Probably, environmental protection essays are most often written by students, as the topic about the protection of environment is very popular now. Essays on environment can be done on many various topics. The theme itself is of great interest in the modern world, when a lot of environmental issues have increased because of the human activities and the unplanned exploitation of ecosystems. Therefore, there are a lot of disputes and discussions going on around the globe now about how to protect our environment and what we can do to preserve the ecosystems. If you have some difficulties with writing an essay about environmental protection, we recommend you to use our service, where you will find a huge database of experienced authors who will gladly help you with the implementation of analytical essay and other educational projects.

  • Funding the projects on environmental protection. Here, you can write about how important it is to invest money in the projects directed at environmental protection, as they all can ensure the preservation of ecosystems and natural resources. We need to use resources sparingly, to make sure that there will be enough of them for future generations. Also, when writing a synthesis essay on environment, you can tell about how the government is dealing with the environmental problems – whether it is doing all it can to protect our planet.
  • The importance of environmental protection in China. China’s efforts in favor of economic development over the past decade have led to terrible consequences in their environment. Thick smog became a resident of the neighborhoods in many Chinese cities. Waste chemical and mining industries pollute the soil, which, in turn, contaminate the food growing on this soil. Industrial effluents pollute the water, making it unsafe for drinking. According to the World Health Organization, seven of the ten most polluted cities are in China. By choosing this topic you can express your personal statement on this disastrous problem in China and what the consequences might be if the country doesn’t take serious actions.
  • The connection between the environment and economy. When picking this topic for your essay environmental protection, you can disclose the problems of how bad economy negatively influences the environment; how developing countries can’t spend much money on the protection of their environment, but instead try to grow through the processes of industrialization by producing a lot of pollution and carbon emissions; how modern technology can help solve environmental issues; whether the countries are becoming more aware of the problems facing them, etc.
  • How we harm our environment. In this topic of environmental protection essay you can specify how modern technology, which tries to facilitate our lives, affected our environment in a bad way. You can think on such questions when writing on this subject: What steps have been taken for protection of the environment (for example, introduction of hybrid cars and clean energy)? What does the World Health Organization do to reduce the pollution? How the developments in industries directly influence the environment? It might be difficult to reveal answers to all of these questions in 1000 words essay, therefore you can use all the information you find in other educational projects, such as term papers, abstracts, diplomas, etc.
  • Global warming as one of the most serious threats to our planet. The following statements will help you to better reveal this topic: What is global warming? Methods for obtaining information on climate change; Evidence of global warming; The causes of global warming; Man and the greenhouse effect; Factors that accelerate and slow down global warming; Possible scenarios of global climate change; The consequences of global warming; The method for preventing global warming.

How to Make Your Essay Interesting?

  • Standard essay plan, which consists of the introduction, main, and final parts, helps very well to create a very interesting essay. This plan will fully disclose the subject and will keep the attention. You should pay special attention to the introduction part, because it is well known that the first impression is the strongest. You can apply the same rule when giving coursework definition.
  • Maintain consistency of narration and write according to the theme. No need to add anything extra to reach a predetermined volume. These unnecessary passages only scatter the attention, and take the desire to read more away.
  • After completing the logical chain and summarizing the conclusions in the final part, make a subtle hint for another current issue, which smoothly comes from the one you wrote about. This trick will help you to keep a certain intrigue, turning you from a simple student into a writer who skillfully warms the reader’s interest.
  • Select the original epigraph that will capture the essence of the entire essay. It will help you to formulate the problem, emphasize the author’s idea, and draw the interest of the reader right away.
  • If there is no indication in the task, then think, what genre would be the easiest for you to reveal the subject in. For example, it will be interesting to write an essay in the genre of some stories, letters, or diary entries.

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