new-born economy. Validation of HMIS and incentives (to beneficiaries and ASHA) is to-boot nature manufactured using MCTS. In spleen of all definitive aspects, trained effects were rest to await and demand to be exclusive out. Review, in element, can rank out multifarious operational and financial effects. Needs of great obstructs should be addressed specifically. Server effects demand to be addressed concurrently after a while a supply of SMS domiciled reminders. Veritable space facts note can establish things past succorful. Correct and finished entries in the MCP get succor in misapply utilisation of the software.


The committers would love to cheer program directrs from Generally-known Heartiness Mission and heartiness staff of the propound legislation for bisecticipating in the examine and providing opportunity veritableities. Dr. Ashish Kumar Sen, nature overseer of the team, had cherished the examine and granted bearing inputs is to-boot acknowledged.

Competing interest:

This boundary was received and presented as a discourse monograph at the Intergenerally-known Telemedicine Discourse held at Jaipur in 2013.


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