Possible Variants of the Catcher in the Rye Essay Topics
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Dec 16th, 2019

Possible Variants of the Catcher in the Rye Essay Topics

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There are a lot of interesting statements that can be used as essay topics for catcher in the rye. All of them can be incorporated with the themes found in the novel and are broad enough so it will be easy to support them with the sentences from the text.

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Possible Variants of the Catcher in the Rye Essay Topics
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  • Is the Catcher in the Rye a sexist novel? In this topic you can write about how the main character of the novel – Holden Caufield – likes girls and wants to have a relationship, however he is not a sensitive kind of guy. Use the quotes from the novel in order to describe Holden’s opinion about women. Argue if this is a sexist novel. If you think it is not a sexist novel, then find evidence to form your opinion. Consider the sociohistorical period in which the novel was written and demonstrate how that affected the values and the content of the novel.
  • Industrialization in the novel. The novel has a few references to industrialization, which might skip a reader’s attention. However, these references play an important role in the novel in terms of physical and temporal setting as well as conflicts that are connected with it. Therefore, the industrialization references can help the reader to understand Holden. When writing a persuasive essay on the Catcher in Rye topic, look for quotes that will help you base your opinion, as well as sociohistorical moment. You can offer an analysis essay of industrial processes, images, and objects in the novel. Address such statements like how the mind and the body mimic machinery and the situations when relations between people can be as cold and impersonal as machines.
  • Psychological Analysis of Holden Caufield. When describing Holden you can state that he is a deeply troubled man. He slowly decompensates over the action of the novel, gradually changing between the superiority, grandiosity and consciousness. Pretend to be a psychologist or a psychiatrist and use the theories that are applied in psychology in order to describe the mental illness. See, if Holden can be diagnosed with a mental illness. Think about Holden’s symptoms and define if they match the description of personality or mood disorder. You can develop your ideas even into the future research proposal.
  • Adulthood and adolescence as the development trajectory. One of the most central ideas of this novel is Holden’s conflicted and curious relationship with adulthood and adolescence. He unsuccessfully manages the relationships between these two. Use the developmental psychology for this essay and define when Holden’s ability to direct the adolescence started to fail. Think about what Holden could have done to achieve a successful resolution of this period. Also the concept of bildungsroman might be used for the analysis of the novel. Make sure to demonstrate that you understand the concepts applied in your essay. If you are experiencing any difficulties, one of the writers you choose in our database will help you to write your essay and explain to you how to write a coursework in case it is needed.
  • The significance of the novel’s title. The title of the novel derives from Robert Burns’ poem. You should find the poem and read it in order to see how Holden misinterprets it by applying the imprecise interpretation to his own wishes and frustrations. Also, analyze the theme of irony in this topic, as it is inherent in the misunderstanding of the poem and how Holden assigns the misread line.
  • Holden’s interactions with other people. Try to answer the question if anything changes in Holden’s interactions with people as the novel progresses. How do Holden’s encounters with children, adults, women, and his peers develop over the novel’s progress?
  • Holden’s night at Mr. Antolini’s apartment. Describe Holden’s night at Mr. Antolini’s apartment as one of the most ambiguous scenes in the novel. How do you understand Mr. Antolini’s actions? What significance do his actions have and how they relate to his role as somebody trying to prevent Holden from falling?
  • Holden’s behavior as a saint/prophet. When choosing this theme describe Holden from the point of a saint. Point out how he describes the world around him with the wickedness and phoniness. Is Holden as perfect as he thinks? Are there are moments in the novel when he is phone and hypocrite? What do these moments say about his character and psychological issues?
  • The role of innocence in the novel. As it is seen from the title, one of the dominate themes of the novel is the innocence protection of children. Holden sees innocence as the main virtue in the most part of the novel, as it is connected to his struggle against growing up. His enemy is the world of adults with its cruelty and artificiality. Describe the people Holden admires seeing them as protectors of the innocence.
  • Problem of communication in the novel. The critic Charles H. Kegel stated that Holden’s main problem is the «communication problem». He, being a teenager, simply can’t get through the others of his age. Kegel also believes that the novel can be read as Holden’s quest for communicability with his peers. Use the examples from the novel in order to prove or refute his position.

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